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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea's or rules for converting availability of items from one 40K game too the others. I'm wondering if I can make some, more rare items, more available. I'm thinking of having a Ceres Bolt Carbine (Rogue Trader: Hostile Acquisition, pg. 50 for info, pg. 49 for stats, Availability: Very Rare) and/or the Perinetus-pattern “Solo” Mark II Boltgun (Rogue Trader: Into the Storm, pg. 112 for info, pg. 113 for stats, Availability: Very Rare), availability based on being in the uncharted Korunous Expanse, involved in a regiment I'm creating for Only War, based in the spinward front in the Calixis Sector. But the Koronus Expanse doesn't have things as available as in the Calixis Sector. And vise versa. So since conversions for item availability isn't shown, I'm wondering if anyone else has had thoughts on this and has made rules on the matter.
  2. My thought was that one could use (if needed, lightly modify) the First Company Veteran advance from Deathwatch: Rites of Battle expansion and use that for a Paladin advance.
  3. In the novel The Emperor's Gift, the funerary tradition's of a fallen grey knight were described, and they showed one grey knight that was a psychic blank, referred to as the Ferryman. He was the one who the body was handed over to when they are to be interred in the Dead Fields. They apparently have at least one grey knight who is a untouchable (potentially a small sub-order of them?) that tends to the fallen. Just thought I'd throw that in here.
  4. That doesn't really help too much. Is there a chart or something I can use so that any schmuck can do it?
  5. Is it possible to make a Legacy Weapon for a Deathwatch character? I know about the Signature Wargear rules, but I was wondering if I could modify the Legacy Weapon creation chart to make a deathwatch weapon as a step above the Signature Wargear stuff?
  6. I was thinking of leveling up a Blood Raven to maximum (similarly to making a DH Ascension character) in a Librarian Contemptor Dreadnought, and then convert him to a Thousand Sons Sorcerer Archetype (Tome of Fate, pg. 30-31). Blood Ravens are heavily implied to be Loyalist Thousand Sons, and it would make sense that the Rubric of Ahriman affected not only regular Thousand Sons, but any Dreadnoughts taken to the Planet of Sorcerers too. I figured it'd make a game a bit more interesting. Thanks for the advice, adding that Helbrute rule'd be a good idea.
  7. Is there any different rules for converting a character from Deathwatch to Black Crusade if my character is interred in a Dreadnought?
  8. On page 179 of the Rogue Trader core rulebook, i the box labeled 'Are Navigators Psykers?' it says: "Navigators are not marked as psykers in the traditional sense within the Imperium, though they do have a connection with the warp and use its power to fuel their abilities. For all game purposes, however, a Navigator character is considered a psyker. This means that weapons, powers, and creatures that have special effects on a character that is a psyker will have similar effects on a Navigator character." Does that mean Force weapons can be used by Navigators in a similar manner to Psykers?
  9. I've had a good look through of the Deathwatch core rule book and the supplements Rites of Battle, First Founding and Honour the Chapter, so I've got a pretty good idea of how to build my own chapter. Yet one thing that is not addressed at all is the variations on the primarch's curse for each chapter. You can see the changes in successor's like the Flesh Tearer's chapter from the Blood Angels, or the Black Templar's from the Imperial Fists. But if Iwant a successor chapter, I gotta have some way of differentiating the gradual changes of my battle-brothers over time from their progenitor chapter. Can some one assist me in this?
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