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  1. to be fair, I can't think of another one of their lcgs that has a free for all format. I know Star Wars has a 4v4 and 2v1 formats. The 4v4 being teams of 2, and the 3v1 where 2 players go against a special deck. My money is on this type of multiplayer format, with a special Shadowlands deck being the 3v1.
  2. Th old rules at the beginning, when there was simply experienced and not 2,3,4 etc.., worked just fine.
  3. Good job on this card. The first sentence could read like this, "This character can only lose fate during the fate phase."
  4. Altering the dial mechanic is a possibility. Make the standard card draw 3 and slide honor gain and loss with each card taken above or below 3. 6 - lose 3 honor, gain 6 cards 5 - lose 2 honor, gain 5 cards 4 - lose 1 honor, gain 4 cards 3 - gain 3 cards 2 - gain 1 honor, gain 2 cards 1 - gain 2 honor, gain 1 cards 0 - gain 3 honor, gain 0 cards This may take some of the fun out of the secret bidding but is simple enough to keep the core concept alive and allow decks to maintain their themes.
  5. what is the invite link for the discord channel?
  6. I think preference and balance will be a key point in designing built decks, but having X copies of a clutch holding doesn't seem out of the question.
  7. This could be, but I think common sense would dictate that they didn't need to waste a sentence to make that point.
  8. I don't think they would call this out specifically unless it worked as an exception to normal dynasty behavior.
  9. While holdings can provide boosts, it is important to note that the more holdings you include in a deck, the less characters will be placed on provinces, limiting your options during the dynasty phase.
  10. It's only an incident at all because it has been made into one. There was no malicious intent or suppressive ideology directed at anyone by the comment made. If someone personally though the comment was unwarranted due to the circumstances it was made under then they should have privately contacted the company and aired their grievances. The entire argument that the comment was unprofessional coming from anyone, who, in turn isn't any more professional about it is ironic. If I don't think one of my co-workers is acting professionally I go to my superior and report it to them, I don't scream it across the entire building. If I visit an establishment and someone acts unprofessionally, then I contact a manager/supervisor and report the behavior, I don't spray paint my grievance on their walls. This forum doesn't seem to be an appropriate spot to make any real change happen if you feel some injustice is happening in the world. Perhaps might be a better website to try and make headway on your topic, I for one think this conversation ruins these forums.
  11. It would be nice to see some more strongholds. More announcements please!
  12. I got money on him being Shoju's and Hotaru's kid...
  13. That's interesting and informative. I still like saying it though and he was one of my favorite personalities.
  14. I think there arte some tough pills to swallow for some older players, the thing is, what would they have been happy with, and would that same vision make the next old player happy? As an original player from the start of the game, I am happy with what I have seen, even more so, I am happy that FFG took on the IP and made a new game. Wasn't a fane of how AEG handled the product towards the end.
  15. Some complexity is good in a game though right?