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  1. Damned!! The shipping fees to Europe is scandalous!!! To reduce the cost per product, I need to buy the POD for WFRP3 too, but there, it will be the custom fees that will be scandalous too (+20%)!!! I don't know where to buy these POD in Europe for a fair price...
  2. Today, I bought the Core Set and I am really happy. No more tons of book keeping just for a small information hidden in a ton of blahblah. All is written on the cards, these cards that a lot of grumpies don't like. Hey!! All the essential informations are here, under our nose. Sure, it takes place, but what's the problem? Else if the table is small, anyone can, with a little time, arrange her table corner with the required elements. Also, I agree that the dice system is perfect for a pure story telling game, which is the main objective of all RPG. The D100 system brings a high granularity, a high precision in the results. But somewhere, it kills the story telling mechanic just by the excitation to reach THE magical number. The dice system brings rapidity, clear result (that you may like or not), but it keeps the pace of the story telling mechanic. As a lot of players/GMs, I am no more young (I am not old!!! perps.), I played and GMed a lot of RPG, with "classical" mechanism, with a ton of book keeping, but now, as I prefer more the story than the "maths", as I prefer to really see my character/players being thrown in the middle of any action, this specific dice system is puuuuuurfect. I hope that the fan community will bring fan made sourcebooks to replace the defection of FFG. Let's wait & see. WAAAAAAAAAGH!
  3. There is BoardGameGeek with some fans scenarios as well as new variant races and all.
  4. IMO, some Legendary Heroes are excellent as well as some more units (specialized ones) for all the races, and, almost all... tons and tons of scenarios (solo AND multi)!!! Please FFG!!!!
  5. Thanks for the link!! I am also looking for a PBP 'cause no RPG club in my area... and I fond in love with SW Force and Destiny!!! (as one of the bad guy of course, the right guys are meh!! ) I wish FFG to create an online service to practice RPG PBP/PBEM/PBF. It could be a paying one as long as a LOT of of free stuffs are offered as a reward to pay a monthly fee!!! (if you read this FFG... )
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