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  1. Hi to all Sorry if its been covered before E-raptor does a brilliant holder for all your EH character card , tokens ,chits & cards . Its clear Perspex , 2 layers deep, your character card slides between and your chits & cards have their proper place so if you somewhat clumsy like me it should stop the endless hunt for dropped pieces. I'm U.K. based and got all 8 for £6.99 each at GAME QUEST Hope this is useful?? DOT
  2. Hi to all A handy tip for FOD fans, what I do with all my thin card sheets ,character sheets etc is to laminate them to protect from grubby paw prints and extend their life. What comes in handy with FOD mini map is to use a non permanent marker pen to plot my trip round Europe . At the end of the game it's fun to show the hunters how close or how far off the trail they were, and its cheaper than photocopying the map Hope this is useful DOT
  3. Hi Wario I'm not much of a wizz with links, but on B&Q's website it comes under "20 compartment shallow organiser" I assume you are U.K. based if not, the near identical version is sold under the "STANLEY" brand and made by the "ZAG" company , but you are paying for name and slightly better quality Hope this is some help DOT
  4. Hi All The only box I've kept is the core set box , in that I keep all the boards from all the expansions ,rules, character cards & ancient ones cards (I laminate all my thick paper parts) and 4 Raako type drawers ( I used K7e9 's brilliant idea about sub dividing condition cards , spell cards & unique asset cards) For all my card decks I was lucky to stubble onto a screw organiser from B&Q (I live in the U.K.) 20 compartments - big ones for large cards , medium size for mini decks and small size for tokens etc. the compartments are removable so they can be placed around the board without the fear of a knocked table causing an avalanche of sleeved cards. I got 3 organisers for all my cards and tokens good price £8 each DOT
  5. Hi back again Finally got it , I've been playing Mansions of Madness on and off for a while and in that if you mix wrong cards together it really screws it up. That's where I've got the mind set from EH is a more robust and can handle mixing decks without creating havoc Many Thanks & Apologies DOT
  6. If you do have a criteria to choose a specific Unique Asset Deck, then how do you tell them apart? Unique Assets have no expansion symbols on the front side and some cards have copies in both decks. As you say there are copies in some decks, and as the golden rule of 2 sided cards is don't look on the back until allowed to, why isn't the expansion symbol on the top? is this a design flaw? With a mixed deck the expansion icon uppermost on each card would be easier to find expansion specific cards Many Thanks Dot
  7. Hi back again:) Its starting to gel!! In my defence if the sentence "shuffle all unique assets etc. " wasn't there I would have combined all the unique asset decks together any way, I'd have just done the same as the rest of the decks by adding the new decks to the core decks.(hope I've done that right?!) As an aside, not that it matters now. What I should have said about ending up with separate unique asset decks I forgot to add that you return the other decks to your box and only use the expansion deck you need so having no expansion symbol on the top face wouldn't cause a problem Many Thanks DOT
  8. O.K. This is how I understand the "using this expansion" on pg.2 of the expansion rule book, You start off with the core set and when you buy an expansion you do the following- you add all the cards to their respective decks except those listed in the expansion, which in every expansion includes the unique asset deck. So you don't mix unique asset decks together, so you end up with separate decks from each expansion, and only use the deck appropriate to the expansion that you are playing. So, how I read the expansion rules, you only use the expansion unique asset cards and not mix them all together. If unique asset cards WERE DESIGNED to be mixed together then they wouldn't be in the list of exceptions. The reason I say the word "all" is misleading is that it gives the impression that you mix "all" the unique asset decks together , depending on how many expansions you have, and not how the actual rules state. DOT
  9. But on pg. 2 of the expansion rules "using this expansion" "add all expansion components to their respective decks or pools EXCEPT for the components described below..." "Shuffle all unique assets to create the unique asset deck" IMHO I think the word "ALL" is misleading in the above sentence and should be removed as it contradicts the main expansion components rules DOT
  10. Hi to All I'm assuming that Ally , Item & Character cards in a unique asset decks have identical text on both sides is that they can be mixed in with 2- sided unique asset cards ? Otherwise FFG would have to create artwork for the back of the card and create another deck? Sorry if this has been covered before DOT
  11. Hello to All Very first post,so apologies' if this has been covered before- On pg 6 skirmish rules "duplicate restriction" No problem with multiple cards in a players deck, but which player has first "dibs" on the juicy cards? IMHO A easy way round this is to slightly alter the set up. Choose 40 pts deployment cards each determine initiative Then player with initiative has fist "dibs" on the command cards It gives the players an option Do you have a smaller points force and hope you get initiative and therefore get the pick of the deck Or except a bigger force with possible weaker command cards Sorry if I've got the wrong end of the light saber or this has been covered before Thanks DOT
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