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  1. When a target is hit with multiple attacks, through the use of Full Auto or Lightning Attack for example, and the force field absorbs one or more hits, do all of the attacks resolve before the flash grenade or teleport effect take place? Or if someone gets blasted by a storm weapon do they just end up teleporting away before getting shot to bits by multiple unblocked hits?
  2. Could you do me a massive favor and tell me a bit about the Astropath options? Currently waiting until I get my next paycheck and the book comes to my FLGS to finally get my hands on it.
  3. What mechanics would you want to see redone to be less brutal, clunky or overpowered? If there is ever another errata, what would you like to see in it? Of all the psychic disciplines, I really think Biomancy is the best of the bunch. It provides utility in being able to heal, get rid of fatigue, and change your appearance. Once you get to the bottom of the tree it gets crazy. Warpspeed makes other characters at melee or at range obsolete. I just witnessed one such biomancer tear apart a chaos space marine with no effort, using Lightning Attack and Two Weapon Master to kill him before he got the chance to strike at him or the rest of the party. It was nuts. Snare is also an issue of that group, mainly because it it renders targets helpless. I could see Snare immobilizing them, perhaps dropping the target prone as well, but rendering a target a non-threat until they pass a test is a bit much in my opinion. I'm interested in seeing what some others think, based on some discussions here in the forums.
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing Rogue Trader either as a Second Edition or as a large expansion. I just want something that fills in that space so that my group and I can eventually go back to our long running cross-game campaign with fully 2nd edition rules. Same for Deathwatch. I don't necessarily need or want whole new sectors or anything like that, just the rules and updates for those systems. Give me the ability to create new characters that fill in the roles of a Rogue Trader's retinue or Deathwatch kill team, as well as weapons, armor, and enemies to do battle with and I'm satisfied.
  5. Fair enough, that makes sense. I'd question the logic of players deliberately avoiding combat characters, but supposedly having fun playing them as Reinforcements, but as you said it makes sense to have this just in case. However, having these heroic characters even before you have a system for requisitioning grunt troops just looks weird. (sidenote: I may also be biased due to my belief in Marines in this system being seriously OP, and one of the first Reinforcement Characters was a Deathwatch Veteran) I think we can requisition more normal troops, such as hive gangers or storm troopers. In either case, I'm glad that they added options such as these, but wish that my group actually made use of them. I love playing with my group, but can't help feeling that we're somehow exponentially incompetent since a few of us seemingly actively try to make us miss investigative clues, instead opting to rush in and kill our enemies. As for Space Marines, I think that at higher experience values the differences are mostly gone. My group takes on Chaos Space Marines with little trouble at around 10k experience. They start out stronger, but its designed to be that way to begin with. Like I said in my earlier post, eventually the Reinforcement characters aren't a big deal anymore.
  6. I wouldn't say too low level, but I think it kind of sucks that the Reinforcement Characters seem to be intended to steal the show. If there are any big heroes at all, it generally ought to be the player characters. But this way, it's just like the dreaded GMPC who pops up and demonstrates just how much better he is, except that this time around it's the players who get to play them. The face- and backgroundless combat monster with OP stats and gear straight out of some boring book page, who gets to kicks ass whilst the actual PCs with their (hopefully) lovingly crafted backstories are put in the place of sidekicks. I really don't know why that seemed like a smart idea, other than the niche purpose of an "alternate party" as I vaguely recall one group on this forum using in DH1. tl;dr: Yes, yes and yes to actual extras and supporting characters rather than limelight usurpers who push the story's stars aside. To a certain extent I understand why reinforcement characters exist in this manner. There will be parties that are limited, or don't have any true combat capable characters. While it is a short coming on the acolytes' part, there do need to be ways for them to approach combat situations in an effective manner. While the reinforcement characters are indeed powerful, they are still no match for a truly combat focused character or party in my opinion (not at the start of course, but by the time they're at the level of influence to afford some of those stronger reinforcements they should be able to handle things more so on their own). Not only that, but paying Influence is a rather big deal, even if the party has access to the peer talents that discount reinforcement characters. I view it as a fail-safe in case the acolytes truly get over their heads, or otherwise need to contend with forces above their weight class like Chaos Space Marines or Daemons.
  7. They introduced Gray Knights as a reinforcement character, I wouldn't like to see one as a pc though. I'm very much in agreement. I think we should leave space marines as reinforcement characters unless we're playing a game specifically made and tailored to them. In any case, I'm really excited to learn some Sanctic Daemonology. In the Ordo Chronos game that recently went on break we ended up fighting a Keeper of Secrets in the final act, and knowing such skills would have been very much to our advantage. As for Malefic Daemonology and Dark Pacts.... No Emperor loving servant of the Imperium would ever use such a thing, right? They must surely be studied, so that we know how to combat such sorcery! >_>
  8. I really hope that Enemies Beyond won't be the last book for DH2. I really love the system and can always use more content. However, even if it is the last book for DH2 I still want to see RT2 and DW2 so those gamelines get updated. It would really break my heart to see otherwise, as my group has had a long running multi-line campaign going off and on for the past several years, and in the "season finale" where all of the lines intercepted we really had some issues with some aspects of the older games. To see them updated would be great and would definitely lighten my wallet.
  9. How exactly do the armor mods in the title (found in Enemies Within) interact with Pyromancy powers? Do you add the +3 Armour from ceramite armour before or after doubling the armour points from hexagrammic wards?
  10. I'm really looking forward to being able to read the book, but this really worries me as to the future of the line. Will we have to wait in a similar manner when Enemies Beyond comes out? What about if there is another 2nd Edition line? Will we have to wait an additional month or more when Rogue Trader or Deathwatch (hopefully) gets that treatment? I really love the 40k gamelines but my group and I only have so much time to play them. We have a timetable involving various games run by differing GMs, with a lot of system variation. By delaying products, they're effectively reducing the amount of utility I can feasibly get out of them and making them worth less to me in the long run. I might only get to play DH2e for a few more months and I would really like as much content as possible to play around with. If I don't get it within that window, besides the fantastic art and lore, it becomes almost useless to me.
  11. Does anyone have any idea when a PDF version will be released? I prefer having all my books in a digital format so I can do stuff like CTRL+F.
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