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  1. I have spent at least $1,000 on this game over the last three years and now I have to spend a minimum of $150 in upgrades plus probably a core set at $39... Not to mention all the alt cards and templates I acquired either by buying or winning in competitions...? I am sooo disappointed.
  2. I do get what you are asking here. I am in a cabinet level position for a large school district. If some of my employees found out, I am sure they would think differently. The reality is most people don't know the skill level and intelligence that goes into the game. If I were to mention I played chess, people would get it because the paradigm is that chess players are smart. People don't know Xwing and therefore have no idea what it takes to be good at it. Therefore, they assume it is some kid game. I have been playing Xwing for awhile now and have met a lot of players who I hold in the same regard as chess players... It takes a high level of intelligence to be good in our game. So, my advice is if you share your passion of playing xwing, try to give those who no nothing about the game an idea of the intelligence it takes to play (i usually relate it to math concepts and high levels of implied reading skills because people get that) and the strategic thinking that goes into it like chess. My wife for awhile thought it was childish, but now gets it because I made it a point while getting my son to learn the game the complexity and skills it takes to apply the language on the cards, geometry, probabilities in dice, and cause and effect in making decisions. At my store championship, my wife actually texted me good luck as I went 4-1 trying to make top 4. If my wife can change her paradigm with the game, anyone can:) So, be proud of what you do, but set the stage first if you share our great game of Xwing.
  3. I have an evade token question for Omega Leader and Inqusitor. When you do actions with Omega, and assuming you already have an evade token from Comms Relay, can you do another evade action after moving? Same question for inquisitor with push the limit. You do and evade action first, then target lock, which gives you another free evade... Is this legal? I guess my question derives from other ships that can have multiple focus tokens...
  4. Not to change the subject... Here is a question I have regarding timing of Lightwieght Frame with Zuckuss. The LWF card indicates after the defense roll add another defense dice. Does that mean zuckuss has to first be initiated before the 3rd die is rolled. Technically, Zuckuss is done before the modify step. Does adding another die constitute a modification of the defense roll?
  5. It was a great match. I've been flying the Palp/Wampa/inquisitor/Omega Leader for some time. After this match, I decided to change up my list and flew it with great success tonight. My new list is now: Palps Backside Aces: 100 points Omicron Shuttle w/Palp Wampa Omega Leader- Juke/Comm Relay Backdraft- Special Ops Training/Sensor Cluster/Lone Wolf Spending time in the Seattle area was a lot of fun. Every person I met was great. I will be heading back to the East tomorrow. Thank you Seattle for the games! I was able to go 4-1 this week. Steve Kruger AKA: STELE
  6. I will be in Seattle for business from the 5th to the 9th of November. Any events or leagues going on (yes, I know it is around Worlds)?
  7. I am not sure if it has been mentioned, but a TIE/FO with rear firing limited arc would be great (like in the movie). It could be called, "TIE/FO Elite", have a little bit bigger hull to accommodate 2 pilots and be painted with the red markings.
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