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  1. After reading all of this I have come to the conclusion that the Emperor does not want us discussing Rey's parentage. Did anyone feel the Dark Empire vibes? I had many complaints about RoS that seem to have been already stated, but there were a few nods to old EU material that had me going "oh, that's cool."
  2. Are we back to normal operations? No pirates, reprints, or lost shipments?
  3. I completely agree with you. Yep, Ian McDiarmid was at the IX panel at Celebration.
  4. The numbers run? Well, that explains why they haven't stayed where they should have 🙄
  5. Good to know. So then does this delay only mean there are still printing problems, or is Disney not responding to FFG? I guess we probably won't know, but it's still sad to wait that long.
  6. Green Ronin did this when they were still working on the Dragon Age system. They started out strong, then there was a long gap, then a longer one.... I haven't done much with them since they finally finished the core rules for Dragon Age so I can't say how they are now. Just that FFG's delays at this point remind me a lot of the 5 year wait for the set of the Dragon Age rules with levels 10-20 in them.
  7. Two words. Green Ronin. I think I said something a while back to this effect, and how I hoped it would not come to this. I'm thinking now that the shipping disaster was only the beginning. I'm very confused, though because FFG used to be very prompt with their SW books.
  8. Read it and make up your own mind. There are two camps, but I think on this one you need to make a judgement call. I (mostly) like the Republic Commandos novels for the fleshing out of modern Mandalorian culture in the galaxy, and the Rebels tv show draws heavily on this. On the other hand, there are issues with the female Jedi character who is highly mono-dimensional. Her Legacy of the Force books are not good, and I say this as a fan of Karen Traviss. Ahsoka was very good, probably better than Lost Stars IMO, which became a little too bland for me at times, what with needing both the main characters to be at all the critical points from the OT movies. The writer of Ahsoka managed to keep her character consistent and create a believable maturing for her.
  9. With how much we've been talking about wanting one, and almost putting one together ourselves that would make sense.
  10. The games I run have been pretty deadly to my table's PC's. When they decide to do something that will bring retaliation, I don't usually hold back just so they can keep going. They tried to invade a star destroyer to rescue a capture PC, so they had a running firefight with the stormtroopers and one of the PC's died. Once you get to higher xp it is harder, but they have to worry about it a bit at lower amounts. Luckily my table is very story driven, and doesn't mind potentially deadly consequences if it is 'in character' for them to do.
  11. Life is occasionally disappointing when you remember that you weren't able to get the last three books that came out, but this makes up for it! I am definitely going to pick up this one! No wonder you've been so quiet lately, my Prophet!
  12. Came here expecting to see a thread about how to coat a ship in steel...Leaving disappointed.
  13. Wow...just got on here after a couple of days and it feels like we're headed for those good ol' days of thread lock again.
  14. Fear not, dear Prophet. The power to predict shipping dates is insignificant when compared to the power of the Force.
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