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  1. Or... maybe you like to think you know me, or my state of mind, or my mood, much like you think you know "how good" a card is. Or you know, maybe I have seen a bunch of games where people defend and claiming 2 rings is possible but can take all 4 conflicts, so a percentage of the time she is a 2/2 for 2 fate, because, you know, she really can't be used after the last conflict, in case you were still behind. But I actually rounded it to 2.5 as an average and said she would be a 2/3 skill for 2 fate in my previous posts. I should not have used the word ONLY in my LAST argument, but I have in my previous posts actually argued why I thought the card wasn't that great, none of which you decided to show quotes of, but hey I'm sure everyone had forgotten the previous discussion going on right here, and it is super helpful you reposted them all. Maybe you have Straw man too, and I'm not really going to change my opinion of the card just because you think you know better than I do. I am not just going to stop man, just cause you want to be a jerk.
  2. First off, you have NO idea what my experience with the game is, so stop making random assumptions. The ONLY arguments that I am seeing are that she can drop at 4/4 which is what makes her a good card. Are you saying she is good card as a 1/1 for 2? No I didn't thinks so. I also get it, you like her, and you think anyone with an alternate opinion but your own is wrong, we get it, you can stop now.
  3. Lol, I can easily assume this won't be a 4/4 about 90% of the time. It seems people are highly delusional on how many rings get claimed in a round. If you were to believe that every round of every game that you would have this card in your and 3 rings were claimed when you played her and you had 2 fate in your pool to do so then you should go play the lottery, because your luck is exceptionally good. and as you are waiting for this opportunity to make her worth playing she is nothing more than a dead card in your hand. I'd imagine that it'll be sitting in many players hands right next to Fallen In Battle. If every argument is that she is always going to be sone magical 4/4 for 2 fate, then you can also assume that I always have an Assassinate and 24 honor.
  4. I actual did not undervalue the card because it is a conflict character, I actual made my argument with that very thing in mind. Every counter point that was made can be said about any conflict character, "they can surprise you when you least expect it", "it's good against this deck or strategy", "this character is in my clan", none of which makes a strong case that it is good. I would rather have a character that is less unpredictable and has an ability. The character's average cost versus skill and no ability make this less than appealing to me.
  5. I figured there would be some counter opinion to my own, but basically what I get from your response is, this card can be good sometimes in some decks. Which can be said for about 85% of the cards revealed. In contrast, conflict card like Charge, Banzai, Court Games almost always have a use and cost less. Now if you want to compare it to conflict characters it is about average, likely good for phoenix straight out of core, because there aren't any better options. But the arguements I'm reading are "This guy is going to be a 4/4 exactly when I need him to be" are optimistic at best. Reality is, this character will be an average 2/3 at the cost of 2, with no ability. It having the shugenja trait makes it slightly more appealing, but so far shugenja hasn't really been a real need.
  6. This card is a trap. When you consider the cost weighed against the gain it is sub optimal. You can only guarantee 1 and likely she'll only average 2. When weighed against other 2 cost cards she isn't that great.
  7. They busted their asses out? Sounds painful and disgusting.
  8. Voltron can be done in this system with a little bit of work.
  9. While FFG seems to keep most their IP under lock and key, it makes me wonder if they can avoid having some type of open game / fair use policy to keep with the spirit of the game itself.
  10. to be fair, I can't think of another one of their lcgs that has a free for all format. I know Star Wars has a 4v4 and 2v1 formats. The 4v4 being teams of 2, and the 3v1 where 2 players go against a special deck. My money is on this type of multiplayer format, with a special Shadowlands deck being the 3v1.
  11. Th old rules at the beginning, when there was simply experienced and not 2,3,4 etc.., worked just fine.
  12. Good job on this card. The first sentence could read like this, "This character can only lose fate during the fate phase."
  13. Altering the dial mechanic is a possibility. Make the standard card draw 3 and slide honor gain and loss with each card taken above or below 3. 6 - lose 3 honor, gain 6 cards 5 - lose 2 honor, gain 5 cards 4 - lose 1 honor, gain 4 cards 3 - gain 3 cards 2 - gain 1 honor, gain 2 cards 1 - gain 2 honor, gain 1 cards 0 - gain 3 honor, gain 0 cards This may take some of the fun out of the secret bidding but is simple enough to keep the core concept alive and allow decks to maintain their themes.
  14. what is the invite link for the discord channel?
  15. I think preference and balance will be a key point in designing built decks, but having X copies of a clutch holding doesn't seem out of the question.