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  1. I plan to use monsters of the Uthuks for Descent. The Obscenes, Flesh Rippers, and Spined Threshers look great on the D board. Ravos would make a great boss fight as well...
  2. I'm working on my own Orc faction but it's going to take some time. Gotta have those orcs!
  3. Does closing in include when the defender is destroyed completely? thanks
  4. Hi folks, I found some fan-made stuff scattered around. I found the Dunwarr Dwarves thread and Saruman the White's expansion packs for the existing factions. Anything else I'm missing? Any orcs yet? Thanks. With the game unsupported us fans have to keep the game going by making up our own stuff.
  5. I play solo using the Automated Overlord. Works great. I think having each side take their turns in completion helps with solo, instead of going back and forth during each turn.
  6. I use the Rune Golems in my Descent games. Very easy to do and they fit perfectly on the board. They make awesome boss fights! I also plan to put the Carrion Lancers on the board in a Waiqar Castle scenario.
  7. Hi folks, can you play this game with 3d miniatures and Mansions tiles, or not feasible? I haven't played the LCG yet because the main problem I have with this game is that it's a card game. I definitely prefer my minis and maps, etc. Can you do both here? Thanks
  8. Any fan-made scenarios for Runebound? Thanks
  9. Hi folks, thinking about getting into the game. Is there a site for downloadable, print and play, fan-made scenarios? Thanks, sorry if this has been asked a thousand times.
  10. This is pretty awesome, I'll have to look into this. Many thanks!
  11. Many thanks. I'm also inclined to agree that one can become more immersed in the story if played solo as you don't have all the distractions with a group. As far as winning goes, I like a game to be difficult but not frustratingly impossible. I figure if I can get one win out of four games, that's a pretty good difficulty level that keeps you coming back for more. I don't mind getting my butt kicked if it makes for a good story and adventure against the Ancient Ones. I'll be giving this game a serious look as well as the new expansion coming out soon. Many thanks to all for the responses.
  12. I've noticed in some reviews that players feel like they're contributing very little in AH3, like they're just watching the game rather than playing it. How true is this? I love EH so if the games are similar I don't think this would be an issue for me.
  13. Hi folks, I love Eldritch Horror (just got into it). What's the difference in Arkham Horror? After watching some playthroughs they seem essentially the same but on different scales. I'm guessing that if I like EH I'll also like AH? Also, how does AH play as a solo game? Thanks, loving this series of games.
  14. In which order should we play against the Ancient Ones? We finally beat Azathoth and have been trying Yog-Shothoth, but he's been totally kicking our butts. Is there an order to do this? thanks
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