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  1. Yeah sorry, I meant the limited edition starter. Guess theres no easy road then haha.
  2. Hello, Its looking to be a very cold weekend here (sub -40 weather) and the girlfriend and I are planning on just hanging out, and watching lord of the rings and playing the game. Shes not much of a deck builder and I hate having to rebuild decks for specific quests (especially because progression and saga are kind of weird). I have the limited core though, would those decks have an ok chance of doing the saga? Cheers
  3. I mean, otherwise im buying deck after deck looking for a good one thats my playstyle before hand, which seems to be defeating the purpose and about as pay-to-win as CCGs?
  4. Also, with card rarities, how many decks do you have to buy to get the one good ultra rare card I need. buying 30 decks sucks worse than buying 30 booster packs, especially because many people wont want to trade because then it invaildates their decks.
  5. So, we have a game that for casuals can be frustrating because you dont know if your deck actually is good or not, and a game thats frustrating for competitive players because they have literally 0 agency. Show up to a toruney, drop 10$ on a deck.... and it sucks. awesome. I can try and win with it and feel awesome about winning, but i was given a handicap thanks to RNG? I am definitely not the target market, but I dont really understand who is. And I like the artwork and card style, but something like this just doesnt make sense to me.
  6. All I can think of looking at the Obscene with its open hand in front, is Fat Bastard in the Sumo Sauna
  7. Im just hoping theres some way to get the old upgrade cards in the new format, its going to really bug me having large and small cards on the table haha
  8. Well, if I rolled a blank on my red die. A re-roll gives me the possibility of 2 hits. But with threat 3 and brutal thats 8 hits.
  9. Holy crap. Is that just a bad paint job or can they not sculpt faces at all?
  10. So they basically confirmed these guys at Gama, with a question being asked about Thrawn and Death Troopers getting a very... emphatic HMMMMMMMMM as a response.
  11. Whoa, one might almost see that comment and how it relates to your name, as Meta... Wait I got another one Its too easy to see everything as black and white, there is no true evil or true good, so lets call it red and blue instead
  12. Pretty sure it was third party mats couldnt have designs, but ffg mats could.. t was so that you couldnt bring an obscure mat that no one had played on, but you know the relative difference between points. Vs the ffg official mats anyone had the opportunity to learn these differences if they so wished.
  13. Just a follow up, we ended up doing the quest. It was Sunday afternoon so we ran with the outlands and dunedain combo suggested by Rouxxor. We had a full 12 people so a full Epic experience. Our table ended up having awesome synergy, as the last 2 decks were rounded out with a dwarf deck, and a ranged tactics deck. The outlands draws were insane, and turn 2 it was questing for 40 and turn 3 quested for 79. Unfortunately the other tables around us died twice and ended the quest early, but it was safe to say our table was the power house.. One turn putting 33 seige on dol guldur through the siege quest. All in all a good bit of fun, but now that I have 1 alt art card i fear i might have to start searching out the others.
  14. Awesome we'll check it out. Anyone have good recommendation for netdecks to try with it? Because nice community or not, Id rather not roll up with my Basically-every-red-and-green-card-in-the-core deck and her rolling up with the blue-and-purple-with-no-cohesion deck haha
  15. Hello, My girlfriend and I are considering attending our LGS's Fellowship event. However, we are both very new. Like, playing progression series and up to Conflict at the Carrock new (skipped Escape from DG until after the mirkwood cycle). However, I have every set, and 3 cores (bought a collection from a friend), so I have everything we might need to be able to be good, without the experience or decks aha. I was wondering, how hard would it be for us to netdeck 2 decks, ply a few missions to get practised with them? And read the rules a bunch of times in the next day or so to familiarize ourselves with timing windows and such. Thoughts? We'd rather not be complete and total liabilities or annoyances.
  16. The core set is good by itself. The armies are decently balanced, though Waiqar seems to be harder for new people to grasp. The core set gives you 100 point armies for both factions, ideal for a 3x3 game. If you decide you are having fun with the 3x3 skirmish games, you can also just pick up the army cores for the other factions, which gives you 100 point armies for them as well, if you feel you want some extra variety. I personally havent played much 100 point games since I got enough stuff to play 200 points, but they are still good, and give you a good sense of how the game plays out, the most limiting thing is you have less points with which to assemble big units or use say multiple champions. 2 full 200 point waiqar and daqan armies can be as little as $200 (2 core sets, 1 of each command pack), but can be more if you want more options. As an example, I have been playing an Uthuk army to good success recently with just 2 Uthuk cores and 2 command packs (that's all that's available right now for them), and winning and having fun, so the cheap option isnt by any means a bad one.
  17. That new card box set for arkham horror looks awesome, dividers and such to store the full campaign, maybe theyll make some of those for LotR?
  18. So are the marie Lambeau cards replacement ones as well? Or were they just more of a preview than anything else? Looks like I got to do some hunting down of books I guess
  19. So I am seeing that there are replacement cards included in the hour of the huntress. What exactly does that mean? Not just alternate art but different abilities or something? Is this the only case of gameplay affecting things not being sold in packs? Or are there other books out there with cards stuck inside? Or some other way I managed to miss out on?
  20. Is this a Karsa Orlong reference? Or Mad Max?
  21. That happened in one of our tournament games. Absolutely brutal.
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