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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Revanchist in My thoughts on a "Mandalorian Sourcebook"   
    Togorians need to be in the sourcebook for 2 reasons. 1) they were one of the first races the Mandalorians didn't conquer but instead recruited. 2) everyone wants to play as cat people
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to TheMOELANDER in My thoughts on a "Mandalorian Sourcebook"   
    So in the discussion thread about the new sourcebook for technicians an old topic resurfaced:
    What about a mandalorian sector book?
    So I took some time and wrote together, how I could envision what such a source book should encompass.
    Apart from a mandalorian human, the species I would include should all have some history with the mandalorians. Since  FFG is drawing hugely from Legends canon I would suggest the cathar, a planet which suffered greatly under mandalorian conquest. Then maybe Herglics? No just kidding, but I really want Herglics! It should of course include a lot of Mandalmotors vehicles, maybe even a basilisk war droid of old. Definietly the pursuer though and the StarViper. Lot's of personal gear and weaponry like crushgaunts, beskad knifes and naturally the Beskar'gam itself in different strokes. Also special rules of how players can acquire them, because I don't want it to be won by one lucky modified throw! texts on mandalorian culture and how a player can become a mandalorian. Maybe even a lone universal specialization tree for that, like the recruit. It could have some talents which represent some of the mandalorian fortitude and fighting techniques. Maybe even more than one, representing the different mandalorian factions. The most important planets for mandalorian history inside and outside of mandalorian space. So yeah, Planets like Concord Dawn, Mandalore are fine, but also important would be Onderon (where we had a beginners box take place, but no fully fledged planet description yet), it's Moon Dxun, the remnants of Malachor V, Cathar etc. The remnants of the grand army of the republic and their somewhat mandalorian heritage could also be written about. Adventure seeds about the different mandalorian factions, like what happens when you hit upon a group of Death Watch Mandos? So those are my thoughts and as you can see, there is actually a lot to draw from. What are your thoughts on this?
    I'd also like to hear counterarguments. I don't need a mandalorian sourcebook that desperately, but they are such an integral part of Star Wars, especially now that we have a "nice" one in Sabine Wren.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar got a reaction from Sarone in Special Modifications! Technician Career Book Announced!   
    A Technician expansion has been a long time coming, so I say this is fantastic!!
    Also, a Mandalorian Sector book would be outstanding! Previous sector books(i.e. Suns of Fortune, Lords of Nal Hutta) were not disappointing, and a Mandalorian one would be a wonderful addition.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Desslok in Critical Hits dont seem very worrying....   
    Much like I wouldn't allow a re-roll on picking a lock - unless circumstances have changed - I would tell her. Your meager on-board medical equipment is unsuited to deal with an emergency of this nature. You'll need better medical facilities if you want to treat this".
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Squirrelsan in Base weapon damage?   
    If you rolled a total of 4 successes and 1 failure then you have a net 3 successes.  If your base damage is 7 then you do 10 points of damage.
    This does mean a base damage 7 weapon will never actually do 7 damage, it's either a miss or you do 8+ (pre soak obviously).
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Dbuntu in Base weapon damage?   
    I want to say this was a concept that was around for the beta and done away with for the CRB.
    It's a single point of damage and does away with the tedious task of always having to subtract one from the net. In my opinion, a single point of damage is no reason to bog down the rolls, but as long as it is consistent I guess it's up to you how much you want to trouble with it.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to FuriousGreg in Base weapon damage?   
    Well one point of Damage can be the difference between a possible Critical and no Damage at all. So I would leave things as they are, especially if you have very high Soak PCs.
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