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  1. Hello everyone! Can someone explaine me one thing: Can i crit for 2 Opp via Strike action, if oponent soak all damage with his armor? Does my strike action count succesfull? For example, i hit (2 success - for hit and 2 opportunity for crit) with my katana enemy in laquired armor (4 damage vs 4 physical protection). Thanks.
  2. It is the same as in the Core book and 'enemy ......' supliments , so you don't need to make some tables or so on
  3. Cool version in the Core Book style https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4nlhxl_qheNM2ZDYUVRWEpKLU0/view?usp=sharing
  4. Thanks . Yes, of course, max ag rule affects on AgB
  5. Well for first sight it can be better, but read carefuly first-aid and extended care. Do you see that there are no penalty for being heavy or critical wounded in extended care? So that is the difference... if it is not enough, well, you can forbid make first-aid tests for character , who already had been helped with firts-aid untill he will recover to light wounded. That's my thought for example.....
  6. Hello guys! I had an idea to create one hole file with all my homerules, which i always use in my game mastery... So it is! Hope you will find something interesting or useful there. I would be glad to descuss and asnwer any questions or listen any suggestions about it... Or maybe you can come across with yours same batches and ideas! Enjoy and let the light of the Emperor will be with you! The link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4nlhxl_qheNdmJJVVFNdWgzeGM/view?usp=sharing
  7. Inquisition have dozens of Ordoses, not everybody working with major ones. You can work in Inquisition for years and never meet any daemons, witches or xenos. Yes, you are right, but it doesn't mean that you need to write rules for all. Usually Inquisitors are in one of three major Ordoses, and yes, i know that you can never meet xenos, while youare in Ordo Xenos, but commonly, this rule works
  8. I see two common ways to resolve your question: 1) What about simple Influence check? Give them some + or - modeficators (+30 or more, trying to bribe common manufacture worker, and -30 or more to bribe hgh born and so on.) If anybody fails this check, person don't want to take your bribe, and with bad rolls , he maybe will make some gossips about strange persons who offer a nice amount of cash (make them lose some points of subtlety) 2) Just burn a few points of Influence, like you have called reinforcement character, simple and easy way, but it depends how often you reward players with Influence. Next you can write some table with InflBonus and definition , like: InfB=1 - you have very small amounts of currency and ties, can bribe only scums in Underhive. InflB=5 - High prosperety, you can call yourself wealthy, character dont need to make checks for transportation with av of scarce and can bribe not to much wealty high borns and trade magnats. I hope , I could help.
  9. Hi guys, check my ideas about "Interrogator" elite advance ( i will be very pleased with any comments and suggestions): Elite advance: Interrogator Experience Cost: 500 xp Prerequisites: *) Influence: 50 *) Inquisitor blessing (up to GM) Instant Changes: Gains the Peer (Ordo Malleus \ Hereticus \ Xenos) talent, the Forbidden Lore (Daemonology \ Heresy \ Xenos) skill, and one free Aptitude (a lore is matched with appropriate Ordos, so if you pick Malleus , the lore is Daemonology. One free aptitude is a serious benefit, but Interrogator is a person who must be finesse and flexible.I don't think that it will breake game balance and every player would pick this elite advance, furthermore it is up to GM to allow this and don't forget about high Influence rift) Servant of the Inquisitor: acolyte gain access to the Inquisitor influence (page 270) (I find it logical, if you are not one of the cloasest inquisitor's acolytes , how can you act, using his name and influence?) Investigator Talents: The following talents are available only to characters with the Interrogator elite advance, and are purchased in the same manner as other talents (see page 81) (ofcourse, there are not all talents, which can be placed here, but i think it is enough to understand main path of Interrogator - a way to be an inquisitor. But at the same time you don't have to pick these talants, if you don't want, for example if you are battle focused interrogator) Strong Ties Tier: 3 Prerequisite: Clues from the Crowds, Cover-Up Aptitudes: Fellowship, Social The alolyte becomes an expert in establishment durabel working contacts and recruting loyal agents in the name of the Emperor. Any time a character would increase his Influence, he increases it by 1 more (Strong Ties is analogue of Breeding Counts, helps heroes to acomulate enough influence for becoming Inquisitor) His Right Hand Tier: 2 Prerequisite: Fellowship 45 Aptitudes: Fellowship, Leadership Often Interrogator becomes a leader of a cell and takes reasponsebility of compliting tasks. Many of them train their acolytes to be a coordinated group of professionals, where every one knows his place. One time per game session, Interrogator can share one of his skills to other players characters, they count as they have this skill at Rank 1 (Known), if player character already has this skill, it increases for one step, but not higher then Interrogator's level, for the rest of game session. (many players complain about no talants for Leadership aptitude, i find this talant pretty cool, after all it allows any character to helps you) Purity Is The Only Defense Tier: 2 Prerequisite: Willpower 40, Deny the Witch Aptitudes: Willpower, Defence To be an Inquisitor is to have a rare insight into the very soul of the Emperor. This affects men in different ways, sometimes affirming their faith and sometimes shattering it. Those who stay true to the path of the Emperor, however, have a powerful shield against the darkness of the warp and the insidious whispers of its inhabitants. From now on, the Interrogator reduces all Corruption Points he gains by half (rounding up). Escaped From Death Tier: 3 Prerequisite: burn fate point for saving from death Aptitudes: General Emperor's watchfull eye looks after character life, Emperor's protection save him from death one, and maybe do it again in the future. Who knows? Only fate. When this talent is acquired, the character recovers his burning fate point - it increases character's Fate Threshold by one. (last two directed for safety play. Ussualy you have much Corraption points and alredy burn one (or maybe more) fate point, so they helps you to continue play with this character for much longer time)
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