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    Helix1188 got a reaction from Disteeler in [Survey] Which of these SWRPG rules do you struggle to understand?   
    I've created a one-question survey to try to understand what fellow GMs and players struggle with in the system. We all have to look up rules for a quick refresher from time to time--"What was that vehicle's stat?  What's the table for crafting Cybernetics say again?"--but which of these rules do you often struggle with or fail to understand?
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    Helix1188 got a reaction from OddballE8 in New Book Alert: Allies and Adversaries   
    I can't help but feel like FFG does a very poor job at marketing their RPG books and thus they don't sell anywhere near what D&D, the inferior system, sells. This system has so much that people aren't really aware of. Maybe this new compendium will lower the barrier to entry some by giving people the tools to create stuff without having to own every single sourcebook.
    I feel like this is the way it should have been in the first place. Era books. Sector/Region books. Gear book. Vehicle book. Species book.  It makes way more sense than haphazardly scattering your main content across other books. If WotC does anything right it's their book scheme. I essentially see this compendium as a monster manual kind of book. Or like Volo's guide as it has some new playables. That's a very very good thing.
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