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  1. I haven't played the game yet (just came in the mail!) but I watched a video the other day where a particular hero was revived no less than five times in a single encounter. Isn't this a bit much? Or does it work well in the game? As an Imperial Assault player when my hero is wounded and reaches the max damage a second time my hero is defeated and removed. No reviving. Done. Any fixes for this, or nothing to worry about?
  2. 1mikethebuilder1

    Which lieutenant packs to start with?

    Nice, many thanks. Looks like I'll at least start with Splig as he's also used in the RtL app for the intro game.
  3. Looks like L-packs are back in stock at FFG. Which should I get for the core pack? Thanks
  4. Hi folks, really interested in getting into Descent but I'm also trying to get my wife and the other ladies into the game. Are there any other packs I should start off with for this? Are there enough female characters and storylines to keep the womenfolk into the game? What else should I get besides the core pack to start, or is this enough with consideration for the gaming babes? Thanks
  5. 1mikethebuilder1

    Newb q about flanking

    So to recap, I get a standard melee attack roll without rerolls and my threat is equal to the number of trays on the flanked side. Thanks
  6. 1mikethebuilder1

    Newb q about flanking

    Just to make sure, I can still perform a melee attack against a unit that is flanking me? Do the LOS arcs matter here or do I have to reform first? Thanks
  7. Amen to this! But I don't think you can keep adding fixes to the game forever. X Wing is going to have to compartmentalize itself into wave eras as the game evolves over the years and the movies accumulate. Put me in the Wave 1-5 only era.
  8. Hi folks, is there a FB page that features missions and scenarios for us casual game lovers? I think a page for those who like to break away from the standard game and share their game missions and mods would be a great thing.
  9. 1mikethebuilder1

    Experimental Fleet

    X wing left me in the dust a few waves ago. Getting too darned complex, too many ships, crew, and upgrades.
  10. Anyone else think the TIE Defender looks like a proximity mine?
  11. Just give the x wing barrel roll capability. Makes a big difference in their otherwise lousy mobility.
  12. I just checked out the Shuttle Tydirium fb page, looks like it's what I'm looking for, thanks.
  13. Hi folks, anyone know of an x wing mission and scenario facebook page? It might be a great place to share ideas and creativity about mission building and playing in a more interactive format. Would anyone be interested in that? I was thinking of starting a page but I don't feel qualified.
  14. I couldn't agree more! With so many ships, pilots, and upgrades coming out ceaselessly this game is becoming too complicated to keep track of.