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  1. One of my PCs basicly did this. He first off customized his blaster rifle to effectivly be a sniper and then proceeds to pick up a Heavy Blaster Rifle from a successful ambush. He then proceeded to use the HBR while still carrying his BR. Even ditched his armor and other equipment to stay within encum threshhold. I've had to take it away from him after a bit of time (they got captured).
  2. Realizing now that I could simply combine these two ideas if needed. In any case, I intended to use the 'Stalktooine' idea during the Civil War era. What you've provided greatly helps and is highly appreciated ThreeAM. Edit: One other thing I'd like to ask is how one would stat a starting clone? Both a fair start (In line with the normal balance of the game) and minor boost start, I'm thinking a stat line of 2-3-2-2-1-2 with 110xp and prob 1 rank in either (Ranged Heavy) or Ranged (Light). Or would it be more thematic to give them no extra xp? The idea for this would be to have them gain double XP while they're in training and allow the PCs to develop more in this 'prologe' of the game.
  3. Greetings friends, My group's current game is reaching it's conclusion and I've begun thinking on what to do next, if life can spare me time that is. I've been pondering running one of two ideas of campaigns. I'm here to get some general ideas on how to run such a campaign if I choose either one of these as well as any other critques. In case it matters, this would be my second GMing experience, and the PC count would roughly be 3-4 players. Option #1: a Clone Wars Commando group (potentially civil war but most of my players like the clone wars). Idea is pretty straight forward, PCs are Clone Commandos sent to do varous missions for the Republic (probably will completely take the story from the old video game while adding in some custom stuff). Obvoulsy the game will be using the AoR CRB. The focus of this game would be combat and (hopefully) strategy on the PCs' part. The advantage with this game is the effective corrodor that can be created for the game, not in the adventures but in the PCs' motivations and purposes. My idea on how this would start is the PCs going through training and getting double the standard xp while in training. The only issue I see for myself is that I don't have the AoR CRB... and it might be out of my price range atm (not to mention there may be no stock in the local shops). Another issue could be the whole 'Base of Operations' or group vehicle, something I also messed up with in the current game (gave them a vehicle, used it purely as a plot teleport). Option #2: After purchasing 'S.T.A.K.E.R: Call of Prepyat' via Steam, I felt enspired with the idea of a location that is completly alien to the galaxy at large. General jist of this idea is a planet had all kinds of science facilities during the time of the Old Republic/Sith war, which obvously has bad things happen to it. Skipping over a ton of detail, we arrive to a planet that's surface can constantly shift or open up under a person's feet, full of bizar impossible creatures, varous force abominations, strange mechanical or biological artifacts, dangerous anomalies and an eary green (living) fog that covers the planet. The general feel I'd be aiming for in this game would be exploration and the element of the unknown. The reason for a single planet focus would be because my prevous game was all over the galaxy and a couple of my players mentioned how they didn't really get to explore a specific planet and generaly felt disatisfied with the way it was run. An obvious issue is the amount of custom items, locations, etc, that need to be created (something I'll prob ask help for here if I pick this game). Another difficulty for myself is finding a motivation for the PCs to be dedicated to the planet (besides a hostile environment for vehicles or money). This game would most-likely use the EotE CRB and run via Obligation (something I have failed to understand). I probably missed a couple of things I could add but this is all that has come to mind at the moment. Again, all types of input is desired.
  4. One idea that's passed through my mind once of a medical droid that stood against droid rights. He would firmly believe that droids shouldn't deter from their intended design, if they did he would call them out as defective.
  5. Session went well. Players fled from the rancors so no need to worry about it apparently. Thanks for your responses!
  6. Hello fellow GMs, I require aid as I'm currently setting up for the next session for my group and we'll be playing in a couple of hours (as of this post obviously). The only thing I need help with (or at the moment anyway) is how to deal with an encounter involving a 'repellent' device and the local wildlife. The juist is this: The planet the PCs are on is constantly foggy, a type of fog that's also hard to get a com-signal through. The dominate species ('Bugs' we'll call them) of the planet are cannibalistic but will work as a co-ordinated group to take down new prey. They are blind creatures, so they locate their prey by other means (not fully fleshed out yet). To deter these creatures, PCs will have access to a 'sonic emitter' to keep the buggers away. Unfortunatly, a type of blind Rancor lives on the planet that uses similar senses to the Bugs but unlike the Bugs, they will try to locate the source of the emitter and attempt to destroy it. What I'm envisioning: Basically, Bugs will swarm all around the PCs and keep a safe distance away because of the emitter. Bugs run away, ignoring the emitter, if they hear a/the rancors. The rancors don't care for the PCs until they get into medium range with said device. If PCs turn off device, Rancor ignores them while the Bugs will keep out of sight of the rancor. How should I convey to the PCs that too strong of a signal could draw unwanted 'friends'? This is also because of the baddies on the planet have such an amplifiable device, if they so wish to use it. Any other questions for clarification or details are welcomed, if necessary. Thanks!
  7. Thank you Fred for your advice. Definitely will come in handy.
  8. Greetings Fellow Forum-Goers, My PCs have captured a few droids from a revolt and will begin interrogating (or 'interviewing' as one of them like to call it) the droids for info. Their current mindset is to keep restraining bolts attached to them as they do this. I have a few questions that hopefully you can answer below: 1. In what way could the restraining bolts help the interrogation? EI, could the PCs force the droids to tell no lies and to give the PCs an answer for every question? 2. For the mechanic of the group, what kind of info should they know about restraining bolts? What kind of info should they know about simply 'reading' the mind of a droid through the use of tech? 3. For those who have experienced interrogations against their NPCs before (or maybe a PC who has interrogated an NPC before); what should I expect besides the questions? If anything at all. Any advice in this situation? 4. One of the droids wasn't meant to be caught they managed to do it anyway. It basically has links to the Big Bad who has yet to even be hinted at yet in the campaign (and I feel it's too early to share such info). What kind of precautions could have been taken by the one who effectively 'planted' a droid into this revolt? Say for example; If PCs try to read it's memories another device in it's head/chest starts to wind up and explode? Just some ideas in this area would be nice for future droids they'll meet as well. I do intend to reward them with lots of juicy info due to their successful capture of this droid but I want to limit it. To help clarify: The droid is a LE-series repair droid who's been somewhat repurposed into an infiltration droid to either create more rebellious droids or, in this case, retrieve a McGuffin. 5. Not so much a question but I figured if someone has a RP interrogation story, of any kind, it'd be cool if you could share it with us. -Charter
  9. Hello again. I've returned for further help in regards to Obligation and Motivation. Honestly, both of these items have left me somewhat stumped, even after reading them a few times. I believe I understand what's being said but I could be wrong. Nonetheless, my reason for here isn't exactly how Obligation works but more how to deal with a particular Player's Obligation, my question on Motivation will appear later. The PC in question is a Human Bounty Hunter Assassin. He's chosen Oath as his starting Obligation, which is basically as follows: He swore an oath to himself to be the best Assassin, loyal to the Empire. In relation to this, he has mentioned that he wants this inner-conflict of him wanting to turn in the other PCs or to continue to help them. Knowing how the Player has played thus far, I totally see him giving in to the 'dark side' of this inner-conflict and then totally derailing the game into oblivion. After thinking it through on my own, I told him it's not going to work but I've come to realize that was offly rash of me and I should seek help from those with more GMing experience. I have yet to have a full conversation on the topic with him and decided I should ask now for help. While I have similar issues with Obligation of other PCs (probably due to my lack of communication & full understanding of the topic), I feel if this one can be sorted out then the others will follow-suit. Onto my Motivation question. In relation to the same PC, is Motivation is 'Greed'. Now I will give him ample reason to keep to the jobs he said he'd do, he has constantly considered handing in a PC or two for an extra credit. Heck, he proceeded to muscle money out of Lei Muoroy from the 'Trouble Brewing' adventure then attempted to mug the woman Lei was muscling up (which he failed cause I pulled the woman away as he muscled up Lei). He's mentioned that his character is 'greedy' to become the best Assassin to the point where he's more notorious than Boba Fett, meaning I might ask him to change his Motivation to better fit that actual motivation better (still somewhat fresh characters). All criticism welcome.
  10. Hello again. The chase through the cave didn't go as planned (as is expected in these games it seems). It went well none-the-less. I'm here today to seek some advice on a game I'm going to be having tomorrow over Skype. My father has asked me to try running the Edge Of The Empire beginner game with a few of the kids that show up every Friday night. I currently don't have full numbers but I have told him 6 is the max I'm willing to play with. My request is two-fold: 1. The suspected age of the players will be between 12-16 with their only experience being Imperial Assault or other strategy minded games. I've seen others on the site with heavy looting being an issue but I should be able to handle that. Basically, I'm asking for is what is people's experience with such groups for a (probable) one night game? 2. How should I modify the beginner game if I have 6 players? Primarily for the first encounter against the Gamorreans for the Initiative and the final fight against the TIEs. My thought with the space fight is to have the party effectively split in two as two other secret security droids that belonged to Trex reactivate while on the 'Krayt Fang'.
  11. Just had a thought. The 3 players in particular haven't experienced the chase rules. I could use their tracking skill vs the Bounty Hunters' tracking skill with the difficulty being the Bounty's stealth. Probably make the chase 5-6 rounds worth, ending early if the Bounty is eventually caught up with or taken down. With that, I don't have to make an overly complicated maze but make different set pieces of the cave for roughly 6 rounds worth while also teaching my players a new game concept. I could still even let them make choices on which path to take but keep enough pressure on them that they simply don't slow down. Triumphs lead to short-cuts while despairs lead to a quick combat encounter with some local wildlife. Would this be a good compromise or should I stick with the more tried and true variant of them going through a 'dungeon'.
  12. Thanks again for the ideas and suggestions on how to deal with the situation with said player. I've spoken with him but we'll see how things fare. I now have another request. I'm trying to plan an encounter around the idea that the PCs have to find their target. Basicly, 3 of my PCs will be hunting down a Bounty in a (hopefully friendly) competition with another group of Bounty Hunters. Their prey is using a cave network as his base of operations, forcing the PCs to hunt their target and hopefully reach him before the Bounty Hunter group does. How would one normally go about this? Do I simply make a map and keep most of it hidden one way or another until they come across another pathway? Do I simply use the dice and have an arbitrary cave system based on their dice rolling? Do I do a combination of both? The Bounty is familiar with the cave system and will try to fire upon either party before ducking back into a crack in the wall or similar.
  13. Thank you all for the responses. I feel some history is required to show both my RPG experience and my player(s). This is the second table-top RPG I've invested time in, first one being a game I made up at a younger age that was a combination of standard table-top gaming and RPGing, so my actual GMing skill is very 'green'. I do have one other player who has played another RPG but it was 'Call Of Cthulhu', so she has a somewhat high paranoia rate in the game (she keeps this under control in game). The Wookiee player is a younger chap of 16 years (youngest of the group), this being his first ever experience of table-top RPGs. Continuing with the wookiee player; he has genuine interest in playing and wanting to play well but, as already mentioned above, doesn't seem to get the grasp of things. I prob should have mentioned I was partially hoping for mechanical/narrative ideas on how to latch him into the world, but I will take all advice onboard in order to improve things all around (I'm not exactly a push-over but I am not as strict as I should be). However, his 'always have to win, no matter the cost' attitude and meta-gaming is tiring. A couple of my players have tried meta-gaming the mechanics and I plan to talk with them about that when the chance arises. What I have learned is that there is a name for this type of player now; 'Murder Hobo'. @Grimmerling: Much appreciated for those links. Thinking up different 'anchors' to try to draw all the PCs to the world as of this moment. For those wondering how my other players think about this: We haven't exactly started the main campaign, I've been doing a lot of mini-missions to get a good handle of the rules and situations they may put me in. As a result, only 3 of my 6 players have actually played stuff outside the beginner box set. That said, of the other two players that have played, they both have shown a mild annoyance towards these events. This is where nearly 5mins was spent with them mentioning that was a bad idea. This particular event lead me here in hopes I could find a way to mechanically and narratively bind him into the world as the loss of his credits after roughly 1 hour of play was more devastating to the player than the risk of his NPC friends dying (which he, granted, just met outside of narrative). While I do partially blame myself for not seeing this coming, I'm glad it did pop up so I could try to deal with it before the main campaign started. @Blackbird888: I guess 'good' friend is incorrect usage of the word 'good'. More like 'we hang out occasionally, play games and sometimes discuss things' friend would be more appropriate. My top post there was written in both annoyance and a want to have an idea to try to make things better, so there was a bit of passion with each key hit. Anyway, I will use the 'shape up or leave' option as my last bullet. I fully understand it, I'm simply hoping for a few other ideas to be suggested. As they have.
  14. Greetings Forum-Goers, experienced GMs & Players alike, I'm here to ask a question and plan to keep this forum for all my questions here on out, rather than making a new post every time I think up one. Anyway, to the point: I am in need of help concerning a player who shows 100% disregard for all NPCs that don't do what he wants, fail to help him or don't have any perceived value to him. I should maybe elaborate a bit more. During a 1-on-1 session, he was asked to help an old time friend, a member of the Rebellion, to help save some political prisoners from their expected execution. The general jist of the mission was the prisoners were held in a valley and the NPCs with the PC (the old friend, a bothan pathfinder and a rebel recruit) could not enter the nearby town as they were known rebels, unlike the PC who's a mercenary. The old friend gives him a few places to check in town that might help reveal where the prisoners were being held. To help the PC with that (who is a wookiee) the NPC also provided Kashyyyk fruit to use as a cover. The PC then entered the market and proceed to sell the fruit to a slushy maker. He made a deal on when he'll come back (one hours time ingame) and then proceeded to the cantina and offered to help clean dishes there for a hour. He then returned to the slushy maker who handed him a large sum of credits due to successful sales and he requested more. The PC radio's in that he needs more fruit and the NPC does in fact have some left but it'll take roughly two hours for it to arrive (via the hands of the Rebel recruit). He agrees to this and then proceeds to the cantina to work another 2 hours there. What interactions he was with Imperials up to this point always work in his favor (very good rolls) and they don't touch him (even though he's pretty much the only wookiee on the planet). I needed to increase the stakes and remind him of his actual reason for being there, so I then had the Officer in charge of both maintaining the town and the prison (which was meant to be a complete secret) come to town to speak with the town elder. The Pathfinder NPC reports this to the PC, who then proceeds to sell his fruit in a hurried manner. The officer and the elder then proceed to the market where the wookiee is giving the crate of fruit to the slushy maker and the officer interrogates the wookiee via the slushy seller translating. Many more successful dice later, the PC convinces the Officer that he's only the delivery man and the fact he carries a vibro-axe is to deal with the local wild-life when he has to travel on foot to another location. The officer then assigns two stormtroopers to guard the PC until he leaves the planet. The PC then proceeds to kill both stormtroopers in the woods before ordering the rest of the NPCs via-com that they need to move now. They ask if he's discovered the location and he says no. We then fast-forward past the point where the PC does a successful charge at an enemy emplacement and comes to the conclusion that the prison is at the middle of the lake. He then attempts to take one of the Imps' hover craft to cross, only to get shot down by roughly two squads of stormtroopers, along with the rest of his party. The wookiee lost his hard earned money from the slushy maker and the rebel recruit was the only one to die. At this point, I ended the session and had to call a break as I tried to think of a way to get him out. That is when two of my other players suggested they could use this as a way they first meet each other and help each other. I agree to this and have the wookiee and the bothan pathfinder NPC break out on their own and meet up with the other two PCs. Not going to go through the full adventure of trying to rescue ppl, but will go through the stuff that proved annoying/unfortunate with/for the wookiee. One of the other PCs, a human, disguised himself as a stormtrooper and took the wookiee to the prisoner transports. As the sergeant tells the PC to stand to the side as he asks some questions to the governour some questions, the wookiee inside the transport tells the political prisoners and the old friend that they have a plan and to follow his lead. He also asks if any of the political prisoners will help and 6 offer, he then tries to coerce the rest to fight (who all happen to be very old or not physically capable). He fails a first time, with a blind old woman saying they aren't able to do so. He tries a second time, rolling a despair, which leads to the sergeant stating that the wookiee will be beheaded by the disguised PC. So the wookiee is pulled out of the transport and put on a simple landspeeder with the sergeant, the other PC and a random stormtrooper. Fast-forward to the plan where the bothan pathfinder detonates explosives at certain points in the city to distract and draw stormtroopers to said points. Unfortunately the wookiee, immediately after the explosives go off, proceeds to remove his cuffs and attacks the stormtrooper sergeant that's nearby, thus all stormtroopers at the square are now focused on him and the prisoners and not going for the sites of the explosives (20-some). The prisoners proceed to fight the stormtroopers, where the wookiee player then complains they shouldn't be fighting but running. As more and more of the prisoners are getting killed in the combat, he also mentions he wants the old blind woman to be one of those to die. She ends up surviving but the rest of the political prisoners (13 of them) all end up dying. All in all, it was a disaster. I had to stay my hand in many instances of what SHOULD have happened instead of what DID happen. I quickly urged the human PC to get the transport and use it's weapons against the stormtroopers, as they were about to shoot down the wookiee yet again. Granted, some of this is my fault, too many stormtroopers, too much danger, etc. I know that the reason the PC cared little for NPCs is normal, as they have no real human value because their fictitious, I simply foresee the PC making things worse for the group by acting in such a selfish fashion. We have talked about this but he either refuses to listen or doesn't seem to understand that he's still doing it wrong. Heck, he's a wookiee marauder who is force sensitive and wishes to be a light-side user yet the first power he asked to have was force choke (only have EotE core rulebook anyway so he can't get it) and he tries to coerce everyone who doesn't do what he wants. He really wants to get a lightsaber and talks about how it could be used in every situation, when I've told him specifically that it's not something you'll simply come across and using it openly will cause a lot of trouble. I'm not against him having a lightsaber, but I am unwilling to give it to him due to his actions. That said, I also see him accidently getting everyone in the party in massive trouble if he continues to react and act such a way to everything. He's the kind of guy who tends to charge headfirst into e-webs in order to get things done (as we experienced in Imperial Assault). I'm not writing this to vent steam off of an annoying player, I writing this because this player is a good friend and I wish for him to get the full fun out of this game as possible but without risking the other players. Any help from both GMs or players on how to help my friend get into the right mindset for the game. Thank you for reading through this mess.
  15. Totally missed the 'deflect' function in the weapons section, I will use that instead of reflect, amongst other reasons (ie. not Force Sensitive). This is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you again forum-goers.
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