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  1. Personal challenge. Yes, you could probably rack up an awesome win/loss ratio with ST, but wins without challenges are pretty meaningless.
  2. Pretty sure I saw that in the remastered blu ray special ultimate edition.
  3. I'm going to guess the only things that are considered "conditions" are the ones with cards that persist turn to turn (See Conditions and Keywords in the RRG)
  4. In a campaign I actually once deliberately shot a hired gun to get a shot off at the heroes (the hired gun had been force pushed and was in an incredibly inconvenient position for me). I'm actually considering picking up a second set for my next campaign. you made an illegal move you cannot shoot friendly figures Anybody else hear this in the Dwight Schrute voice? From the Office?
  5. Your paint work is great, but I dont understand why so many of the same guy?
  6. I would push you toward Mice and Mystics. IA is a competitive game, and as the imperial player it would be your one singular purpose for playing to wipe out the other players. As the other posters have mentioned, IA is entirely combat with narrative bookends. If your looking for a game with a deep story, look elsewhere. If you're looking for an actual role playing game, I would recommend an actual role playing game, as this allows no character creation options, and no narrative choices other than "Who am I shooting next."
  7. Like some Orville Redenbacher abomination?Worst...Norm MacDonald will reprise the role as Princess Leia Cinnabon Roll Hair the first half followed by Jim Gaffigan in Leia Slave Outfit in act II.~D Is it bad that I would watch the hell out of a movie like that? MacDonald and Gaffigan are hilarious.
  8. First campaign I recommend Military Might. Its fun, and powerful in a very straightforward way.
  9. Ellen Ripley in Alien is a great example of a great woman character. She didn't ever go toe-toe with the Xenomorph. She stayed alive through wits and courage, but she never fought it, and she saved her cat. Wits, courage, and skill with a cargo loader (which was one of her areas of experience). I *really liked that they played up the "Let go of her you B****!" alpha female duel with the queen. She was scared the entire movie, untill the bug came after Newt... then the gloves came off! I liked that Ripley was good at being Ripley, because she was Ripley, and not trying to be one of the space Marines.Amazing woman character that was *very much not "one of the guys"
  10. Yes! Post them Tomkat, that would be awesome!
  11. But when forced to make do with the stuff they find, its hit or miss. That makes sense, thanks everybody.
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