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  1. Sorry guys forgot I posted this. This isn't arm-chair theory, this is something my group did the first time we played and realized the by the book method was taking forever. It worked out just fine, so I thought I'd share something that worked for us. You could just as easily use index cards with raise/lower written on them or whatever, and have people vote the cards face down and reveal simultaneously. It really doesn't make a difference what order you vote in, you are voting about whether a player's self assessment is accurate or not. We simply did all categories for each player individually. I made quick + or - notations and handed the sheet back to the player. A ridiculous non-issue. Neither frequent enough to worry about, nor game-breaking should it happen the one time it does. If your trust in your fellow players is so flimsy that asking them to 'not peek' for a brief period is too much you are playing with the wrong folks.
  2. The first time we made characters and got to the voting, it seemed clunky. We had to pass a bag or box around, adding dice for our votes, then count them up. Doing this for each category on each character. We had 5 folks, and we had already taken alot of time to make characters. When voting came around i realized this was going to take EVEN longer. A quickly came up with the following voting method. 1. The GM takes the first character sheet. 2. Gm instructs everyone but him to close their eyes. 3. Gm reads off the the character name, category, and the ratings given to both scores. 4. Players are instructed to vote based how accurate the characters scores are: Thumbs up for raising a score, thumbs down for lowering, closed fist out for no change( this lets the gm know everyone had made a decision) 5. Gm counts and announces the results, he makes a light + or - or 0 in the white space of the character sheets category and moves to the next category. 6. Repeat steps for every category on the sheet, then allow the player a few seconds to make their increases or decreases. 7. Remind the player to leave the +\-\0 notations until done, for reminder later about what positive or negative features to add /subtract based on group vote. Repeat this for every character and you will find the voting goes vastly faster.
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