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  1. One thing I would like to see is for spiritual matters to be available to everyone. More specifically, I hope that spells of the shugenja are not the primary way of handling such matters but rather that spells be an outgrowth of whatever system is created for dealing with spiritual matters. With regard to the scale of Rokugan, while specification of exact distances and population sizes may lead to absurdity, I feel that it may be helpful to give guides to travel times between major cities and rough estimates of population of those cities. Another thing that could be helpful is if a clear relationship between population and area of regions were devised, as that could help authors avoid absurdity.
  2. That was always an amusing implication of that story for me, as it seemed to show the arrogance of the Isawa well. That storyline did annoy me, though. Also, I thought the Isawa were also supposed to have been descended from foreigners, which seemed rather hypocritical. If Meishodo is similar to the previous canon, this storyline also has a reasonable chance of ending with the Phoenix being slightly in the right, which would be good. I certainly prefer this storyline to the previous one, although I'm not confident it will be very important ito the rest of the empire. How recently did the Unicorn return in the new canon, anyway?
  3. While I do like what I see, I am concerned that you are creating the homebrewed edition in an unusual order. Although I understand it may help to create that which holds your interest first, wouldn't it be better to describe skills and the general method of their use and advancement first? That said, I do think the combat style rules are a good innovation. Would you do something similar for other skills? Might the kata also tie into the combat styles?
  4. They could act as spies, pretending to be honourable, concealing their corrupt ways. For them, loss due to dishonour would be along the lines of exposure for who they truly are.
  5. Honestly, regarding shugenja, I have been wondering if it might not be better to reduce the importance of "spells", as they function in the rpg at the moment, to an optional mechanic.
  6. On rebooting the lore of L5R, I feel that the most important part is making sure that it is internally consistent. For instance, some stories I have read seem to indicate that Rokugan is very large, while others (such as many of the stories of courtly intrigue) only make sense to me if Rokugan is small. Making it clear that Rokugan is the size it needs to be for any particular story might work, but some people might find that annoying. I don't have much history with the game, so I don't have any desire to reboot to the Clan Wars. I would approve of a person's honour being controlled by the people around them, but this would be overly complicated if each player had to record how the clans see them. Perhaps the PCs could have a shared honour score that shows how the groups they have come into contact with view them, which would mostly be whether they like or dislike the PCs. Although reducing the number of elements in the mechanics might be good, I would hope that shugenja and spiritual plots exist in the simple part of the game, and that spiritual interaction were handled through skills rather than spells.
  7. I would implement the Spider as the clan of people who sacrifice their spiritual wellbeing to benefit themselves. If this were the case, I can see the other clans not minding them so much, or any less than the Scorpion, because they don't see the Spider's folly as a danger to themselves. Obviously, contagious taint means that this would often be a foolish idea, so if the Spider were implemented like this, taint could not be contagious or the Spider would only be defiled in other ways. There should be more ways to be defiled than just the taint or the Lying Darkness. Some people might be suspicious of the Spider due to a fear that they want to take over Rokugan, but I wouldn't have most of the Spider actually wanting to take over Rokugan any more than the other clans.
  8. I like the system you presented, Karasu. Perhaps instead of finding out if a person is honourable or dishonourable, you could learn if they would make an excellent samurai, a good samurai or a bad samurai, in your opinion of course. Honour might not be subjective, but whether or not someone is a good samurai is subjective. There are also advantages to pursuing all tenets, and maybe you could also include an extra tenet to clan and school tenets. ie a Crane would value Rei, Gi, Makoto and one extra, while a Courtier would value Jisei, Rei, Makoto and one extra. So an Doji Courtier might value Rei, Gi, Makoto and Jin due to their clan and Jisei, Rei, Makoto and Chugo due to their school. The sum of favoured school tenets would need to be increased, of course. Does "Hostile social rolls targetting you require an extra raise" mean social rolls like intimidation or if someone is gossiping about you? The Spider being opposed to Chugo seems odd. Wouldn't -Meyo- be a better fit?
  9. This is quite interesting, and also good. I like how five courtiers could defeat 500 in court battle, although I find it interesting that winning a court battle often results in less political opportunities than losing, but maybe not all opportunities are advantageous.
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