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  1. and, short of 'clearing the cache' and deleting folders, is there a way to do a "clean install"?
  2. Since trying to update some of the data and descriptions I am now getting this error - can anyone tell me what have I broken? I am not sure how I will function without this tool...
  3. I never play humans (i already get forced to do that all day everyday as it is) and always choose to play an alien. Although I retired him for a new campaign we recently started, my all-time favorite character from any version of Star Wars RPG’s is a Dug smuggler/gunslinger. Always loved the visual of him flying and shooting with his feet
  4. Me too, I plan on checking out the tool from the OP but I have been using OneNote for 14 years and love where it is right now, simply in terms of ease of use and convenience (love that it’s on all 7 or 8 of the devices I use regularly and is always up to date). thanks to the OP for the recommendation, looking forward to checking it out edit: no mobile version, no good to me! I do a lot of my note taking and idea generation on the fly and even feel some of my most creative moments are those few minutes alone with my thoughts on the subway, in the bathroom, or simply waiting outside my parole officers house to throw eggs at his wife when she leaves for church, etc.
  5. After almost 2 years or not playing, I gave in and got a new core set and a S&V upgrade. I have a pretty sizable collection and a lot of cardboard, what should I keep? Can I throw away all my old pilot and upgrade cards? What about tokens? thanks in advance Confused Monkey
  6. I know a guy that works at GF9, I can ask him about this. He's a bit of a tool but the next time I see him out i will threaten to push his wheelchair into the street until he tells me what he knows or promises to help out. Trust me, oncoming traffic is a pretty good motivator with this guy.
  7. I tried but I gave up as there was too much talking and giggling and not enough gameplay, and I flipped to a shorter and more concise video. Will go back and give it another spin and jump straight to gameplay.
  8. Yup, totally fat fingered that - should have read Agility 4, Ranged - Light 2. thanks for all the help, guys.
  9. The RAW are a little confusing and I just wanted to clarify - if I have Agility 4 and Ranged - Light 4 (YYGG) and I'm using 2 of the same pistol, am I right in thinking I just add one Setback die? And if I hit, I then spend an Advantage or Triumph for the second weapon to also hit? Also, if both guns have "Pierce", does this trigger as normal with both gun, so it has twice the effect? And if both guns had (say) "Disorient", I would have to get 3 Advantages on the roll to allow for the second gun to hit AND the effect to trigger for both? thanks, and sorry if I'm being particularly dense but the rules didn't seem as clear as usual. Dense Monkey
  10. So, I am a player in a game and am about to start GM'ing a second campaign and generally speaking, we're having a great time but one thing that overall seems pretty lackluster is space combat. This might be because we're really not attached to our ship (a G-9) at all, even though we've spent time and money repairing it. Our GM is really good with the narrative system but in the last two session we've defaulted to using a modified version of the X-Wing rules as it seems more fun, and I'm wondering how you guys handle ship combat?
  11. Thank you! Excellent, hadn't even looked at that - thank you! ha! agreed and agreed! haven't listened to that, but need to start and now I know where! great advice, thank you. Hmm...scoundrel.... So Gunslinger is like bacon? I love it
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