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  1. Animated space-ships! They look so fresh and pristine, I've never seen anything like them. Vykes had it right, there is such a strong Robotech vibe going on here. Love. It. Edit: Drooling so bad over that Home One, sorry!
  2. Oooh I really like that red glow VSD, verra nahce.
  3. CaribbeanNinja has it right, the timing is pretty rough. Turn three token-back means to make maximum use of his ability you need to force a pretty heavy engagement by turn two. Fleet Ambush could be a good strategic use of Tagge, force some early exchanges with partial elements of the enemy fleet. Minimise your risks and maximise your defenses. I've had a game where I was buying heavy fire from an 'ambushed' Assault Frigate on turn one, I was using Screed at the time and I was comfortable spending my tokens because the AF was alone and oriented for a hasty retreat after the sucker-punch - but Tagge could have been very nice there. Tagge might be nice for soaking up Opening Salvo dice while the enemy still has to weather the payback. I cant see much Tagge could specialise in with the Nav objectives though. The Rebel Alliance is too well equipped, they're more dangerous than you realise...
  4. He seems to work best against fast heavy-hitters like Assault Frigates, Liberties and Salvation, the ones most likely to throw the biggest and hardest punches in one go. Less so against the nickel-and-dime attack pattern of fighters and TRC90s. You can feel safe dropping your Brace if you need to. I think he's good for flotillas too, getting that Scatter back is quite a bonus for a support ship/activation dummy. Doesn't mean you're free to make foolhardy decisions though Edit: He would be useful if your opponent likes to drive Intel Officers
  5. You hit the nail on the head there. That's exactly what it is, "greed." You get greedy for that kill, or something tasty comes along and distracts you with something else to chase. I bombed my last game by getting greedy chasing Shara Bey with Zertik Strom. I sent in a spare TIE Bomber for Strom to 'vampirize' as reroll fuel when all I had to do with sit pretty with him and Brace everything Shara had to offer for three more turns and deploy the Bomber offensively against weakened GR75s - easy. But no, I got greedy, got to suffer three 3 dice blue attacks from Shara per round instead of one, and lost the Bomber AND Zertik to some rotten, fickle red dice rolls. Lost the match by handing my opponent 24 points all for the want of downing his 17pt ace. I could have finished smashing up a damaged 18pt GR-75 instead. Despite what Michael Douglas says, greed is not good, people!
  6. Me too! Gawd that game was good. I started as oni back in the deep dark days when the internet was forming, and I choose 9 when I need a random number. 0-9, tadah.
  7. Those highlights on the extreme edges really are the cherry-on-top, looking good Zach. Maybe you better go paint an ISD
  8. Thank you for this article, I'll be repeating it in my head next game. I at least can pick (not PICK) the exact moment it all goes wrong - usually the moment I finish moving that one squadron or slot the maneuver tool in. I can tell you the exact three moments that nailed the coffin lid shut last game, small things too. I see it seconds too late, I'll pause for longer next time.
  9. Ah, he's innocent, that one is entirely on me, thinking too hard with outdated equipment. I'll aim for second player and see what comes up, objective-wise. Precision strike is my guess. I suspect he'll be flying formation this time, so maybe I can be a little clever with my obstacles to force him in close or make him pull that frigate away. Forcing it in close would be nice, pin it between some asteroids and my angry triangle. Thanks for the advice
  10. My friend and I have been playing small games to try and improve our basic skills and basic control rather than rely on sheer brute force to cover up our shabby piloting. He’s new to the game, and I’m just plain terrible. We are playing 225pts, only small/medium ships and the early squadrons (first fighter packs, so x's, y's etc) and aces (with CC aces also). We each made a few lists and I let him pick the match-up as I’ve played a little more. I normally play squadron-focused rebel lists, so making Imperials work for me has not been a strong suite. The lists are set, so I can’t make any modifications to it. His List Opening Salvo Planetary Ion Cannon Minefields AFIIB Mon Mothma Gallant Haven Redundant Shields Pelta Assault Raymus Antilles Engineering Team Set Shields to Maximum Tycho Celchu Shara Bey My List Precision Strike Fighter Ambush Dangerous Territory Victory II General Tagge Tua ECM Phylon Q7s XI7s Gozanti Cruisers Bomber Command Center Major Rhymer TIE Bombers x2 Soontir Fel Tie Interceptors x1 Firstly I didn’t take an Initiative bid this time, so we’ll be taking the coin toss. I’m not sure whether to take first or second if it goes my way. It's two activations each so it's a bit *shrug* None of my objectives will favour his fleet. He only has two fighters for the ambush, and he nearly totaled his ships on asteroids last game (I swear he drove his GR-75s into every obstacle in their path. He did more damage to his fleet than I did.) I’d expect Precision Strike, which works just fine for my mini-Rhymerball and Red-Blue dice Victory II. Out of his I guess Minefields would be best as he’ll be trying to circle with his ships at high speed where maneuvering is not so good (see asteroid example previously), and if I roll from the side I can place mines and asteroids to herd his ships in or out of my VSD’s range. I think could comfortably tank some Opening Salvos and get my Brace token back with Tagge. I won’t be flying around the field in my VSD too much to be threatened by more than one Ion Cannon shot. With only one capital ship, a VSD no less, I’m in danger of being flanked. Would rolling in from a corner and forcing his kiting Assault Frigate to overshoot work? If he comes close he’ll eat a big shot of reds and blues, so I’m expecting a long range engagement, he’s a cautious player. If he’s driving slow to protect that Pelta, I can get a good few rounds of full firepower in, and with ECM I can keep my defence tokens effective and spend them fairly readily. I was thinking about using the Gozantis as a tempting target. Shoot my VSD, OR my scatter flotilla, again free defense token back so I'm not scared to use it. Overcoming the 2 shields per turn will be tricky. I don’t expect to get many shots against the Pelta without the frigate interfering, which is good in a way, I can force him to obstruct himself by using the Phylons on whatever ship needs to be slowed. I know his Pelta is most likely going to be spamming Engineering, so it will be less dangerous to me and more susceptible to tractor beams. As for the fighters, against Mon Mothma, the main advantage of the Rymerball is nullified by being able to Evade at medium range, but by the same logic I can force him to spend them early before having the Victory lay in. Shara Bey can be dealt with, but Tycho is going to be a problem with his slippery nature. Shara can tie down my interceptors while Tycho goes after the bombers at will. I always seem to come down with a case of A-wing poisoning whenever I play. How should I tackle that situation? Keep the fighters close to the VSD and combine its anti-squadron with Fel’s counter/auto-damage? I think he went big ships and aces rather than fighters because he met a Raider I with OEs and Impetuous last game and it chewed his fighters to bits. I think that's why he took Gallant Haven. If he stays next to the ship to make use of it, all the better for me, and if he comes out of the umbrella, it’s wasted points. So how should I play this? I’m a bit spoiled for choice here.
  11. Thank you Vykes, I didn't expect you to reveal the secret recipe, eleven herbs and spices and all! Wet transitioning with the two washes is a clever idea, I tip my hat to you, those panels have lovely shading. It makes the Pelta look like a much larger model than it is, it really pops.
  12. As in, drop your Gladiator II's two blue anti-squad down to blacks for example?
  13. I had a similar idea to use the Interdictor to help drag enemy ships in front of a Victory I and keep them there. Ships rolling at speed 1 could stay in a VSD's front arc for a turn or three with JJrod in charge. I thought an overload pulse on the Interdictor just prior to the VSD might be nice with all it's blue dice. Maybe add a Raider I as a clean-up crew and anti-fighter? If you imagine a ship that gets hit by the Interdictor, then the VSD, with the Raider to finish over a few turns, could be nice. You'd only get a simple screening fighter group into that list though, Interdictors hit the wallet hard. Just theory, probably has a lot of holes in it.
  14. Advanced Gunnery as second player can do this for free if you're willing to take a gamble on your opponent picking it from your Objectives. I was lucky to put it on a Raider I Impetuous with Ordinance Experts. It was terrifying to behold, Rebel bombers attack at range 1 after all. But yes, a Weapons Team like this would be nice, though I'd want it to be Gunnery Teams expensive, otherwise it would invalidate Ruthless Strategists which requires a bit of tactical movement and sacrifice to pull off. It would be murder for Tie Fighters and Interceptors.
  15. This is beyond fantastic! pasewi has it right. Way over the top in the best way. I love 'just because' undertakings. Can't wait to see it done!
  16. Stunning work. My favourite Armada repaints so far. The Gorgon is absolutely beautiful Vykes. I had it in mind to paint my Rebels in a similar tone to K2-S0, like Gorgon but with a fine yellow trim rather than red. I've finally got off my backside to do it now, and it's your fault If you're willing to share your secret... Did you a dark grey as your main colour with a slight metallic highlight or scratch/weathering effect or is she mainly a gunmetal-ish colour base?
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