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  1. (I'd like to land on it - no attack, just trying to confuse it)
  2. Hey team, let's not let this devolve into a grumpy discussion. I have loved the responses so far!
  3. I mean, I never said I had good ideas!
  4. If we only have 2 I am loathe to use one. Ok - team ideas... What does Soryn do to buy time for Tessrah? I can throw rocks maybe?
  5. Yay the group found this topic (well, at least one did!) and the good news is, Zombie Hordes are a great foil to a tanky Jedi. They hit me twice in the last session and I went splat. Thank the gods for amazing Selonian pilots and swoop bikes, I had resigned myself to being eaten and made into a Zombie (or rather, Geonosian Brain Worm thing). Amazing ideas still rolling in! Giving me more thoughts for future campaigns too. Keep rocking it you awesome people!
  6. Honestly, you get all excited about being away from your Master for a time and then you struggle to act independently. Get it together, Soryn Velk. Show these people how a Jedi is meant to lead. The voice in his head spurs the Pau'an into action. There's no time to dither during a firefight, and people die from inaction. The Vulture Droid continues to rampage, and the lack of ordinance from the AT-TE worries the Padawan. I've no idea how to use the weapons on that contraption, but if I can buy time, perhaps Tessrah or the crew can get it operational again, he think to himself as he peeks over the small amount of cover he has been afforded. "Well, as she always says, use what you have!" he finishes out loud. Sprinting from cover, zigzagging across the open ground, the lanky boy gives himself over to the Force, letting it flow through him; but feels a momentous pull from the Dark Side. Leaping onto the Vulture Droid: 2eF 3 Dark Side Rocketing into the air, Soryn angles himself to land on the Vulture, well out of the way of its guns. He lands with a small thud, the speed at which he was flying stopped suddenly by the cold, hard metal of the droid. "Why, hello there!" he says, directly into its eye.
  7. Sorry, I am here. Just been kinda lost in thought about what to do! Post coming up momentarily. Also just got back from Doctor Strange. Good film! Definitely worth a watch! Ok, I got 3 Dark Side on the Force dice for Enhance to jump onto the Vulture Droid. I don't know what Destiny we have left and don't want to waste them if there's a better option. Initial idea was go for the eyes to distract it while the AT-TE gets off its butt and puts in work. Lemme know what you reckon I could/should do!
  8. So we're going to try and lightsaber the AT-TE free, Tass?
  9. So what do you want to try and do, Tassedar?
  10. I think I can see the problem. Hey, it's your game, but if your GM is giving out crazily-overpowered non-standard artefacts, these are the kind of issues you're going to run into. There are plenty of powerful things in the rules as is, but when you start with double Superior and double Force rating things are going to escalate out of hand quickly. Sure, everyone can do what they want at their own table, but if someone wants to use cheat codes, there's no point then complaining that the game is too easy. That's why I like to use my Heavy Blaster Pistol and Bow, especially in public (what with the whole "Hey, that guy is a Jedi! Someone call the Empire!" and whatnot. But yes, and I need to stress again - I followed the rules for building a standard Vibrosword (note - Jetstream Sam art) and I was given Callandor. And the Lorrdian Gemstone was the same deal - given and not asked for. I just really love my group and don't want to see anyone having a lame time. I already offered to retire Carrus (off to train Ysana and others) or ditch the equipment for sake of not getting that stuff. The other issue is the Bounty Hunter with a Medium Range, 8 damage, Breach laser bow (same GM, gifts again). And the Strike Laser Claws on the Ssi-Ruk that on average belt out 20 damage. Basically I agree that we may have an equipment issue. All stemming from the dude with the largest issue with the difficulty curve on fights Irony and whatnot!
  11. Oh well this changes a few things! That means the Inquisitors we fought also did wrong by the rules. Bugger.
  12. Um, Improved Reflect requires a hit with Threat or Despair. A miss is just a bonus I know. But usually (or at least maybe in my luck's case) when it misses, it misses big, and gets 3+ threats or despairs. Rolling against sometimes 3 red and 3+ black is hard.
  13. I suppose I don't either, but "size matters not", right? Rayak, what if we do a combined Force Move on the gun to aim it at the droid? It's definitely a rule bend, but let me know what you reckon. Soryn can also go soaring with Force Leap, so I could try and attack the optics of the droid directly?
  14. I always have ideas. Not all of them are good however... My two current thoughts were get to the AT-TE and get all leadership on the pilots. Or, in the case of more direct action, use Move to forcefully aim the cannon...
  15. Auto fire is always a terrifying prospect when fighting. Especially because of the long ranges it can be shot from. One of our group auto fires to great effect sometimes and takes out scads of enemies in a turn. The only thing I can hope for on the auto fire rolls is an outright miss so I can reflect the damage back.
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