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  1. So I picked up the game a couple of days ago and tried it out by myself last night (I won too, gotta love Lola), but there's something in the game I'm unsure of and couldn't find verification one way or the other in the rule book, the reference guide or after a look over these forums. My question is this; when I get a stat bonus from an asset (for example, in my solo run last night I had the Private Investigator and Occult Scholar, who gave +1 to Observation and Lore respectively) do I put a +1 token on the stat on my investigator card or do I just remember it from the card in my posession, and do these increases interact with investigators abilities (IE being moved by Lola's ability or triggering Lily's passive effect). I didn't use Lola's ability last night, so it didn't affect my game, and I would like to know. Thanks for reading
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