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  1. I've loved the t70 ever since it came out. The sheer number of options it can do make it s truly fantastic ship. My favorite list to run is 3 t70 list with Poe and 2 reds, wired, r2, and autothrusters really offer a versatile ship when ran in a pair. Add to it a regen or new arc Dodge Poe and I've had some pretty outstanding success
  2. I personally loved it. It has grown on me since the first viewing. Loved the characters. Unlike others I find most of what rey does explainable. She claims to be a pilot, which I'm guessing means she's had training. Her main form of personer protection is a metal stick, which explains her compatancy with lightsaber. My personal thought on why her and Finn beat kylo is that he's always been powerful with the force and has known it. Lending him to use it as a krutch. Most of the time when a Jedi is majorly injured they completely shut down. Anakin, mace and dooku all expemlify this. Due to his torso injury kylo is having issues using his force skills. Another theory is that he beam from starkiller base is that the beam isn't light. Its actually projected sun. Think of it as a nightly focused nuclear explosion. Which makes more sense when you think how it operates.
  3. With dengars price, gonk takes too long to regen with gonk. If you have to bail early the rest of your list will die and you'll have a hard time to get in position for the rengage
  4. I think people have the wrong idea with dengar, trying to leverage the ability as often as possible. I find it better to use it as a form of deterrent. Use it to make people take bad shots, or even not take the shot at all due to not wanting to take more damage, if you can get it to where he's only in arc of one ship, you'll find people not taking the shot surprisingly often.
  5. If you try and force a counter clockwise engament, it's actually beneficial as all of your straights and turns are green
  6. As much much as I like the idea of r5, some times you just need to get out of dodge, I find that having the 3 available after a push is useful for disengaging
  7. How about this Dengar Ptl, engine, rec spec, title, inertial,unhinged Ndru Lone wolf Syndicate thug Plasma torps, em, guidance chips,unhinged Comes out to 100 even, has a pocket ace, as well as some front end damage
  8. I ran dengar last night with guri, and even not including some truely awful dice on my part, (including a blank out on cloaked turn), I found that trying to balance gonk and dice mods and arc correcting, there just isn't enough actions to go around, (mind you I'm fairly sure I could get soloed by a z95 headhunter if I just focus on defense actions
  9. The nature of the expation packs is that the upgrade cards are generally usable by all party's, (unless otherwise stated) so its still good to get everything for all the upgrades. The most wanted specifically has some great y wing upgrades, and as long as your oppenent doesn't mind you using a dial with the wrong art, it will also give you another y wing and 2more z95s to use in lists. (You will still need to get the rebel ones first though)
  10. I bet it won't change the number of points a squad is worth, it rather just makes the upgades effects unusable. Such as a x7 would no longer give evades, nor do I think it will impact initiative, much like how using an ordinance upgrade. Come think of it boba would turn a permanent upgrade to a limited use.
  11. 1 no, I don't even have time to play this. 2 x wing is my drift away from warmachine. 3 mostly war machine and hordes. I used to play 40k, but got tired of the prices and the way the system was run. When I joined a game club they mostly played war machine so I picked it up and loved it.
  12. I know my first game involved a hull upgraded r2d2 equipped ion y that dominated, my first tourney was 4 interceptors and howl runner. When I got bAck into the game I ran a zeta squadron plus non titled Vader list. It wasn't good....
  13. The defender is kind of weird, in terms of glass cannon and tank, it has too much health behind its agility to be considered a proper glass cannon, (honestly, I would consider interceptor's to be glass cannons as they can be one shoted by skewed dice results, the best glass cannons are the ones that are hard to hit in the first place. (Soontir falls into this category). Tanks however can take lots of hits and still push through. These are you're rebel and scum regen ships, and fat ptws. Something you're gonna have to dedicate lots of ships several turns to have any chance of killing it in a timely fashion. Defenders don't have either the regen to disengage and heal, or the shear health to not care about being hit. I like the term bullit magnet. Above average damage with average defenses.
  14. I would say 1 of the hards are white, but not both, it's still a fighter, not a shuttle....
  15. Not going to happen, as you will quickly get to under the base of 12 the designers has said will be the cheapest will ever be. There is also the theoretical question of infinite Scyks. And yet... the nastah pup gets you a Z-95 for 6 points To be fair it is a late game z-96
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