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  1. It's been over a month now since the initial announcement and still nothing. Not even a BGG page. I'd REALLY like to hear and see more of this game...
  2. This was the first pre-GenCon FFG announced game and I'm more excited for it than Civ: New Dawn, Fallout, TI4 or Legion. I was thus very disappointed to not hear or see anything whatsoever about it at GenCon. No demo, no display, not even a mention at the In Flight Report. I realize that this new IP falls way below the threshold for the others listed, but I'm starving for more information about it. I love me some game with my stories and I'm excited to see more of the Runebound universe...come on FFG, feed me!
  3. I'm 1-2 against him. When I beat him, I had the Waywatcher's legendary trap kit that inflicts two wounds on an enemy that engages a hero. I also had her aid action fully upgraded that allowed me to inflict a wound on up to 2 enemies engaged with the target hero. Essentially, that allowed me to put 9 wounds on him before getting to the final round, where I rolled a total of 12 damage between two heroes to finish him off.
  4. High Elf Swordmaster and Empire Witch Hunter would be awesome. Also a Dwarf Trollslayer! I don't know anything about the Warhammer universe, but I love this game and that sounds like three pretty bad@$$ heroes right there...
  5. These are nice, very quality work. You should compile them into a single file and get them posted to the WH:ACG BGG site. You'll get TONS of balance and gameplay feedback!
  6. My MM order finally came up and shipped after a week. Their "on hand" quantities keep spiking and going to zero, but it seems that FFG's supply chain is finally catching up to demand.
  7. Is this right? It sounds like a stretch and I never considered it a possibility. I know enemies spawn to the shadows when you already have 3 in front of you, but I don't think you can send all your engaged enemies to the shadows by engaging a 4th.
  8. No idea what file you downloaded, I've yet to find a single mistake.
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