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  1. I'm not sure I would dismiss Togashi Tadakatsu yet. I can't vouch for his competitiveness currently, but he certainly could allow for a different line of play for Dragon. I am sure there is going to come a day when Dragon monk fate manipulation becomes a real option, and he allows for some of the previous monks to be used on attack and fire off their abilities with much less risk of handing them the fate for doing so. The more Mantras they release only makes him more valuable, a now reliable 0 cost event that both produces a good effect and replaces itself is pretty strong imo.
  2. Realms of Terrinoth - Article

    Discussing Heroic abilities!
  3. soak....really?

  4. "Look at" vs "Reveal"

    Isn't playing the character changing the game state?
  5. PC'ing the PC's and NPC's

    I'm not sure that the term dwarf, faerie, troll, etc.. in roleplaying games has ever had the intention of being derogatory. I'm sure a lot of roleplayers, especially ones of my age, suffered from the negative perception of playing these same games. But if it does offend someone, then coming up with an alternate name isn't too hard, Stoneborn or Earthborn both come to mind for an alternative to Dwarfs.
  6. Dueling fix is easy.

    How do you come up with your probability chances? Do you work for FFG or have some insight the rest of us don't have? I like dueling. It hasn't ruined any of my games.
  7. Dueling fix is easy.

    I wouldn't be surprised by this at all, Yogo Kikuyo in Disciples of the Void does a very similar effect, accept it outright cancels the spell event.
  8. Dueling fix is easy.

    The second they introduce a Conflict card that has an interrupt that switches the duel to a different skill, allows for redirection of a target, or just simply Kharmic Strikes and discards both targets, then this Policy Debate hate disappears.
  9. Another Duels Thread...

    To be fair, I never claimed that every card I listed would have potential in every deck, but it would definitely be silly to dismiss either of these cards potential to help out a deck. So I am guessing that you find it more efficient for your opponent to duel you and get rid of a card, and that is fine, again, doesn't make dueling broken.
  10. Another Duels Thread...

    If that is how you took my response then communication about this topic may be falling on deaf ears (or blind eyes). Most of what I have been reading is that Policy Debate is too Strong because it is 0 cost and is a duel. I just completely disagree. Whether or not you want to take other peoples responses as "obligatory and unnecessary "git gud" response" doesn't change the fact that there are cards that can stop it, and to be fair you actually asked for them here: "Then for the good of the community, please share with us lesser skilled players how you would neutralize Policy Debate, especially when played by Scorpion that runs counters to both events and attachments........". All I can ascertain from your response is that you don't want to build your deck to have an answer for strong cards in the current environment. How can anyone even debate that? People don't really think that anytime players have a hard time playing around some card that it should receive an errata or bad? Or maybe players really think that they can make decks that have an answer for everything?
  11. Another Duels Thread...

    Not sure why you would waste the time replying to me when you could spend that time just looking this up yourself, but here let me help you out: Censure, Finger of Jade, Forged Edict, Shiba Yojimbo, Voice of Honor, Above Question, Guest of Honor, Master of Gisei Toshi, Northern Wall Sensi (non-tournament) Ageless Crone can limit events and Illustrious Plagiarist can punish those that play them. If you have an issue with Scorpion's card pool that is a separate subject not related to why dueling should be changed.
  12. Another Duels Thread...

    There are a lot of free cards that have just as powerful effects and require little to no requirements to play, what makes this one so special? I wouldn't say it is impossible to not have a 1 political skill character in the game. This card is an event that has a decent amount of answers to it already. Perhaps it would be better to try and shore up a decks weakness then try and change dueling ?
  13. Another Duels Thread...

    I am not sure I understand why the conversation about this card is about the dueling aspect of it. If this card were simply an event with a higher fate cost, and automatically triggered (or targeted a character with lower Skill) , then what would be the real complaint here?
  14. For Kids?

    Another option is to run magic like a Harry Potter book, where clever uses of spells and solving mysteries is the main theme. While combat may happen, it is just pushing people around and turning them into frogs. Also, this is not Genesys related, but you may want to check this out:
  15. Decoupling Abilities and Skills

    For me, it's all about the presentation. For example: The group is trying to impress the patrons of a local tavern to gain some much needed coin. Bard A - Wants to recite an epic poem about a local hero and his fight with the an evil witch. He uses Presence and Charm. Bard B - Wants to awe the crowd by juggling half a dozen flaming short swords while balancing on one leg of a bar stool. He uses Dexterity and Charm. Decoupling is actually something I do regularly for my players when they describe narratively what they are trying to accomplish. I think the Characteristic/Skill pairings should be the standard, but flexibility will bring much more enjoyment for you and your players, and let's the game flow more like a story.