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  1. I really liked what you did. I would love if they did something similar to that.
  2. That's why i think that the Titles may be a good thing. They could even be negotiated with Treaties ("Leave Imperial Treasurer to me and i won't attack this round, first player"). But in truth i'm only saying what a guess that would be cool, still need to play the multiplayer as it has been proposed now.
  3. Strategically may be a good idea, but i think this end up not being fun for anyone
  4. I like the way it played, and i believe that is a solution to the problem, but a think it's a bit "heavy" to introduce as a game variant that, as far as we know, will not get a expansion box. I think that something like the Titles in GOT is better in the sense that you don't need to put much effort printing stuff or even writting the title effects.
  5. I guess that something like the Titles in GOT LCG mitigates this problem. In GOT every round the players must chose a Title. The Titles have an ability and Rivals and Supports. Attacking it's Rivals the player is rewarded, and he can't attack the titles he Supports (but normaly the titles he Supports will get to attack him).
  6. One of the things i liked most in the multiplayer Game of Thrones LCG were the titles. Every round the players had to choose a title like "Hand of the King", "Master of Coins" and etc. Each of these titles had an cool ability, like buying more cards and getting more gold, but most important, they had the "Rivals" and "Supports" system. The Rivals and Supports make each round really dinamic, forbiding attacks against some players and giving rewards when attacking others. I think that Titles would really fit L5R multiplayer. In L5R lore the clans compete for the various imperial titles (Imperial Advisor, Emerald Champion, etc). And mechanically the Titles prevent that a single player get predate too much by the other players, what, in the end, harms the fun for everyone.
  7. Mirumoto Two Swors School is awesome. The mechanics really fit the theme of using off-hand sword both to attack and defend. I like almost all school abilities. But i think that, while the Shiba Guardian is working now (being 1 use per scene) is not a very fun school ability. It's a good effect but i don't see Way of the Phoenix defining a Shiba Guardian. And i don't know, but a Guardian shouldn't be better at... guarding? The Shiba Guardian should be one of the best yojimbo of Rokugan, but their school ability don't quite make them more able to protect their charges, to put themselves in harm's way to give life to their shugenja. Also i would really like if there was a School Ability at School Rank 3. I guess that a good samurai will be at least rank 3, and he should have something more defining of his shool. There's too much ground between School Ability and Mastery Ability. Something between those two would be nice.
  8. Thanks! I think it's slight odd, but i really like the theme around Fatigue. About the Mirumoto School, i really liked the mechanics, they are really good. But it made me think that Shiba Guardian needed more love.
  9. "A character who is not Incapacitated may spend 1 Void point to voluntarily suffer a critical strike instead of defending, representing the character allowing themself to be struck for a tactical advantage.” I didn't understand why would someone do that.
  10. This section "Removing Strife In addition to removal of strife as a result of an outburst, characters naturally remove strife as time passes. At the end of each scene, each character removes a number of strife equal to their Water ring rank." must be ignored too?
  11. What about ignoring the first critical in a turn?
  12. Maybe 2 more. 1 more would be too weak, don't?
  13. I'm ok with current school progression, but i would like to see more school exclusive technique. Right now we don't know if "Lord Hida's Grasp" will be Hida Defender or Crab Bushi only.
  14. ... I'm choosing to tell what i felt about the defense system... i have no problems if it stays the way it is now. Since is a thread about defense scaling and there are other people that felt it odd, i'm just saying what i think about it. And is important to a RPG system to evoke feelings, images and ideas, is not about "CHOOSING" to have any problems. Right now the defense seens odd to me. What i can't visualize is why a rank 1 courtier have the same TN to hit as a master swordsman, who naturally would be better at dodging and positioning "passively". This is not a fight, don't be so defensive. After all, doesn't matter how better with arguments you are, the TN to hit you is 2 Btw i don't think that using a Ring to calc Passive Defense would work, since the Ring would get much more powerfull than the other.
  15. Well, since i was talking about how i perceived this aspect of the system... i guess you can say that i was being selective. But yes, the defense being based on a rapid, easy abstraction pushed my sense of disbelief too far, while the other stuff didn't. I'm not saying that the defense is a bad design, or that it don't work. But is one of the few things that i having problens correlating system with fiction. Maybe is the way i visualise samurai fights, i dunno.
  16. I'm sorry, I guess I did not express myself well. Yes, I basically described the current combat, changing the word "wounds" (I agree your "tempo" idea, btw, sounds cool). What I was trying to say would bring some change would be to put more "grades" of Critical Strikes, between Close Call and Staggering Strike, and Crushing Blow and Maiming Strike. Maybe drawing inspiration from EotE table.
  17. It bugs me that a skilled bushi is not exactly better dodging attacks (isn't it the basics of japanese sword fight?) than a, i dunno, scared courtier. I understand all the problems about scaling, simplicity and balancing the game, but i'm having difficulties to accept this abstraction. And i guess that the mechanics doesn't need to be "realistic" but need to achieve suspension of disbelief. Right now, it just strikes me as something really odd. I like the idea of wounds being renamed to something else. Like, i dunno, Fatigue. The characters would lose fatigue until they run out of it and get a real blow. Which would be the current critical injury. In this model, there could even have more critical injuries categories, like EotE, with some of them giving penalties to the characters like the old wound system of the L5R 4th. Maybe some fights at high level would get somewhat long this way, but not with minions.
  18. Hey, Oggdude, I'm interested in translating the generator to Portuguese. How could i do it?
  19. Is there any way to translate the menu buttons? I'm trying to translate this awesome character creator to portuguese.
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