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  1. Plus, the new Limited two player starter set can only be purchased on the US FFG webstore, with hefty shipment costs even for Canada, not to mention EU.
  2. I knew I was missing something! never mind, then.
  3. Hello! Very nice blog, but I have an observation: why did you start with a starting hand of 5 cards? It should be 6. I also encourage you to post the link of the new blog on the Cardboard of the rings discord server.
  4. Also the German version has the correct unique symbol on Quickbeam. In addition, Asmodee UK has blocked the distribution of the english pack stated to be released the 8th of February. Maybe they are adding the correct card?
  5. It is an entirely different game. The favor of the lady in the digital game will probably be completely different from the physical version.
  6. That report is indeed correct. He also confirmed that for the last year he worked on LOTR stuff which haven't been released yet.
  7. He has given a hand developing one of the faction of L5R, like the rest of the LCG team.
  8. I suspect it could be more a manifacture issue than a design issue. Probably the high demand for Arkham reprints, the launch of L5R and the erroneous shipping of the 6th pack containing a major erratum took its toll on the release schedule.
  9. By introducing a new Core set they basically banned some cards in the old core that were supposed to stay and saved some cards from the packs in the first two cycles that were going to rotate out.
  10. My impression of the last two cycles is that they are designing each cycle to be played in a satisfying way with the core set and that cycle only, instead of relying of all the previous card pool. In this way you don't have to buy the whole huge amount of expansions to be "competitive".
  11. Yeah...is not like they designed Tactics Eowyn, a heroin with the highest attack boost of the entire card pool.
  12. You know that the quest are designed considering the existing cardpool, yes? Nothing wrong to play the game using "thematic" decks, but then you should expect the game (in particular super-hard quest such Helm's Deep) to be more difficult and I wouldn't comment on the design of the quest when you purposedly refrain to use tools the designers gave to you.
  13. Also Tactics Beregond, so you can also add Thicket of Spears for maximum protection.
  14. It will be interesting to see what happens with Heirs of Numenor. I predict it will be the most difficult to approach, especially the deluxe + 1 core alone.
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