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  1. This is pretty much the original idea from Robin Reeve! I really liked that idea but could not resist to add other interesting cards to the deck! After 4 games we really like the Movement Deck
  2. Version 1.2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00SQrANzEqVME52MS1KRndCS28/view?usp=sharing Bludgeon thanks for the help!
  3. Updated the PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00SQrANzEqVR3MwN1ZzZXVqbDg/view?usp=sharing Caravan, Hills, Woods, Plains, Fields updated Added: Time Activation cards, Chapel and Graveyard cards
  4. Yeah...another idea: Woods: Move to the nearest woods OR if you are on one you can move to any woods Could be the same to the others
  5. My suggestion then: make an universal rule that decides which mode is used on a card and apply it to all cards. Instead of logic that makes sense only to you (no offense) you will have cards that are easier to remember and quicker to use. No offense taken I see what you mean and until I come up with that universal rule for that four cards I will leave them as it is now.
  6. Good catch on the Caravan thank you! Prequisites are abstract but there is some "logic" in it (for me at least ) Forest: gain Craft, Craigs: gain Str, so I tought woods and hills could be around that analogy too Neutral people goes to the fields making a living and being peaceful Evil and Good characters goin to the plains to battle each other something like this...but as always I am open to suggestions
  7. Yes please! Btw just finished up the deck...going to print it out Here is the PDF if interested: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B00SQrANzEqVUHB2Ny1PRXFzb0k
  8. Cornern space sounds better you are right, thanks! Other cards will come :-) Reaper, Dragon, Harbinger and Werewolf cards (lets call them Activation cards) missing description because this way you can use houserules on them withouth confusion (for example we use the dragon expansion but we put scale token oon the board on a roll of 6 for movement instead through the crowning process)
  9. Thanks for the feedback!Every time you use this deck for normal move (but if you want to use your steed you roll 2d6 instead of drawing from the Movement deck) There would be only 1 deck (and you shuffle it back if you runs out of it) Reeves idea was that "you still have randomness, but some predictabilty (more the draw pile is growing small, more you can estimate the number you can draw)" There would be multiple sets of move 1,2,3,4,5,6 in it. Lets say 4 set of "d6" means 24 cards with only numbers on it then add 4 reaper, 4 werewolf cards (if you play them) then add 1 of each special movement cards or something like that Need more ideas and some testing of course
  10. Made some cards to test the variant. You can find it at bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/image/2829665/gazgoblin
  11. Interesting idea and you can use the terrain deck from Firelands and/or Harbinger if you just wanna make some kind of "teleport deck"
  12. I like the idea Robin REEVE mentioned in another thread! https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1486049/no-roll-and-move-variant His idea was: "use six cards, numbered from 1 to 6. You draw one randomly in the place of a die roll, then discard it. Effects on that number are identical to those of an actual die roll (e.g. a "1" triggers the Reaper). You reshuffle the discard deck when the draw pile is empty. So you still have randomness, but some predictabilty (more the draw pile is growing small, more you can estimate the number you can draw)" I tought about it and came up with a bunch of other ideas for this "roll deck" and made one to use it instead to the Movement roll. At the setup you shuffle the deck and make it available to every player. If a player has to roll for normal movement in his turn, then he draws 1 card from the movement deck instead (but if he uses for e.g. Steed he rolls 2d6) The deck is full of interesting takes on movements (like caravans, go to locations, use fate token to go up to 6 spaces etc.) You can even put in cards to this movement deck like: -Activate the Reaper, werewolf etc. (then draw another movement card) -Put a Dragon token to your space then draw another card The right mix of this movement deck is up to you (and the numbers of expansions you wanna activate through this deck) But for start I would print out the Movement deck and shuffle the first 36 movement cards then add 6 reaper card to the deck here is the printable version (ver.1.2) of the cards for the Movement Deck (in PDF format) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00SQrANzEqVME52MS1KRndCS28/view?usp=sharing
  13. Our house rules: 1. Exploding dice in combat: if you roll a six and the outcome is not a win or a stand-off then you can fight for your life with the exploding dice rule (means you can add another dice to your attack every time you roll a six) This is true to the creatures aswell. 2. Instead of paying 7 everytime to upgrade, we pay x+1 where x is the current value of the stat you wanna raise. 3. If someone defeats the Sentinel then other players do not have to do it again. If someone pick or shatters the lock on the door to the inner region the other players do not have to do it again.
  14. That will be the next project!
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