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  1. Thank you. A few hours of a time not so free as I would like it.
  2. And the template and the maneuver dial. I'm working in the specific upgrade cards, but these will arrive later.
  3. I also will show you the reference card for the new action in the mid section of the Lancer.
  4. OK! My fault! I answer myself. I have seen now that there ir a limit of 500KB to total attachments and I'm in the 97%... Hmmm... We'll se how to solve this problem.
  5. I've found a problem. Does anyone knows why is there a limit (0,01 MB) to the total size of attached files? This is what appears in mi reply and I can nor attach good pictures in this topic neither attach bigger ones in a new topic. Yesterday, I hadn't this problem with the first card. Thanks.
  6. Great! "THAT" TIE fighter game? Oh, my! That was a good game with a great story to it (and I still play with it from time to time). The "Rebels" TV show destroyed all the good story about the TIE Defender and the rest. I always have asked myself why Timothy Zahn was not given the task of make two or three novels from the game. Two Grand Admirals, and Vader, the Emperor and the rebels in the middle! I would like to see this battle of yours! Congratulations!
  7. But this is only the first step and I think it should be better to start a new post with the cards for the Lancer. Look for it.
  8. Well, here they are, the cards! I start with the fore section, of course.
  9. Yes, Weisguy119 and LTuser are both right. It's from Mel's Miniatures, but it was too expensive. I bought the pair because I put a big order and then I got the shipping costs out of my way. But I think the option suggested by Weisguy119 is usually better, if you can find them. On the other hand, I'm not sure that a stand for huge ships gets along with the VCX-100, which is the only large ship -until now- using a specific stand.
  10. Sure! I would love it too if I hadn't one with me already; but honestly, I'm not prepared and I haven't got nor enough time neither a money interest to make a business of this hobby. Sorry, folks. But I want to thank you for your appraisals.
  11. Thank you! I'm working on the cards: three sections with a 70-60-60 squadron points. Do you refer to produce the cards or to produce the Lancers in "my own Kuat Drive Yards"?
  12. Oh! I will do it, indeed! But first I must complete my design and painting work on the Star Galleon frigate and the Carrack cruiser. Then, I think I will take the pics of my complete Imperial fleet.
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