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  1. Ok, cool, thanks guys. So, have you found its easiest to have the GM control any droids the characters use? In my example, my character, the Tech, would have a separate initiative than the droid (who the GM ultimately controls). On the Tech's turn, I can spend a maneuver to direct the droid. Then its not until the droid's turn does it act upon my orders.
  2. Ok, I'm making a Droid Tech, but wanted to be completely clear on Speaks Binary. If I have two ranks in Speaks Binary, at the start of my turn, I use a maneuver to Direct a B2 Battle Droid to attack a Clone Trooper. The B2 then attacks, gaining the +2Boost dice from my talent. But then since I only used a Maneuver to direct, I can still fire as well? Or is it: I use Maneuver to direct a droid to fire, then I use Action to shoot. Once the droid's turn comes around, it fires using the +2Boost dice. Or am I completely wrong and Directing a droid takes up whatever action is being directed? For instance, I direct a droid to fire, and since its an Action I'm directing, it takes me an Action to do so. I can't find the rules for Directing NPCs, or if they even have a specific ruleset. Follow-up question: What's the difference between Speak Binary and Improved Speaks Binary?
  3. You're awesome, I didn't even see this book come out. Thanks!
  4. Hey team, might want to make a Buzz Droid technician. Under droid entries, there's no rules for playing a Silhouette 0. I was wondering if anyone ever ran into issues regarding playing something small like this? Buzz Droids aren't too much smaller than BB-series astromech droids, so I was just going to call it Silhouette 0, since they don't really have anything smaller anyways.
  5. I can’t find anywhere that says that defensive weapon quality does not stack. So, for instance if I had a riot shield and a parrying dagger I would have defensive 3? What if I had a besalisk with a riot shield and three parrying vibrio daggers, would I have Defensive 5?
  6. I've seen the stats for Womp Rat Fever, but is there a book out there on how to handle other diseases that might present themselves? I thought about treating them like addictions of sorts, would that work? If anyone has hashed out diseases or sicknesses, I'd love to see them!
  7. One thing I'm curious about is the two bomb tokens. People are saying they go with the Bomblet Generator, but what if they're with the Mine-laying Field, or whatever that card is? And they represent bombs that the enemy doesnt know about? So they could be seismic charges or conner nets or proton bombs? Could be something along those lines? An attempt at hidden bombs?
  8. Thinking of having a Wayfarer ship with several starfighters my group has. Obvious route would be Retrofitted Hanger-bay, but with 850 encumbrance space, is it necessary? With the Retrofitted Hanger modification, that doesnt reduce the Encumbrance capacity of the Wayfarer, does it? Is the mod necessary, or could ships just be stored in the actual hanger of the Wayfarer? Thanks
  9. Ok, so my group us using a HWK-290 as its transport, and when looking at it, at first glance it's a great ship once you add a gun or two! But holy cow, does it seem to have an unrealistic hull and strain. 18 hull t. for a silhouette 3 ship, and 18 strain t. just seem too much. I havent found any other sil 3 ships with that high of either hull or strain, and it even outclasses sil 4, especially when it comes to strain threshold. My question is this, is there something Im missing? Did the person that wrote that Hwk-290 statistics just have a mad hard-on for the ship and wanted it to be awesome? Is there errata somewhere I dont know about? I know that the consistency of ship-statistics with ffg games is maddening, but this just seems ridiculous.
  10. So, starting a new game with some friends, and we're looking around at all the ships, and it strikes me odd that I haven't seen any sort of mega-ship compendia anywhere. Has anyone made a .pdf or word document that has all the stats of ships put out so far, with pictures? Not just an excel sheet that lists the bare stats, but takes the entries from the books, puts a picture of the ship next to them, and does 1 or 2 ships a page? If not, maybe I'll have a project to do in my nonexistent freetime!
  11. I'm hoping to try Jess Pava with Swarm Leader, alongside two Grey Y's with TLT, R3, and BTL-4 title, plus a Proto-A. The Ys just throw away the primary Eye, gain an evade, and have it for Jess, who can then throw a five-dice primary, auto rerolling at least 2, with her Y-flanks. Not the best list, since it assume you can get tqhe target in LoS of tw Ys and an X, but will hopefully be fun!
  12. My one problem Ive always had with the Outrider, is that there doesnt seem to be much headspace getting from the cockpit to the main body of the ship. With the Falcon, there's a large, circular passage leading right to the main living area. With the Outrider, it looks like you'd have to army-crawl through a ventilation system to get there...
  13. Can you imagine if it was just another abandoned project and they just didn't bother updating it or letting anyone know? Two years from now, during Wave 15 there will still be conspiracy theorists wondering when the "Atmospheric Assault" Ground Game is coming out! (FFG should let us know any day now, I just know it!)
  14. Does the Ghost need the Phantom in it to make use of the rear-arc for Jyn?
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