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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to MB -Fr- in THE END IS NIGH! S&S is shipping (Also, gimmie da spoilers!)   
    supply and demand
    if the store owner has bought them from FFG, then they're his, so he can sell them at the price he chooses, when he chooses. welcome to the wonderful world of capitalism
    gonna quote the prequels anyway: "I will make it legal"
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to HappyDaze in THE END IS NIGH! S&S is shipping (Also, gimmie da spoilers!)   
    In this case, the local store knows it's hard to find online (right now) and that people are buying them up quick because of probable line-death, so he decided to mark them up $5. He figures that people would likely pay that in S&H if they do find it somewhere else, so he's willing to give it a go. If they don't sell right away, he plans to hold onto them until they are even more rare and make more money. I did say it's not a very friendly FLGS.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Shizuya in force dice   
    at this point the beginner sets are less expensive than the dice. I got myself the 2 I was missing just for the dice/maps/tokens.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Daeglan in Rey’s father was...what? (Rise of Skywalker novelization spoilers)   
    The mistake is thinking Star Wars doesnt have a huge female following. It is the same mistake some at Marvel make. Thinking their audience is only male. When in fact the audience is clearly already largely both genders. Women like action and scifi flicks in similar amounts to men who like them.  So when you try and pander to one set of your audience with the goal of expanding that audience tends to fall flat.  It is kinda like how they replaced Black Widow with Captain America in the action figure toy set. The attitude was that boys wouldnt buy it with a girl action figure. It is a stupid assumption that results in bad decision making and pisses off a lot of fans. Because in a large part you are insulting a lot of your fans with bad assumptions about who they are and what they like. 
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Oldmike1 in Rey’s father was...what? (Rise of Skywalker novelization spoilers)   
    they stole from an EU story after tossing it out and it is a piss poor copy 
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    Vestij Jai Galaar got a reaction from Norr-Saba in Rey’s father was...what? (Rise of Skywalker novelization spoilers)   
    After reading all of this I have come to the conclusion that the Emperor does not want us discussing Rey's parentage. 
    Did anyone feel the Dark Empire vibes? I had many complaints about RoS that seem to have been already stated, but there were a few nods to old EU material that had me going "oh, that's cool."
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    Vestij Jai Galaar got a reaction from Voltron64 in Rey’s father was...what? (Rise of Skywalker novelization spoilers)   
    After reading all of this I have come to the conclusion that the Emperor does not want us discussing Rey's parentage. 
    Did anyone feel the Dark Empire vibes? I had many complaints about RoS that seem to have been already stated, but there were a few nods to old EU material that had me going "oh, that's cool."
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to daggertx in THE END IS NIGH! S&S is shipping (Also, gimmie da spoilers!)   
    Wizards has the same model. Not paying people has nothing to do with that.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Desslok in THE END IS NIGH! S&S is shipping (Also, gimmie da spoilers!)   
    Shocked that nobody mentioned this yet: Starships and Speeders is shipping. As these things inevitably wind up in our hands early-ish, I thought I'd give us the spoiler space so we can all bask some poor bastards' good fortune!
    Also, lets ask Crazy Ralph about the future of the RPG:

    Ah, damnit Ralph!
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Sturn in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    If I end up running a campaign someday in this future era, this will be the best part for me. A hodge-podge of varying governments across the Galaxy. A truly independent Hutt Space, a large piece claiming to be the rightful heirs to the Republic, out on the edge the Second Order, a Pirate Kingdom, the Confederacy of Corellia, the Independent Droid Conglomeracy of Elthree, etc, etc. The players may even join in an try to stake their claim to a subsector somewhere?
    Of course for it all to be crushed in about 15 years when Disney releases Episode 10.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Desslok in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    Or even better: the student opposes Rey for the best of intensions. "How do we know this isn't just another facet of Palpatine's long game? He's been pulling the strings for 30 years from beyond the grave, so this could be him raising a Force Wielding Army that's hidden in plain sight!"
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Inquisitor Tremayne in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    I'm with some others on this, I think regions and sectors are going to band together and form their own governments with those they have the strongest relationships.  I see all those independents that fought at Exagol saying, "I fought there I am entitled to x, y, and z."  Along with the strongest criminal organizations seizing power and territory also.
    I think eventually they might agree to some sort of larger governing body.  But I see it more local than it was before.  Perhaps a sector (or several sectors) join together and have a Sector or Regional Representative/Governor that represents their interests in the "New, New Republic".
    Regardless, I think the days of no standing military are over.  I think everyone is going to scramble to protect their own interests and commerce.
    This leaves the Resistance in a precarious situation after Exagol.  The New Republic was gone yet they were still fighting.  Now that they won, what are they going to do? Poe is in no way, shape or form a bureaucrat, he's hardly a great General, so the likely hood of him becoming any other type of authority figure is a stretch.  Perhaps they form the first inter-galactic police force...
    Then there is the state of the Jedi.  Finally Rey creates the new Jedi Order (the way Luke should have @#%$&*!).  I think Finn would be her first student but he would still be very much involved with whatever Poe is doing.  I think the squad of FS ex-stormtroopers is cool and they could be some of the next students.  I think Rey would keep the Jedi separate from a government organization.  Personally, I like the idea of Jedi Watchmen, each Jedi overseeing a sector or region of space.  Rey's badass-ness would be enough to keep them all in line I think.
    However, I really like the idea of a disgruntled student finding out Rey is really a Palpatine and feeling betrayed and turning to the dark side.
    It is for sure a setting ripe with adventure!
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Tramp Graphics in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    In the current canon, the only yellow sabers we saw before Rey's, were wielded by the Jedi Temple Guards. In Legends, and other lore, yellow blades have also been associated with Jedi Sentinels. 
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to LordBritish in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    Given that Palpatine was the guy who burnt down the Jedi Temple with force lightning, for reasons. *Shrugs* The additional source material atm seems about as interesting as googling sibling related activity on a website of dubious moral fibre. Interesting enough if you ever wondered "hey, why did the movie not answer these questions." to "DEAR GOD NO I DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWERS."

    Needless to say, I don't think I would find any satisfactory results in the extra material in regards to the ST era. I just don't believe in it as a trilogy of events. Kinda like asking the Knights of Ren to do anything. At least Boba Fett did his job. XD

    I figure TBH that unlike the rebellion era, I imagine the galaxy needs to go through a longer healing process, largely because not completely eradicating hate from their heart was what lead the pro-imperial republicans to fund the first order in the first place. Failing to completely eradicate the Empire the first time round was on the Republic and well, given the Empire's thing is to literally build instruments of genocide it's been provern that the institution as it stands just doesn't work. There are too many people willing to serve their own interests for the entire galaxy to cooperate at once, especially given most of the diplomatic supporters for both sides were completely eradicated when Star Base fired.

    Rey's lightsaber? I don't think the colour has any significance. It looks cool like Mace Windu's pimp saber. I'm sure someone will come up for a fan-fiction excuse for it to be uber powerful and personal statement of a new order; Star War's tendency to over describe everything is why I prefer roleplaying in it, I don't care for the universe beyond the ball pond I am.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Desslok in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    My thinking - and I will freely admit that there's room for me to be wrong here - is that while the Holonet isnt a centralized network, it does have hardware and nodes and servers pumping the data around the galaxy. Someone has to pay for that, right? Presumably the government (be it Republic, Empire, Other Republic or Empire Cosplayers) is footing the majority of bill, with the remainder being picked up locally. If the government has more important things to worry about, that's one of the services that would suffer.
    I realize that I'm skating dangerously close to "Is the Holonet the internet" (and please god, lets not get into that again), but consider real life network issues you suffer locally when a disaster half way across the country knocks out a trunk or two. I could see the total loss of the government via Kaboom might throw some lag spikes into the traffic once you get outside the local systems.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Drig in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    In Thrawn Alliances, Anakin and Thrawn find separatists factories on the edge of Wild Space. They destroy them and then, years later, Vader and Thrawn are sent back out to discover that the Grysk, a kind of Yuuzhan Vong threat, have re-purposed the factories. The wookieepedia article says, "Thrawn also realizes that Dooku surprised the Grysks by producing both cortosis battle droids and clone armor. In secret, Vader knows that Darth Sidious was Dooku's true master and orchestrated the construction of the cortosis factory as part of his preparations for Order 66."
    This I felt laid the ground work for hidden Palpatine controlled shipyards in the Unknown Regions, working on weird things that extend beyond simply Order 66.
    I understand that this would be better explained in the movies, and I agree,  but the novels did start laying the groundwork of bad guy factories out there.
    Also Thrawn is still out there in the Unknown Regions as well as Ezra. You know that they are going to explain more of this in one of their stories. I wouldn't be surprised if the next animated show is about the Yuuzhan Vo... ahem I mean Gryssk attempting to infiltrate the galaxy and hints of the Sith Cultists.
    I'm currently running a clone wars games where they are discovering weird factories in the Unknown Region. I'm hoping to tie it to the sequel trilogy in a future campaign.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to HappyDaze in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    There will be no navies...just people.
    There will be no governments...just people.
    There will be no syndicates...just people.
    There will be no great heroes...just people.
    It will be an anarchist's dream space of non-heirarchical cooperation and benevolent interdependence.
    And then the Yuuzhan Vong will come and wipe them all out!!!
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Desslok in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    I'm not necessarily looking to get into real world politics (other than potentially informing where we might go with the universe as it stands), just extrapolating where we go from here based on the data we have. Besides, if I want Republic vs Empire vs Jedi vs Sith, like you said - we've got 5,000 years of that to play with. I'm way more excited about a clean slate and a more chaotic time (until Disney comes along and codifies something).
    Okay, sounds like we have to take Moff Grant's statement with a grain of salt then - a clear case of Writers Have No Sense of Scale.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Stethemessiah in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    My mental image of this is great. 
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Vondy in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    Nice to know, though I would have preferred we be told that in 1-2 lines of dialogue in the movies. The expectation / requirement that viewers read a book or comic to have the most basic facts is not one that pleases me. That said, I would point out that Leia's "Resistance" appeared very well-established when we meet them in TFA so its reasonable to assume she had been preparing for an insurgency against the First Order well before they made significant inroads against the New Republic. That said, the the FO never completed their campaign of conquest and never got their big fleet out to cow the galaxy so the point remains that there were likely a goodly number of words who were still free and prosperous when the credits rolled on Episode XIII.   
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Vondy in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    Leia was leading a proactive "insurgency" rather than a traditional "resistance" movement.  Her fighters are partisans, but they aren't necessarily rebels. To whit, they are "an irregular military force formed to oppose control of an area by a foreign power or by an army of occupation by some kind of insurgent activity." Partisans can be the field elements of traditional resistance groups, but can also be insurgent guerrilla forces (foreign fighters) funded and supplied by state or private actors. My feeling from watching the films is that her "Resistance" is the latter rather than the former.
    Its hard to know because we aren't actually told much about the state of affairs between the New Republic and First Order, but it appears the New Republic was not actually occupied by the First Order and that Leia was receiving support from worlds who wanted to keep it that way. Indeed, while Hosnian Prime was destroyed, the First Order was just getting ready to launch a large scale invasion and make its play for control of the galaxy in Episode 9. For me, that made the re-run of the victory celebrations at the end of Jedi a bit confusing. It wasn't clear to me that the New Republic had even ceased to exist or that there weren't large swaths of the galaxy that needed liberating.
    The First Order never actually launched its massive invasion with its fleet of planet killing Star Destroyers.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Desslok in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    To be fair, the world building for these latest three have been kind of shite. It also doesn't help matters that JJ doesn't know that words have definitions, where "Resistance" in the real world - like say the french resistance in WWII - was a partisan group behind enemy lines, often working on their own. JJ's version of a Resistance is some kind of rebellion/resistance hibred with support and sanction from the Republic.
    The other question I have - when we say short order, what would we consider "short" to be? When you're talking about a civilization that has been around for 6,000+ years, a short time could be 200 years - a drop in the bucket in the life of the Republic, but a **** of a long period to your average man on the street.
    Consider something "simple" like recovering from a natural disaster - it's been what, 2 years now since Puerto Rico was clobbered by a hurricane and they're still a mess? Now granted, the Evil Orange Man is doing his level best to cockblock Puerto Rico at every turn, but it's still been a slow process. Putting together a functioning galactic government? That's probably a decade or two, depending on where you want to draw the line at 'functioning'.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to RLogue177 in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    I'd think you would end up with a bunch of galactic kingdoms/nations of varying size.
    Hutt space would definitely be one. The Corporate Sector would be one. Maybe a New New Republic might form in the core worlds. Maybe some worlds might band together for round 2 of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Whatever is left of the First Order might try to band together in the Outer Rim. 
    Black Sun, the Pykes, other syndicates would grab up worlds. Tell that to Kanjiklub. 
    Other worlds might try to be independent free-states.
    It would be a cool setting with a lot of storytelling and gaming ideas. A target-rich environment. 
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to kmanweiss in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    I believe a New Republic would be rebuilt in short order, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't have an age of turmoil.
    At this point you are talking First Order remnants, Imperial Remnants, New Republic Remnant, Resistance Remnant, and all the various criminal factions at play.  While some would certaintly rush to reestablish the New Republic, others may not be so keen on the idea.  Massive civil war, the old Republic turned into the Empire, galactic war wages, the Empire falls, the New Republic is formed, the New Republic is shattered, the Resistance just barely stops the First Order...some worlds may not wish to be a part of this ongoing drama fest.  New factions, even restored separatist factions may sprout up.  Some worlds may seek independence. New warlords or criminal factions may sprout up.
    What you have after Ep9 is a MASSIVE galaxy wide power vacuum.  Reforming a New Republic is going to be a messy, time consuming ordeal.  And without any sort of military force to protect it's members, criminal factions and various warlords are going to cause massive problems.  The New Republic isn't going to just happen over night.  Various members are going to have various ideals and all those things will need to be hammered out before they agree on anything and can move forward.  That conflict will likely drive others out that are tired of decades of galactic instability.  I mean honestly, who's to say there isn't yet another Emperor building yet another WMD or fleet or army that is bigger or more evil than the last.  Or maybe there's some other Imperial copy cat faction waiting to blow up a couple more planets.  Maybe it's just best to sit on the sidelines for a couple decades and see how things play out eh?
    Honestly, post Ep9 leaves us with the most open world Star Wars universe to dabble in from an RPG standpoint.  You can literally throw anything from any era into the game and it would make sense.  The galaxy could be in massive turmoil with everyone trying to eek out what power they can be that through crime, military power, political wrangling, or crazy planet destroying constructs.
    Beyond all that, who's going to lead the reconstructive efforts.  They ostracized Leia due to her lineage, not like Rey is going to win a lot of favor with her heritage.  The Resistance is basically wiped out.  The majority of the Republics leadership was wiped out.  Who has the clout, experience, knowledge, and power to piece that all together.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to micheldebruyn in The state of the galaxy after E9   
    More likely it'll be found by a Jawa, no longer than  an hour or so after she leaves.
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