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  1. Does Miniature Market ship to NZ? I just checked and they have all the new expansions in stock. Who knows how long they'll last, though.
  2. What makes you say that? Battlefront II had a rocky start, but the developers didn't abandon it, and now it's turned into one of the most enjoyable Star Wars games in a while.
  3. I already did my Phase 1 Coone as the 501st, so for Phase II I'll be doing the 212th and the Corusfant Guard. Here's my test 212th so far!
  4. That captain looks awesome!! Well done! Creations like this are what make we want to try my hang at green stuff. I can't wait to see him painted!
  5. Well done! I've been too scared to tackle my own AT-ST yet, but yours looks great! I'll have to give mine a crack soon!
  6. These look amazing! I can only hope my Phase 2 look this good. You seem to have refined your method from your first post, has it changed from your initial recipe you posted?
  7. "You're clones are very impressive, you must be very proud." Seriously, they are an inspiration. I was happy with mine until I saw yours. That painting chipping is perfect. Also, how did you make the kamas for the captain's? I'd love to learn how and copy you if I can!
  8. Yeah, except even the squad leader doesn't have the kama, unlike the box art. And all the 327th had kamas, shoulder pads, or both in the Felucia scene of RotS. It's just an odd choice to depict the 327th on the box without the option of making them that way, that's all.
  9. Is anyone else slightly disappointed that, unlike the box art, none of these clones come with kamas or additional shoulder pads (aside from the captain)? I was hoping to paint them as the 327th like the box art depicts! I still can't wait for them, but hopefully we'll get an equipment pack for them later or something.
  10. I used a very simple way to paint my Clone Troopers using a couple contrast paints and a few regular paints. I based my Clones in Citadel Corax White (though plain white might work better for you. I wanted a slightly darker scheme for my clones), then I mixed an equal amount of Apothecary White contrast paint with the contrast medium and covered the whole model. I then mixed in some Spaxe Wolves Grey into my Apothecary white mixer, and darkened some parts of the armor that I felt needed some deeper shadows. Then I edge highlighted with some pure white. It's incredibly easy! Here's my WIP Captain Rex for anyone interested.
  11. Which contrast paint did you use for the scout trooper armor? I'm trying to figure out a nice and effective way to do the Clone troopers and your scout looks awesome!
  12. Thanks for the response! I can't wait to use your guide to paint up my droids! Is your next video going to cover the Clone Wars core set too?
  13. Awesome! I especially love your security droids. I had been planning on doing mine like that and I'm glad someone else appreciates them! I can't tell from the video, but does the droid body look fine if you don't add the backpack? I want to nail the security droid look, but not if it reveals an unfinished back on the droid.
  14. I was actually about to say this, I too chose priority processing. It seems to have paid itself off this time!
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