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  1. yeah that paper thing bothered me too. That's the type of thing I would expect for a novice student training. Not to mention, is it actually even possible to cut both pieces of paper, both on opposite shoulders, in one stroke, without actually cleaving the person in two?
  2. There were different "models" of warforged beyond the base model after the setting expanded. Most were designed as front line soldiers for battle. As time went on though, there were speed/scout, spellcasters, and I believe a psionic version. Additionally, there is the Lord of Blades, who could create any type of warforged from the last existing creation forge. While this is not an argument to use the droid archetype for them, there is some premise to make more than one archetype for the race.
  3. My comments were never directed at the abilities of the FFG design team, my opinions and comments are directed at community members and their optimistic beliefs that the the tournament winners are affecting the story in any significant manner. In fact, I have enough confidence in the story telling team, that I believe the foundation for the timeline is already outlined and fleshed out in advance of a year or more, and that they no way intend to allow a card game choice to interfere in a way that would significantly impact their plans. But again, this is speculation on my part as well, and I'm simply providing a counter point to others' speculations. I bring it up because of the OP's topic, and I have my doubts that anything of note will happen in the card game because of a story line choice, i.e. they were never going to allow the Emerald Champion to be determined by a winning player, because the ground work has already been laid. I might be wrong though.
  4. Let me clarify, has it been stated officially anywhere that the impact of any tournament winners decision would continue to effect the story differently after the delivery of the short story that they released immediately after the winners choice? This seems like speculation that the winners decision will have any meaningful impact on the future of the story line in any way afterwords.
  5. Besides the choose your own adventure style of releasing a 2 page story line, what really was the impact of the winning decision? It seems superficial and trivial to me personally.
  6. Spring loaded boots Phosphorus Grenades Steam Propulsion Ornithopter Clockwork Cat Electro-Magnetic Grapple Arm
  7. During the alpha test, we thought that Magic was extremely strong. During a series of test sessions all of us created a Spell Caster of one variety or the other and played through a Scenario where we were all in Magic College, similar to Harry Potter or the Magicians. I don't recall anyone being disappointed with the magic system at +150 xp, in fact, it was the opposite. Many encounters became very easy with a few spells powered up.
  8. Why do people let simple little chants get their attitudes all bent out of whack? Why would people think the designers, that are just young adults, would have known they would have to navigate the waters of a bunch PC non-sense when creating a card game? Why are people associating all this negative crap with a simple card game? Why do people think that they can fulfill social injustices on a forum for a card game?
  9. This ability made Alys' damage the highest at the table. It is a solid talent.
  10. All of the previous opinions aside, I believe it would be smart of FFG to both produce a pdf and announce it soon, for their own sake. It won't take long for someone else to do it anyways.
  12. What Unicorn Clan character is currently influential in Otosan Uchi besides Ide Tadaji?
  13. These are Imperial Cycle I believe