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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Daeglan in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    Well they did hire Sam Stewart to run the New Edge Studios for them. and he has already annouced Writ of the Wild for L5R. so all is not lost. and it sounds like he may be hiring other members of his old team.
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    I mean... even if another company is technically doing it, I'm gonna keep posting here as long as this forum still exists 😁.  We may have to start the data -pool over from scratch, but if and when it happens, I will be back! 
    And I'm gonna make an effort to hang out around here more often again.  Despite some ups and downs, there are a lot of good people here 🙂.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar got a reaction from Absol197 in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    I'm so sad about this. It was good times, and I'm sorry FFG won't be doing it anymore. Not sure how I feel about Asmodee, but it is what it is. Here's to further adventures.....
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Absol197 in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    Hi everybody.  Can I just say: I miss this.  I had so much fun geeking out about math and predicting releases with you all. 
    I hope everyone has been keeping well, and staying safe!  Here's hoping we'll get new announcements soon. Lots of love to all of you! 
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to bradknowles in LFP West marches Clone wars game   
    We use Discord for chat and voice. Maps are also posted to Discord channels.
    In our most recent game (last night), we had three separate sets of channels going, each with their own GMs, and separate channels for voice, RP, OOC, dice, etc... for a total of around twelve-fifteen players. It was pretty epic!  The whole thing lasted about six hours, but people dropped in and out as necessary, and was surprisingly fluid.  The GMs put a whole ton of work into making that happen so well, and it really showed.
    Of course, I can say all this in hindsight. At the time I was playing, I was pretty much terrified that my character was going to get killed at any moment, and mine was one of the few that stayed right behind the “front line” and was doing Fire Discipline the whole time, while most of the others were jumping out ahead of the front lines and diving into phalanx after phalanx of B-1 and B-2 droids, or taking out whole groups of mortar emplacements, or whole squads of Hailfire droids, or whatever.
    As I said, it was pretty epic. Terrifying. And Epic. But also terrifying. And also epic.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Vlad3theImpaler in Rey’s father was...what? (Rise of Skywalker novelization spoilers)   
    I completely disagree with that assessment, but I'm going to leave it at that, because I don't get the impression that trying to convince anyone in this thread is going to be a productive use of my time or yours.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Black_Rabbit_Inle in Rey’s father was...what? (Rise of Skywalker novelization spoilers)   
    I actually felt like rise of skywalker was the best of all the Star Wars movies, failing only in it's relation to the two previous movies and the cavalry charge scene, which you just know they thought would be cool, but only came off as entirely ridiculous.
      Rise of Skywalker was the first Star Wars movie in which the relationship of the two protagonists was actually a vibrant, healthy part of the movie.  Contrast that with Han and Leia's relationship from the original trilogy..  First of all, that relationship wasn't even intended (apparently) from the beginning of the series.  It ended up being developed through little quips between the main characters, but (to me at least) it never really felt like it was a focus of the original movies. (which could be a good thing, unless your trying to call your movie a "space opera"). Contrasted with Padme and Anakin's relationship in the prequals.. well..  all I need to do is mention "sand" and Star Wars fans begin to suffer from PTSD..  the relationship in that movie was focused on way too much, and it got in the way of the movie (which I think we should all be thankful for. I mean there are so many bad things in the prequals, it's really hard to lock in on just one.)
      In Rise of Skywalker it seems like Rey and Ben's relationship had about the right amount of focus and was actually a driving force behind the story..  the problem being that the previous movies didn't really set up that relationship very well.  I tRoS I can see that Ben and Rey are in love, but the previous movies did little to explain how they got there.  As I think about it now, it seems like episodes VII and VIII were trying to "hint at" a developing relationship between Rey and Ben while not really addressing it's "creepily weird" beginning.. actually, in a lot of ways the whole relationship is "creepily weird" (is it wrong that this may actually be what makes it feel like the most realistic star wars relationship to me?)
      Consider that Rey and Ben first meet when Kylo Kidnaps Rey and takes her in for interrogation. Kylo then fails to get information from Rey and allows her to escape.  Rey watches Ben kill his father and later they have a duel.. so that's their first date.  The two main problems with this are, first I'm not entirely convinced that the story was planned out enough for anyone to actually consider how Rey and Ben might actually go through some sort of courtship; and second there is no point at which anyone in the movies even suggests that Ben might be taking it easy on Rey because he's smitten with her, or that she has some sort of weird fascination with the guy who kidnapped and interrogated her. Normally I would be fine with not explicitly stating that a relationship is developing, but in the case of such an unusual and potentially toxic relationship, I feel like it's a bit of a stretch for writers to think that fans would make that assumption.
      The Last Jedi does little to rectify the relationship flaw from episode VII.  It's a little weird that Rey is in a link with Ben and she sees him naked..  she just asks him to cover up..  presumably she could have done something herself to not have to see him naked.. turn around or close her eyes..  maybe just imagined him with clothes on if it's a mind-link/hallucination kind of thing.. so I think that's meant to be a little hint that Rey is attracted to Ben, but again given the weird nature of their relationship, hints are not enough.  Rey eventually does make the conscious decision to go meet Ben on Snope's ship for their second date..  you know, the date in which the two of them actually kill Ben's master before massacring a room full of red-clad samurai..  So Rey must at least have developed some trust for the guy who is literally trying to kill anyone he's ever loved, but then they immediately have a spat, Rey flies off, and Ben orders his entire tie-fighter contingent to try to kill her while he focuses on trying to kill his mother and uncle.  Then the movie ends in, what I think most of us would assume is, a bad place for the relationship. (but hey, I can honestly say I've never sent my tie-fighter contingent to kill my girlfriend.. so maybe it works.)
      So yeah..  Given that the romance stems from episodes VII and VIII, it may seem somewhat of a Paradox that Episode IX may actually be the most Romantic/Dramatic Star Wars movie and that it managed to do so without sacrificing action.  On the other hand, the previous movies had introduced characters that basically had no role in the story of Skywalker, so I think tRoS kinda struggled with what to do with those characters.
      Now  I get that some people will always find ways to suspend their suspension of disbelief (come on folks, it's a movie, not a science documentary), but I really do feel like the only major flaw in The Rise of Skywalker is that it's tied to two such horrible movies.  They really should have planned all of the movies out from the beginning with the main story from The Rise Of Skywalker being the end goal.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Tramp Graphics in Cover and soak with blast?   
    Yes, certain things increase Defense. Cover is not one of them. Cover grants Defense. It does not increase it. Cover has a static Defense rating of 1 or 2. Items that increase Defense are marked with +1 or +2 (note the + sign). Those stack. Cover does not have a + sign before its Defense value. As such, it grants Defense. It does not increase it. Only items which increase Defense stack. 
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Jegergryte in Cover and soak with blast?   
    I'd tend agree to this, depending on the nature of the cover, and also the players. Some players (and GMs certainly) are just insufferable when it comes to rules and harrumphing at on-the-fly narrative fun-times.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Rimsen in Cover and soak with blast?   
    I think the GM has every right to say those behind cover are protected, just like he can say this room is too small so blast activates anyway. 
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Tramp Graphics in Cover and soak with blast?   
    The key phrase there is get on the other side of the cover. 
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Tramp Graphics in Cover and soak with blast?   
    I beg to differ. As someone who served in the military, proper cover can go a long way in protecting someone from shrapnel and concussive forces from an explosion. The Setback dice from Defense only covers the actual attack roll to hit the intended target. It does nothing for Blast since Blast can be activated even if the initial attack roll fails, simply by spending three Advantages. Not only that, but the Setback Dice from Defense (including Cover) only helps the intended target, not anyone else who might be within the blast radius. 
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Oldmike1 in Cover and soak with blast?   
    that and cover is in part WHY you use a blast weapon you may not hit them but if you can get on the other side of the cover the blast may
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Nytwyng in Rey’s father was...what? (Rise of Skywalker novelization spoilers)   
    Nor did the sequels. Using the example Tramp provided that prompted your response, while I own the novelization of TFA, I’ve never read it. Yet I’ve never had a problem following the movie; I had no problem accepting a newly-awakened Force sensitive with an innate talent trying things that she’d heard the fabled Luke Skywalker could do when she was in a jam. When I first heard about the mind transfer (or whatever we want to call it), I just shrugged and said, “Huh. So that’s what they say happened,” and went on about my business.
    Then there’s the example that I myself used in starting this thread. I just find it to be a complicated and unnecessary layer. I don’t know what kind of lead time Rae Carson had in writing the novelization, but it seems like it may have been a direct reaction to people being ooked out at the notion of Palpatine having...relations.
    The supplemental material is icing, some of it adding flavor and depth, and some just puzzling. And which is which may depend on the person reading it.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Nytwyng in Rey’s father was...what? (Rise of Skywalker novelization spoilers)   
    I have yet to see a perfect movie. OK, maybe The Princess Bride. But absolutely none of the Star Wars movies are perfect. A movie does not need to be “perfect” to be quite enjoyable.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Nytwyng in Rey’s father was...what? (Rise of Skywalker novelization spoilers)   
    People who haven’t seen a movie admittedly rating it multiple times is...more honest....
    Than actively polling people as they literally walk out of the theater....

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    Vestij Jai Galaar got a reaction from Norr-Saba in Rey’s father was...what? (Rise of Skywalker novelization spoilers)   
    After reading all of this I have come to the conclusion that the Emperor does not want us discussing Rey's parentage. 
    Did anyone feel the Dark Empire vibes? I had many complaints about RoS that seem to have been already stated, but there were a few nods to old EU material that had me going "oh, that's cool."
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to GroggyGolem in Player feels like a passenger   
    So one of my players that isn't all that interested in the game blanks out every time we play and doesn't know what they can do/can't retain the information of options that are available. I made this for them, to be placed in front of them every time we play from now on. Will try to come back and report on if it works well or not.

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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to LordBritish in Player feels like a passenger   
    I mirror splitting the party. Sometimes the best way to make individual members of the party to shine is to set up situations that require them to spilt up and therefore have to use skills that are usually only the domain of "the parties specialist". Character's that are usually quieter then get the opportunity, if they wish to contribute more heavily to the ongoing narrative. Likewise, having racist or otherwise characters who will only interact fairly with their own species can provide some opportunity, though while this provides opportunity for roleplaying it won't necessarily kickstart their own intuitive. 
    Ultimately though, it comes down to the player to begin developing a sense of agency, a desire to do things and to plan in the long term. There was a very deliberate point in our ongoing campaign that my PC, Tobin Stryder the force emergant decided that getting revenge on that bounty hunter who killed his father was much more important then the work that he was doing for the alliance as every encounter with the red-sabers brought him closer to death, so he stole away on a nemesis's vessel, killed him in cold blood and set a course to the smugglers moon to set up an elaborate heist. It was at that exact moment that I stopped merely reacting to assignements and I started plotting, planning. I ended up making quite a career as a rebel planning various elaborate heists on both the empire and various criminal syndicates, and slowly became a living, breathing facat of that world.
    The first question I would ask is what is their characters motivation? And are they connecting with their character? Sometimes if a character concept is too alien then we just aren't quite as interested as we could be, my first character was a female human warrior monk who I just couldn't make any connection with to save my life, I just didn't enjoy playing as her so at the first opportunity, a couple sessions in I just had her leave and the crew picked up someone new and more in line with what I wanted in a character which at the time was a droid and I was much happier; I got to burn through Zombies as a pathfinding extraction droid, it was pretty fun. Likewise, if she isn't able to engage with her character properly, like she just couldn't imagine what a Dug would do on a day to day basis maybe a character change to something a bit more relatable would be a bit better. Through a short backstory it might be possible to define what this character wants in life and, perhaps more importantly determine exactly what this new character would do to get it. Determine if that character has any family or a well defined reason as to what put them on this particular path.

    That being said; agency comes from within. It doesn't matter how hard you try you won't be able to draw out the roleplayer out of someone without them actively seeking to. Talk to her about what her expectations are and see whether she can engage the party to talk about stepping her role up.

    Usually the problem with the Sandbox is that sandboxes aren't all that interesting, at least until the players start developing serious agency and self motivating ambition within the universe. My GM does give us free rain to make choices but he informs us that the events of the galaxy will continue with or without us. There are often several major events in the galaxy happening at once (Zjni's iron fist deploying the Kratos Virus, the Sith Lord trying to complete a ritual to some unholy site under the Jedi temple, or the Hutt's reorganising to form up a Hutt Empire, with several less impressive hooks doted throughout the narrative; such as helping pirates steal a valuable component, or a mysterious hyperspace coordinate left in the hands of a dying nemesis.) that we have to pick from. Some might linger for some time, others are time sentivie, the way I see it is the GM is the world in our adventure; he is the one who puts options into the world but it is up to ourselves to make interesting decisions. The issue with a sandbox is that it takes time to get to a point where we developed nichie enough to make those interesting decisions.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to themensch in Player feels like a passenger   
    That's my experience too, on both sides of the screen.  It takes a very special group to be able to pull this off, but often falls into inside jokes unless it's done just so. 
    For those reading that haven't tried it, often the illusion of free will is enough - and that can be done by masking hooks in event descriptions among other things. This is how we can prep for a session without appearing to railroad the group.  Utilizing tools like Dungeonworld's Fronts can imbue a setting with a life of its own.  But at the end of the day, a GM must remember that everyone's generally there to satisfy their thirst for adventure and the GM should be at the forefront (but perhaps not the sole purveyor) of said adventure. 
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    I've done it a few times, but only if I know the players well and they know the setting well. Otherwise, you easily fall into indecision as analysis paralysis kicks in when they look into the big empty and realize they can do anything... so they do nothing.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to HappyDaze in Player feels like a passenger   
    If she's never fleshed out the character and the character is the type that isn't really involved in decisions, perhaps she might want to retire the character and try a new one. There's nothing wrong with opting out when an option that seemed good at first fails to pan out.
    Whether she switches characters or not, it should be up to her to get involved. If she doesn't, then I wouldn't waste the effort on trying to pull her along, but your feelings may differ. As far as I'm concerned, the GM has plenty of other responsibilities while the player has only a few. Chief among those player responsibilities is making their character an interesting part of the game.
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    What's the character's obligation? Surely there's some meat there.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to rogue_09 in THE END IS NIGH! S&S is shipping (Also, gimmie da spoilers!)   
    I emailed Miniature Market to ask. The response:
    I apologize, the Friday, February 28th Fantasy Flight Games releases were shipped out a bit late from the manufacturer. We should have our copies in stock shortly, and all preorders will be shipped as soon as the items arrive.
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    Vestij Jai Galaar reacted to Vek Baustrade in THE END IS NIGH! S&S is shipping (Also, gimmie da spoilers!)   
    It's as American as unreasonably expensive healthcare and profiteering off of political office.
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