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  1. you consider this closed? you have policies to keep people from being nasty to each other? I call BS on both counts, I left this forum for nearly a yer for belittlement and in general rude abusive chatter..... as to your final decision..... that is your call, but many folks are pissed off.... You want Michael to have a good experience, yet his experience was ruined by a cheater and a half-arsed response to very blatant rules abuse.... FFG alright, working as intended
  2. Watch the clip again folks, he picks the dial up, changes it when it is behind the list info, checking to see how far he needs to turn it, puts it back, then with his thumb, and on the game mat no less, he actually turned the dial, the same number of flips he used when it was behind his list info, this was intended and malicious. At an event of this magnitude, and given the fact that there is indisputable video evidence, dude should be banned from further FFG tournaments. His entire score should have been wiped from the records and new pairings done immediately.... This is not being part of Lynch Mob, this is giving a rats arse about the rules during tournament, which he obviously does not...
  3. This part bothered me and I finally figured out why... Because Seamus is so completely wrong it took some time for me to sort out why. First off, we'll for the sake of argument set aside the 'one bomb per turn' rule. You can still at most drop 3 bombs even if the rules worked like Seamus seems to think. So you could drop a 'after maneuver' bomb as part of the first maneuver, then a second one after the Advanced Slam action, then a 3rd from the free action from the advanced slam. But there's no way on a K-Wing to drop a 4th bomb. None of the K-Wings get a EPT so you can't use PtL... Which doesn't let you drop bombs in the first place, since bombs aren't on your action bar. You could do it with Experimental Interface, but the modification slot is taken up with the Advanced Slam upgrade. If you didn't have the advanced Slam upgrade you could drop the 3rd one using EI, but there's still no way to drop that 4th one. But again as I pointed out above, the rule is 'after revealing a maneuver' not after performing one, so even if there was no rule about more than one bomb the most you could manage is two. One after the dial one as an action. math.... you correct me about the 1 thing I guessed, which was how many bombs could THEORETICALLY be dropped.... wow, must needs to find a new way to feel like you all are better than anyone else.... nice.... I think it is time for me to stop coming in here, the mentality and attitude of this forum is toxic and hateful.... because the rules state everything EXCEPT a damned guess...... have fun imbeciles.... I am going to play the game now, not debate asinine opinions
  4. Bombs are dropped after revealing your dial, not after you perform an maneuver. Before you try to correct someone you should make sure you actually know what the rules say. exactly what I said, perhaps you should learn your rules better AND read what you are arguing against You mean like this part from the FAQ... No, like this IMAGE from the FAQ: But as far as that article goes... It was later edited when we pointed out they got the rules wrong. mines drop as an action, bombs drop before revealing a maneuver, perhaps you aren't as informed as you think you are, and everything I posted comes directly from the rules, most recent FAQ and the reference card from the K-wing.....
  5. I believe in the Mist Hunter preview they specifically stated that using the tractor beam to smash your opponent's small ships into asteroids would indeed cause damage. They also said in a preview that you could drop a bomb using a SLAM maneuver. The rules don't support either of those things being true. FAQ page 3 says a slam is executing a maneuver, so with advanced slam (which allows you to take an action after slamming provided you did not bump, this info also ocmes with the reference card in the K-wing expansion) you can drop mines with the adv slam, and the bombs can also be dropped per dropping them before you perform the maneuver, or before the slam maneuver since both require a movement dial and maneuver to be executed. Aside from the rule stating no more than 1 bomb per turn, you could theoretically drop 4 bombs from a slammed ship (using other upgrades to help it along) long story short, read the info cards that come with ships, learn to use munitions properly, read the existing rules and FAQ and all you need to know about slam + bombs is right there.
  6. Can't we all just say, "Yay, about time, gimme!" and call it good....
  7. and yet, that SD on that t-70 with 3 dice has undamaged at the end of nearly every match, if I need points I may go with AT, but I stand by my point from before, you use IA and when you no longer get benefits from the droid you have on the ship, it is your choice, I will keep my droid functioning though
  8. Huh. With only 3 TLTs I wouldn't have thought it even necessary to mess about trying to get into Range 1, I think with most lists I'd just be trying to hover around R2 and out-shoot them. Good on you, if that remains possible for the entire match, I would like to see someone with a consistent counter to this, somehow, I think staying at range 2 only means my bombs are doing their jobs, keeping you at MY range, playing MY game... Also, even at range 2, the Y-wing is fast enough to pass over you and be able to drop their bombs in turn. In reality, the only thing to do is to stop them before THEY get too close.... I digress, we have 30 guys already signed up for the SC on Friday, I will find out more then, but currently, that is my list and the reasons I had for building it, but it proves the TLT is far from unbalancing and needs no nerf... I HAD to do something to add damage capability, I HAD to to something to keep you away from range 1(if I wanted to run the TLT) I also debated a third extra munitions and swapping the turrets for ICT to drop to 99 points, it became damage vs ship control, I chose damage.
  9. I have waited to speak in this thread again for a reason.... I played my triple TLT scum Y-wings last night again.... you can talk about them being OP all you want, but I run the 3 as bombers with a total of 5 proxy mines and those mines are where the damage comes from, not the TLTs, I wanted to try this to counter the fallacies within the TLT (lack of dmg and range bubble specifically) This list is now 6-1 and the loss was to a B-wing list, damned cannons anyway The list: Kavil, PTL, TLT, unhinged, bomb loadout, Proxy mines and engine upgrade x2 Syndicate Thugs, TLT extra munitions, bomb loadout, proxy mines 100 points You can't just run into range 1 and fight them, because with their low PS they will be dropping a bomb on you before you get to move again, in 3 fights yesterday I dropped 5 mines on top of opponents ships while the others were dropped in rapid succession in front of enemy ships with no chance to evade them... Note that I took on the bomb loadout to combat the weaknesses of the TLT specifically Your mileage may vary, but this take me light years on a single fuel cell
  10. What donut does the K-wing have? It still has a 3 dice primary turret at range 1. Even the Y-wings donut hole isn't a massive area like Dash's. Also, a Y-wing with Unhinged has a pretty good dial for something with a 360 turret. I am not justifying the ship that the TLT itself can be attached to, the turret itself has limitations as I discussed above, If you want to get into a K/Y-wing talk with me, I can do that too, but this thread isn't about that.... Back on topic, I fully stand by my earlier assessment of the TLT
  11. mine too, it was this: Processing Preorder and Processing Multiple Preorders Those insignificant countries are origins to your one. (unless that was sarcasm, but with you guys i never know) joking and sarcasm aside, the western hemisphere had societies and cultures of it's own long before Europeans showed up Such as the cultures in Spain, many Gallic tribes, Portugal, Ireland, Cornwall Actually I was referring to Aztecs, Olmecs, Incan, Cherokee, Choktaw, as well as countless other cultures, including my own, the Comanche
  12. Those insignificant countries are origins to your one. (unless that was sarcasm, but with you guys i never know) joking and sarcasm aside, the western hemisphere had societies and cultures of it's own long before Europeans showed up
  13. the limitations already in place on the TLT are it's countermeasures, a TLT leaves you with the donut of dead like the Dash builds do, also, UNLIKE the dash build it has a second limitation, 2 damage AT BEST. I have also noticed that (for the most part) only lower agility ships carry the turret, and most of their movement dials are, shall we say, less than desirable. This gives those ships a viable weapon to use against ANY arc dodgers, and keeps it well within a limited bounds of the game to make it playable. Is it powerful, hell yes it is! but the question is, should it be nerfed? Absolutely not.
  14. tie advanced with Maarek Stele UNTITLED, accompanied by Tetran Cowal and Carnor Jax (both built to the hilt) took me to 3rd in the tournaments, and realistically, I prefer Accuracy Corrector to the ATC anyway, the ATC is dependent upon having a tgt lock on the correct opponent, whereas I can guarantee 2 hits every time I fire regardless of any other dice modification abilities... The point being 3rd in a store tournament with an untitled advanced AFTER the titles were released is pretty solid that the ship was plenty flyable before the "fixes"
  15. I ran a t-70 with stealth device against my buddy with an IA, 1 extra hit versus 1 extra agility die.... no contest.... 1 extra hit against AT.... again, no contest..... the integrated astromech is not a fix for anything, it is only a way to keep an x-wing alive a second or 2 longer, however, the AT and SD both increase survivability by keeping the hits off of you, nope, rather keep my droid and add better 'd' into the mix
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