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  1. When some of these cards come out, this squad will be the best thing! XD Guys, I'm telling you, this is broken. -Thweek (28) Autothrusters (2) StarViper MK. II (-3) -Virago (1) Fire-Control System (2) Trandoshan Slaver (29) Inspiring Recruit (1) -Zuckuss (1) -Dengar (3) Contraband Cybernetics (1) Trandoshan Slaver (29) Inspiring Recruit (1) -4-Lom (1) -Maul (3) Contraband Cybernetics (1) Zuckuss and Maul get stress, so you have IR and CC to help with that.
  2. Another one: -Thweek AT M2 Virago FCS -Dengar Link Hotshot-Copilot -Fenn Link AT Title --- Dengar strips tokens and focuses up Fenn. Then Fenn wrecks.
  3. Entering a tournaments soon, which one would win? -Thweek, M2, AT -Fenn, Fearlessness, AT, Title -Scout, Expertise, Title --- -Thweek, M2, AT, Virago, FCS -Nym, Adaptability, Autoblaster Turret, Accuracy Correcter, Bomblet, Title, Genius -Scout, Intimidation, Feedback, Intel, Anti-Pursuit --- Thoughts?
  4. Does the new "Vaksai" card work on all of the ships in your squad? Or just the one equipped with it?
  5. I was playing an online X-Wing game. It let me do this. I have a target lock on Chopper and I have a focus. I shot Chopper, then used my Focus, then it said I had 2 options, I could use my Target Lock OR use the Target Lock from R4. I used the R4 TL, and it kept my other one. Is this legal? I thought you could only have 1 TL at a time.
  6. Just got a 2nd Jumpmaster. Now I have 4 Mindlinks. What should I do? I have X2 Jumpmaster X3 Quadjumper X1 Hound's Tooth X1 Y-Wing X2 Z95 X2 Starviper X1 Kihrax X1 Mist Hunter X1 HWK X1 Slave 1 X2 IG-2000
  7. Can you back it up with the 1st question? In the rules I didn't see anything saying I would get stressed.
  8. 1. If you use slam to do a red maneuver, do you get stressed? 2. If I have Burnout Slam on IG-88D, can I do a S-Loop Turn for my slam?
  9. Gunner says immediately. So, are you sure this works?
  10. Can you explain why it has to be that order?
  11. So if you miss your first attack, you can attack with a primary AND a cannon?
  12. This got top 4 at a regional, and I have a question. It was IG-88B/Bossk. Bossk was using Gunner and IG-88D crew. Does anyone find this overkill? What's the point? Are you really going to miss that much?
  13. Um . . . You can't fit 4. You can only have 2. They also don't have turrets.
  14. I've heard people say it isn't good on just two ships.
  15. I really like it. I don't know how I feel about Attanni on 2 ships, also they are bump masters. I think other than that, it looks pretty good. I have no idea whether it would be good in a tournament, but you could always try.
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