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  1. Falcon -Han Solo -Veteran Instincts -Engine Upgrade Y-Wing -Gold Sqd -Twin Laser -R2 HWK290 -Rebel Operative -Twin Laser Turret No worries about Arc dodging! Weaknesses? I also thought this list would work well: Y-Wing -Gold Sqd -Twin Laser -R2 HWK290 -Rebel Operative -Twin Laser Turret -Shield Upgrade 2 - B wings 2 - Blue Sqd 2 - Fire Control Systems Thats a lot of shield and hull to chew through. The turrets ignore arc and the target locking B's should be able to block and beat down with the target locks. Fun stuff.
  2. Well, went 1-2 with the one win being a total luck job modified win against a top 100 finisher at worlds. (We started late and I was able to take out his palpatine shuttle for a win on points.) he would have destroyed me if we would have a little more time. Got obliterated by 4 Y wings with twin lasers then played a decent close match but lost to a Coran 2xT70. I ran Luke with R2D2 and Veteran Instincts 2xBlue Sqd B wings 1xGold Sqd Y wing with ion turret Lots of practice needed to figure out how to stay in formation and anticipate where the opponent will end up. Had fun though!!
  3. Playing in a local store tourney tonight and cant decide. (I'm not ready to run the falcon yet, never even tried to fly it) Etahn -R2D2 -Fire Control -Flecchette -Veteran Instincts 2x Blue Sqd - Adv Sensors - Proton Torp Or just swarm and fly lots of ships: (there is 29 damage needed to kill these...) Biggs To draw fire and keep other alive a little longer 2xBlue Sqd -Fire Control Systems Y - Wing -Dutch Vander (target locks are good right?) -Autoblaster -Flechette Argh. Waiting until christmas for more expansions is going to kill me.
  4. Hello everyone: I have a squad that I am learning to play the game with but wanted to try a second squad. Here are the ships I have: Original Core Set Falcon 2 x Bwing 1 x Y wing 1 x E wing. So I thought I would try this out: Falcon - Marksmanship - Han - Chewbacca - Falcon - Engine Upgrade E-wing - Etahn - Outmanuver - R2D2 - Fire Control Systems 99pts I want to try flying the falcon. With the ships that I have, any other suggestions for a list? two ships seems kinda vulnerable to me. Or just: Falcon - Marksmanship - Han - Chewbacca - Engine Upgrade x-Wing -Biggs y-wing -Gold Sqd 100pts
  5. Well to be honest, these are my ships. I have a y wing x wing and a falcon besides the ships listed. Other than tweaking the list I'm really looking to learn how to fly and play. So I'm looking for tips on how to fly this list until I have more ships to play around with. Thanks for every piece of advice I can get though!!!! Thanks!!!!
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm pretty new only having played 4 games so far. Played one game with my own squad which is: Etahn -R2D2 -Advanced Sensors 2 - Blues Sqd Pilots each with -Engine Upgrades -Proton Torpedoes The first time I flew this list I really didnt understand Etahn's ability so I started him on the far left hand side of the board and my two B wings on the right hand side. My opponent was flying a talon, a HWK with turret, a b wing and a y wing with turrets. I learned a lot about turrets I was able to take out his HWK and A wing before losing. I had his Talon down to 1 hull as well. Since this game I switched my list to: Etahn -R2D2 -Engine Upgrades then I'm debating adding either Marksmanship,proton torpedo or sheild upgrades to Etahn The two Blue's Get Proton torpedos. Thoughts on how to fly this list? What would make a good formation that will use their dials well together? Setting up a play mat and flying around with no opponents is only so good for practice Tony
  7. That was fun. Took out the advanced sensors and added two fire control systems. Moved the engine upgrade to Etahn so I can more consistency keep ships in his arc. Now debating taking the other engine upgrade off the B and adding Shield upgrade or marksmanship or proton torpedos to Etahn. Comments?
  8. Hmmmmm good point. Dont have plasma so switched to another blue instead of dagger and put two torpedos on. Going to fly it for the first time for real this morning. Probably going to get destroyed but it will be fun!
  9. Ok, so: Ethan: - Advanced Sensors - R2D2 Dagger - ion cannon - engine upgrades Blue sqd - ion cannon - engine upgrades Thoughts? Seem like a squad that will slow down a lot of opponent? With this squad I've been practicing flying it with the 2 - Bs lined up in front about 1.5 space between them and then Ethan behind 1 full space and in the middle of them. Looking for tips on flying this little squad. How should they use formations to the best of their ability and does Ethan use his agility to draw opponent fire and fly separately from them?
  10. I'm in Calgary and new to the game. Have enough ships to play rebels. Looking to find a few casual games before Christmas! Tony Canevaro 587-434-4890
  11. Hi there! I'm in Calgary and looking for a few casual games to learn! Tony Canevaro 587-434-4890
  12. Cool feed back, thanks. I'll give it a try. Hoping to get a couple games in at the local shops this week. My son plays imperial so if I can practice a bit ill give him a run for his money. Fun stuff. Cheers!
  13. Hi Everyone! I've played three games so far with my sons ships and decided to go get started. Here is my first squad with the ships I have. Thoughts? First try Knave squadron e wing Blue squadron B wing - R2 astromech - advanced sensors Biggs Gold squadron Y wing - engine upgrades That's my rebel ships besides a falcon.
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