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  1. I haven’t seen anything like this so far. 

    No idea if it will live a long time or just lose. Thoughts? 

    Being able to take a focus with a Y then have fenn Or ten coordinate the target lock and possibly shoot at I6 with a fully modded torp seems pretty strong. 

    A/SF-01 B-wing - •Ten Numb - 58
        •Ten Numb - Blue Five (50)
            •Squad Leader (4)
            Shield Upgrade (4)

    BTL-A4 Y-wing - Gray Squadron Bomber - 43
        Gray Squadron Bomber - (32)
            Proton Torpedoes (9)
            R4 Astromech (2)

    BTL-A4 Y-wing - Gray Squadron Bomber - 43
        Gray Squadron Bomber - (32)
            Proton Torpedoes (9)
            R4 Astromech (2)

    Sheathipede-class Shuttle - •Fenn Rau - 55
        •Fenn Rau - Reluctant Rebel (52)
            Swarm Tactics (3)

    Total: 199/200

  2. so I flew this Y list you use last night twice. Against the same opponent and same list. I have flown it twice before against my son as well. My opponent last night is flat out better than me. No ifs or maybes. He plays a lot and wins a lot. Nice guy. 

    His list:

    wedge with R4, naked ten numb, Nora Y with ion and veteran turret gunner plus Arvel with intimidation.

    we had the same point. First game he was moving last shooting last. 

    Second was reversed. 

    I put the biggest rock in the middle both matches, and the rocks were more or less in a cluster of range 1-2 around the central rock.

    i just couldn’t figure out how to time the maneuvering to get torpedos off. Shot one in the two matches. 

    I don’t get it ? 

    maybe my critical thinker is broken ?

  3. This makes me realize how little I know about this game. 

    “The traditional setup for this list is to put a rock squarely in the middle and have the pair of Y-Wings navigate the asteroid field using it as a pseudo screen to make directly jousting them undesirable which makes it easier to line up the torps. Luke usually chills in the main jousting lane to tempt my opponent into a face-off that the Y-Wings can then turn into and get multiple torp shots on. Wedge has the highest initiative and can flex into the main lane or to assist the Y's depending on my opponent's deployment and frequently I'll drop him in a position where a turn 1 barrel roll can get him to either location.”

    what do you mean by main jousting lane? 

    It sound like you deploy the two Y wings together and have wedge luke together as well?

  4. I could have sworn I already had BTL in there.

    i was unsure about sensors as well in this list but couldn’t think of anything better. 

    Adaptability was to get Horton and Kenyan to the same Ps.

    dont know how I feel about the ion token from pulsed ray shield...

    This fits as well:

    Y not (100)

    •Horton Salm (37) - Y-Wing
    Twin Laser Turret (6), Bomb Loadout (0), Extra Munitions (2), •"Chopper" (1), BTL-A4 Y-wing (0), Guidance Chips (0), Thermal Detonators (3)

    •Ezra Bridger (25) - Sheathipede-class Shuttle
    Wired (1), Gunner (5), •R3-A2 (2)

    •Keyan Farlander (38) - B-Wing
    Crack Shot (1), Sensor Jammer (4), B-Wing/E2 (1), •Maul (3)

  5. Looks fun. Will punch hard and make you pay for whomever you decide to take on first. Obvious improvements?

    Y not (98)

    •Horton Salm (37) - Y-Wing
    Twin Laser Turret (6), Bomb Loadout (0), Extra Munitions (2), •"Chopper" (1), Guidance Chips (0), Thermal Detonators (3)

    •Ezra Bridger (25) - Sheathipede-class Shuttle
    Wired (1), Gunner (5), •R3-A2 (2)

    •Keyan Farlander (36) - B-Wing
    Adaptability (0), Advanced Sensors (3), B-Wing/E2 (1), •Maul (3)

  6. 13 hours ago, jwilliamson12 said:

    I flew something close with Ashoka instead of Fenn. I don’t think I want to lose EU because it helps the Ghost jump in and out of range. Plus, like a game tonight, I can land on an asteroid and have Fenn coordinate a boost off it. And a few times I was able to coordinate that evade like you said when I didn’t need to boost. Also 100% going with Accuracy Corrector. Too much fun against 1 agility ships.

    In my games tonight I enjoyed having FAA. It helped Fenn keep up with the Ghost and line up shots.

    I’m confused. Landing on an asteroid means no actions? How do you get an action from Fenn? Or is it only stress that shuts that down?

  7. 3 hours ago, Tbetts94 said:

    Played PS11 Han/Poe again but tried BB-8 instead of R2-D2, played against Nym/Miranda. R2-D2 is just so much stronger. I won but the game would have been so much easier with R2. Poe needs some sort of Regen either with Comm Relay for an Evade or a Droid.

    What’s your current version of the list look like?

  8. 8 hours ago, Arctitian said:

    So with M9-G8 Fenn, I'm assuming you TL both Wedge and Poe on the first round, so they have a mini-TL?  In which case you don't really need to coordinate, just focus from then on? I did try that build once, but it seems to fit really well here with Wedge and Poe both needing rerolls. Of course you could TL the enemy too, but it seems more efficient here to TL friendlies, right?

    I always TL Wedge & Poe turn 1. Being able to reroll one red dice each for free is awesome. Usually the coordinate is for Wedge Focus/TL If you have to K turn Wedge you still have the reroll from M9G8. 

    Or: you use Fenn to give Poe a boost action prior to pulling a talon roll is pretty fun too :) Then with M9G8 reroll and perms focus from advanced optics you can still hit decently hard.

    im no where near good at flying this nor do I play in tournaments much but I really enjoy flying this. And it has won more than it’s lost, which in my inexperienced hands means it’s a pretty forgiving list.

  9. This is my favourite build right now. 

    Aces  (99)

    •Fenn Rau (27) - Sheathipede-class Shuttle
    Veteran Instincts (1), Weapons Engineer (3), •M9-G8 (3)

    •Wedge Antilles (31) - X-Wing
    Veteran Instincts (1), Flight-Assist Astromech (1), Integrated Astromech (0)

    •Poe Dameron (41) - T-70 X-Wing
    Veteran Instincts (1), •BB-8 (2), Advanced Optics (2), •Black One (1), Autothrusters (2)

  10. 5 hours ago, NLJUNGBERG said:

    So my final list that i brought to Stockholm Regionals looked a bit different to my last post.


    VI, hotshot co-pilot, Gunner, Engine Upgrade


    VI, FFA, AO, AT,BO


    I ended up placing third, 5-1, after a NymRanda and the player beating me (Kanan/Fenn/Ezra).

    I managed to kill a ship turn 2 in 4 out of 7 games, mostly due to the Hotshot/Gunner combo, making the target try to roll good natural dice against a Han at Range 1 and a full modded Poe.

    I love this list and in this meta it's great.

    What were your matchups?

  11. 7 minutes ago, wurms said:

    Poe is the answer to the list. Remove TLs, and regen from bomb damage, and higher PS to chase down miranda or nym.

    Pow/Low/Jess or Fenn or stress ezra is probably really strong against this list and should be strong against most other lists as well.

    Throwing ion cannon turret on a Ghost may win this matchup, then you lose 4 others and end the day 2-4 or something. Its not just about beating this list, its also about beating all other lists as well. Are you gonna do enough damage vs quad wookiees? Can you handle 3 harpoon Nu's? Palp/QD/Inqy? Timewalk Asajj/Dengar or Nym?

    That’s what I was thinking. 

    PS11 Poe and Han should do ok. 

    A Ps11 wedge/Fenn/poe would be good too. Wedge would melt probably but there it lots of damage mitigation. No Regen on Poe though...

  12. What about this Kanan Fenn list?

    BigGhost (100)

    •Kanan Jarrus (55) - VCX-100
    Advanced Sensors (3), Twin Laser Turret (6), Rey (2), Recon Specialist (3), •Ghost (0), Countermeasures (3)

    •"Zeb" Orrelios (18) - Attack Shuttle
    •Phantom (0)

    •Fenn Rau (27) - Sheathipede-class Shuttle
    Veteran Instincts (1), Weapons Engineer (3), •M9-G8 (3)

  13. 1 hour ago, Tbetts94 said:

    Definitely leaving the list packed in my bag. I love running Han. Going to try that double Falcon list next week too that made cut in Chicago. See if it was luck/player skill or if there was something to it.

    Not pulling it’s weight?

  14. 3 minutes ago, Rolotamasi said:

    I think the idea, definitely need a PS11 with hotshot.  I have seen that crew on Fenn, but Han will do the trick as well.  Not sure what the masterpiece does for Rex besides eat a ppoint.  Also the MK II on the TIE doesn't give enough bang for the buck IMO.  With those changes you can do something like this:

    Captain Rex (14)

    Han Solo (46)
    Veteran Instincts (1)
    Gunner (5)
    Hotshot Co-pilot (4)
    Engine Upgrade (4)
    Millennium Falcon (1)

    Fenn Rau (Sheathipede) (20)
    Veteran Instincts (1)
    Inspiring Recruit (1)
    R3-A2 (2)

    Total: 99

    View in Yet Another Squad Builder

    Keeps the Hotshot going, and then Fenn can further lock down tokens with his ability and then the stress. Rex feels a bit of a throw away at 14 points, but hey, if they are shooting him, they are leaving the other two alone.  Amiright?

    That’s what I was thinking with Rex. If they take two shots on him that’s two less on Han. Also was thinking about a bandit with harpoons. Hard to ignore and if you do it could hurt.

  15. Is this crazy? 

    Is this markedly worse than PS 11 Han/Poe? 

    Lots token stripping and defense mods plus Fenn helping Han with extra actions.

    No tokens (99)

    •Han Solo (61) - YT-1300
    Veteran Instincts (1), Gunner (5), Hotshot Co-pilot (4), •Millennium Falcon (1), Engine Upgrade (4)

    •Fenn Rau (22) - Sheathipede-class Shuttle
    Veteran Instincts (1), Courier Droid (0), •"Chopper" (1)

    •Captain Rex (16) - TIE Fighter
    Sabine's Masterpiece (1), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1)

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