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  1. Thank you for the very detailed response! I later came up with a list that paired a Phantom with a clutch of TIEs. So I'll adapt your shuttle list I think.
  2. Hello all, I am going to my first ever tournament in a few days. It is for charity and I've been reassured its not all too serious. That being said, I want to bring lists that give me a fighting chance. I've only been playing outside of my circle of friends for about a month now. I've come up with these two lists for the tournament. http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/361266/omnicron-flight-#manoeuvres=hide -I'll try to keep the shuttle behind a fighter screen (and close to Howlrunner) and thump away with the heavy cannon. http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/364549/kath-flight-v2 -I hope to get 1 to 2 kills on the first combat phase then dogfight with survivors. Appreciate critiques. To supplement this list I have: 2 core sets 1 Rebel/Imperial Aces 1 Most Wanted 1 Firespray 1 Xwing 1 A-Wing 1 B-wing 1 Falcon 1 TIE 1 TIE Interceptor 1 TIE Advanced 1 TIE Bomber 1 TIE Phantom 1 Lambda Shuttle 1 Star Viper
  3. Hello, I recently got into the game and love it! Searching various sites I've been offered these ships for $170 and was wondering if it would be worth it? Imperial: 4 TIE Fighters (2 core sets) 1 TIE advanced 1 TIE Bomber 1 TIE Defender 1 TIE Phantom 2 TIE Interceptors (Imperial Aces) 1 VT-49 Decimator 1 Lambda Class Shuttle Rebels: 2 X-wings (2 core sets) 2 A-wings 1 B-wing 1 Y-wing Appreciate any help!
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