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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Nytwyng in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    So...my GM just messaged me from Celebration that he picked up both Rise of the Separatists and Allies and Adversaries.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to doktor grym in Fear Checks seem a little broken   
    Also don't forget about adding in boost or setback dice for assorted conditions. 
    Obviously there are a bunch of ways boost dice come into play, talents, meds or illicit drugs. Having someone in communication with you to provide guidance and support. 
    Here are some things i do with the Setback dice.
    So for the sake of this example; PC has seen something big and nasty in open, it sees him, fear for his life difficulty hard. 
    So now, how about pitch black cavern. PC can hear critter, but can't see it currently, but had seen it grab its current meal when they lit a flare; 2 setback. And there is the horrible smell of death and the sound of the previous victim being eaten. Perhaps 2 more setback. But, the PC has made a successful xenology check to know that if he can coat himself in its excrement he can hopefully hide from it. 1 boost
    Now, another sample. Being surprised by a couple of Stormtroopers, Easy...but, the PC only recently arrived on planet and has never been to Mos Eisley, doesn't know the streets, doesn't have a map, let alone know which areas of town are safe. The PC also knows that they are wanted by imperial forces for backing up the refresher system on the partially complete death star II just a few days before Vader was set to arrive. Darn Imperial burritos. So 1 setback for each of those. He also knows running back to the ship would put it and his fellow PCs in jeopardy. Panic sets in. He would of tried to scramble up onto the nearby rooftops, but lacks Athletics and probably fall. He also notes hearing nearby doors lock as one of the Stormtroopers shouts, "You, you're wanted for questioning by the ISB! Don't move!" So most likely I'd add another setback for the intimidation "you can't run" factor. There may even be an additional setback die for the scorching oppressive heat. 
    Now its only two Stormtroopers and on any other day, it wouldn't be even a little scary in his hometown. And not being wanted for a crime the wookie actually did, they wouldn't even look his way. The ship also has a legitimate record permit on the home planet, so no threat of impoundment. Only the Wookie would draw attention, but they have solid forged papers for her on the groups home planet. No roll needed. If it did happen, the above setback reasons reversed in this paragraph would be boost dice.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Darzil in Fear Checks seem a little broken   
    That shot of adrenaline and the fear response can be positive in real life too!
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to BadMotivator in Fear Checks seem a little broken   
    The GM can simply up the difficulty of fear checks to make it more reasonable.
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    Corrected. Thank You. 
    ROFL...I just realized we're both using the same Avatar.
    ...and now I want to do a story/adventure where its a bunch of Gand on an "Adventure" that strains their natural politeness to its limits...8D 
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    That's going to put a wrench in your averages.
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    Alas, I am overcome. I should have known better than trying to slip that one by a mind as sharp as yours. Truly, this was my Waterloo, my Teutoburger Wald, my Gaugamela!
    I will try to take some small comfort in having been a whetstone upon which your edge is honed. The only mercy I ask is to fall upon my sword in your presence.
    And to the rest of the thread, if I might beg your assistance in a small technical matter. Does anyone know how to switch off the 4th light?

    @Stan Fresh
    Quoth the Psyber-Raven, "Eversor"
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    No, a single megasecond is just over 11.5 days.  8 megaseconds is over 3 months.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Yaccarus in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    Oh yeah, you’ve got units to measure feelings? Well we have the Schmidt Pain Index! Do you have a metric unit for measuring pain of an insect sting? And also the Waffle House Index, which is also of US origin. Again, do you folks have a metric unit for measuring how bad a disaster is?
    But if you’re so insistent on metric then tell you what: I think RotS will be out in about 8 megaseconds.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to penpenpen in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    Hah! That only proves you've never measured anything sufficiently sophisticated, like the laughter of children, the smell after rain or the longing after a loved one who has taken a short but unexpected trip to a country with an unfavorable exchange rate while you are left at home to tend the water lillies in the pond, despite them reminding you of your mother.
    I'm sorry if the last example seems a bit convoluted. It's a failing of the english language, I'm afraid. In swedish we just use the word "näckrosdammskötselsväxelkursälsklingsresesaknadslängtan" . I can't recall the french word for it, but I'm pretty sure there's at least three in german to also define your feelings about every person being fundamentally isolated by the fact that they alone can experience their own feelings first hand.
    Naturally, such things can only be measured in metric.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Yaccarus in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    The only drawback that I have ever had when using Imperial measurement are the snobby Europeans who complain about it. 
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Khalessa Vayne in Starter Mandalorian Armor   
    I am not sure about FFG but if this were Saga Edition, I would rule that the hero goes through a process similar to what a Jedi would for constructing a lightsaber.
    It basically doesn't allow you to build one until 7th level, keeping in spirit with the system and relevant game lore. It paces well with advancement from padawan, ties in with prestige levels and encompasses a process, collecting components and learning to combine the elements to craft their own unique weapon.
    Who says a Super Commando can't use the same method to craft his armor? Starting with the Combat Jumpsuit, have them collect the components as they advance to the prestige level option for soldier, Elite Trooper and upon reaching it, allow them combine the components to make their own Beskargem. Include the acquisition of the unique Mandalorian weapon systems to compliment their own custom battle suit. Finding someone to craft Beskar alloy might be a mission all on it's own.
    This way, they earn the armor and have a wonderful character arc endemic to the Star Wars setting. It might even be their destiny....

    Each regular mission has a moment (mini-quest) where they acquire a new component or two.
    Hero already has a combat jumpsuit and inherits fallen father's helmet and perhaps a starter weapon like a family Vibroblade. (Already a revenge hook)
    Hero uncovers his Unknown Mandalorian history and discovers more as the restore the helmet. (Step One sees them find a Republic-Made sensor boom for the helmet from an old Clone Wars-Era Phase II ARC Trooper helmet)
    Hero meets a contact who tells tales of some Mandalorian salvage. They would have taken it but the area seems too rough for them but maybe not for a determined hero. (Step Two sees the addition of Beskar Alloy and some required components to build weapon gauntlets or an ancient Lanvarok...)
    Hero gets rewarded for mission with a Jetpack and leads to more lost technology. (Not everything need be a mission. Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time....)
    Hero has dealt with minor information brokers who tell tales of the (insert enemy here) who killed their father/mother. Heavy firepower is needed to take them out. (Step Four completes the weapon suite for the suit and the basic "Super Commando" loadout for the hero.)
    Hero ready to combine the elements but lack a facility or craftsman/droid to complete it. (Step Five obtains that which is missing and prepares to set all in motion.)
    Hero finally gets solid intel on the (insert enemy here) who killed their parent(s) and they must work their way up the food chain to confront this nemesis. (Step Six has the armor ready for deployment and only lacks a target to bring the climax to the forefront.)
    Hero faces the villain with full suit of armor and Elite Trooper status to face them down with, completing their story arc/destiny and rewarding them with a unique and well-earned suit of armor and a set of skills/feats to maximize its potential. Equal to any Jedi.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to penpenpen in Starter Mandalorian Armor   
    Personally, I like the idea of mandalorian heavy clothing.

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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Tramp Graphics in Starter Mandalorian Armor   
    That's not entirely true. Mandalorian Armor, aside from what it's typically made of, has a very particular "signature" look, particularly with the helmet and it's characteristic "T"-shaped visor. 
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Starter Mandalorian Armor   
    If you're referring to Sabine's stats in Dawn of Rebellion, that's likely her kit as of Season 3, where she'd noticeably upgraded her armor.
    Also, Mando armor is pretty potent (especially with the amount of hard points it has), so just handing out something like that to a starting XP character is giving them one heck of a leg up compared to the other PCs.  It's akin to handing a starting XP character a light repeating blaster for free "just because."
    For starting Mando armor, the PC can simply just purchase a Padded Vest and say "yeah, this is a set of Mando armor, but it's not a full set just yet."  And at a later point, the PC can employ the armor crafting rules to reforge the armor into something better, truly making the armor "theirs."
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Eoen in Starter Mandalorian Armor   
    Sabine’s armor is soak 2, defense 1, vacuum sealed, some other stuff.  It likely is beskar, she says it’s 500 years old and she reforged it with her family.  Her Dad at one point says a Mandalorians armor is what makes them Mandolorian it’s part of their identity.  The super weapon she created attacked the alloy in Mando armor and not the Imperial armor.
    I don’t see the problem with a player starting with real mando armor if they are playing a mandolorian from the warrior culture, it ads a nice Star Wars touch to the game.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to EldritchFire in Starter Mandalorian Armor   
    Starting with Mando armour that's could be padded armour or armoured clothing.

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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to OddballE8 in Starter Mandalorian Armor   
    First and foremost, far from all sets of Mandalorian Armour were made with mandalorian iron.
    So most of them were basically just "laminated armour" or "heavy armour" with nothing special to them.

    Now, starting off, he could just have a flak vest or similar, but it's not a "flak vest", it's simply the chestpiece of a mandalorian (not iron) armour set.
    That way he can work his way up to a more complete set, and you can add more and more to it throughout the campaign.
    In fact, it could be one of his main motivations.

    Mandalorian armour, true mandalorian armour, seems to be pretty rare in the age of these roleplaying games.
    There was a time when they were more common and every mandalorian had one, but as it stands, they seem to be exceedingly rare.
    So much so, that Boba Fett made a name for himself because he had one of the fabled mandalorian armours (well, partially. He was also pretty good at his job).

    Start him off with the chest piece.
    Build it up over time and end it with the helmet.
    That's how I would have done it.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Talkie Toaster in Starter Mandalorian Armor   
    You could just call it seriously damaged Heavy Battle Armour, but charge him the price of Padded, and give it the stats of Padded. Basic repairs will cost the price difference between Padded and Laminate and unlock those features, then charge the difference between Laminate and HBA to bring it up to the top.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Grayfax in Starter Mandalorian Armor   
    Give him his father's ruined armor that is only as good as his family's battered name... absolutely useless.  He will have to spend his credits on some other form of armor to start with and will have to repair the Mandalorian Armor over time.  Eventually he will be able to get it back to functional, but will take time and credits and eventually he will be able to customize it for himself.  Don't let a Mechanics roll fix it, make it be a story element.  Let there be story hooks.  And yes, once the basic part is repaired, let it have stats of padded armor until it can be further modified.
    If he doesn't like this story, have him provide a story for why he has non-functional armor and what he will have to do to get it back to its original condition.  This lets him have buy-in and ownership of something he really wants.
    Personally, I hope we get a full mechanical aspect of how Mandalorian Armor works and how it grows with them over time.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Ahrimon in Starter Mandalorian Armor   
    Have him pick up a suit of padded armor.  If you look at the picture of Oskara it looks like she is wearing heavy armor, but mechanically it is just padded.  I talk a bit more about in this thread: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/183499-cant-make-a-bubba-fat-bounty-hunter-help/#entry1708469
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to awayputurwpn in Starter Mandalorian Armor   
    Have you considered going "Knight-Level" with your game? Just give the players +150 "earned" XP to spend and 9,000 credits worth of gear on top of their starting credits. This would allow for a really cool set of armor  
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Kualan in Rise of the Seperatists Officially Updated!   
    Take your like and get out.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to evo454 in Rise of the Seperatists Officially Updated!   
    FFG Finally updated the thing! The boat is found!
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