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  1. Great podcast keep them coming! Make sure you get around to that lore talk too!
  2. I agree, do we know who did this art and if we could get a print of it?
  3. Read somewhere that there would probably be narrated intros and maybe epilogues but that's it. Also there would be sound. To what extent I don't know.
  4. My friend, MoM 1st edition was never a game I just broke out on a whim. I always set it up the night before. So due to that factor being beholden to an app doesn't bother me a bit. As for how long it will be available, yeah that's a legit fear, but the .exe version you can get should work for a very long time to come, and who doesn't have a random Windows or Mac laptop laying around, at least if you're from my generation.
  5. There are component lists already floating around, there is something like 20 something monster figures. I think there are nearly 20 NPC tokens though, but that's exactly the same as MoM 1st edition. Not 100% on my number accuracy but monsters will all be represented by minis. As for me, I'll have to determine if I like the Mansions sculpt or my Cthulhu Wars sculpt better for each monster I have both. I'll go with the CW Hunting Horror in that particular case. Though I'm sure the FFG Deep One will beat the CW version! LOL, in case of a tie I'll take the lazy route and use the one I've already painted.
  6. I can't state enough how the inclusion of the conversion kit removes any and all salt I would of had about this. Somebody else mentioned, the cost is about 6 PoD scenarios, which in this case come with a bunch of minis, 8 investigators, and automated keeper. That's fantastic. This is exactly the kind of game that will get a LOT of replay in my group and thus we can easily justify the price. Assuming the quality is there, we'll be all in for all new PoDs (which will be 100% in app transactions I assume) and boxed expansions. Just like we're all in on Eldritch Horror.
  7. Can't wait for more info myself. I assume that there will be some overlap between both editions monster wise, like Cultists. However I'm hoping for near 100% of monsters, though I understand that some of them are pretty similar to each other (Wizard, Cultist, Witch, Dark Druid, Cult Leader). So if some of those don't make the cut I won't lose my mind over it. So happy to see at least 4 brand new investigators, I bet they'll be showing up in Eldritch Horror in the future. Since I have all the minis painted (whether bought painted or MoM painted myself), I'm glad to have the opportunity to get those new ones painted up. I just hope the art style is close between the new and old tiles. The new ones look great, but a little more vibrant or sharp. Not a big deal though. Bring it on FFG! Also bring on the Arkham Horror co-op card game!
  8. My friend, do you not own a PC or Mac (desktop or laptop)? Something that can run a .exe?
  9. Owner of all 3 big boxes of MoM and a few PoDs, and played about half a dozen user made scenarios. My group will enthusiastically be getting 2nd Ed, though I'm sure we'll still play 1st every now and then, haven't played all "good" scenarios yet. To OPs question, it is likely an enterprising person could adapt a 2nd edition scenario to first, if they were willing to put forth the effort. I'm more curious to if they will allow fans to make their own 2nd edition scenarios that work with the app. I doubt it, but who knows.
  10. Brutal. We played against Ithaqua with the Doomsayer from Antarctica prelude. Got a lot of snow on the east coast so it made sense. I can't believe that my BIL's Charlie Kane got the Heart of Winter 1/4 the way into the game, so lucky. All in all things went pretty well, here is the state of the game at the end: http://i.imgur.com/TYkjlsC.jpg Doom track was already removed before I took the picture but it was around 8 or 9 so again, things were well in hand this time. Got 2/3rds of the way through the prelude adventure which culminated with that shoggoth you see in at the City of Elder Things. We left it alone to push hard to finish the final mystery which was just a research encounter put a clue on the card one. I really need to remember to do the Mystery staging variant. That's where you look at the possible mysteries and put the ones that seem more thematically early game vs late game into 2 different piles. Thus that gathering information one could of been in the early mystery pile, and the special Hyperborea encounter could of been in the late game pile perhaps (it was first). Once again thanks to those who create on BGG the victory text for adding flavor. Would be nice for FFG to officially add that in.
  11. Huge fan of your Mi-go expansion. I think it is one of the most interesting and replayable AoOs available. Needless to say, I'm all in on this upcoming work of yours!
  12. Your fellow players deserve instant devourement for such grasping lameness. Joking... sorta. Your interpretation is correct. It's correct in light of what was written, and it is certainly correct in the spirit of what was written.
  13. Remember not to stack bonuses from assets. So a gun and an ally giving +1 Strength in Combat Encounters only gives you +1 not +2.
  14. Just played this last Saturday night. Here are my impressions: Short version: Very positive, will play again. Warning, some spoilers in this retelling, however the biggest one (the final part of the adventure) is posted by the OP above. Long: 3 players, 4 investigators. I pulled out my favorite: Leo Anderson (who had some great synergy with this AoO). My brother in law played State Senator Charlie Kane (as he always does), and my wife played her favorite Diane Stanley and the psychic. Early game, the psychic camped out in Arkham doing the first mystery Whisperer in Darkness while the rest of us gathered clues and kept the gates under control (and the rumor where the Londom Museum cool exhibit came to life). After that we continued managing the board and dealing with 2 horrible monster stacks on gates while gathering clues and spells for that mystery where you got to have all 4 players on special places to complete a ritual. To the final mystery/adventure, we found the location to be in the depths of Russia and gathered supplies from cities to be able to plumb the infinite depths of the Mi-go base (knowing what the other 2nd adventure steps are, I felt this one was pretty easy, especially with St. Sen. Charlie Kane. Of course we were horrified to meet Nyarlathotep himself down there. As we were getting somewhat short on turns (Doom track was fine, but mythos cards were another story), we played it a bit aggressive, giving Charlie the majority of the clues as Leo and the psychic tried to help convince the Crawling Chaos to leave. Well that worked, 3 of 4 successes came with Charlie Kane. Unfortunately Nyarlathotep convinced Leo to come with him (Dark Pact, reckoning with 1-4 being a failure on the dark pact; contract with the Dark Man, I was devoured). As bummed as I was about that, I figured it was sorta funny, and definately a fitting way to go. **************** Otherwise I wish the nasty abductions came into play more often but we managed to roll pretty well. 2 investigators got abducted over the course of the game. I love the final mystery being an adventure. The fact that it takes 2 normal mysteries out of 7, and 4 different adventures for each of the 3 stages means lots of replayability. Cultists not being in the monster pool was a noticable difficulty ramp up (Star Spawn and a Dhole out at the same time).
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