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  1. Submarining is a decent strategy. Hope is not.
  2. I run Saboteur now, and I'd be happy if they just erratad it to either eliminate the die, or made it a "free action" also Leia sucks
  3. Didn't someone just go undefeated with Parattani at System Open Texas ?
  4. it'll probably be Action: place an illicit token on an equipped illicit upgrade card. when directed to discard the illicit upgrade card you may discard the illicit token instead. (takes up to 2 crew slots, or even 3) or could be like Gonk where an additional action Action: place an illicit token on Jabba
  5. I would think that since it will be such a limited run anyway, they will do all english. Were the cards translated last year? Or were they all Aurebesh? can't recall. I think the day one prizes alone should cover entry+a cheap hotel and add a mat too that.... It would be fantastic if they where to print them all in English. As I have no use for a german damage deck....would like to have some confirmation tho..... I asked this from FFG, all damage decks are in English. I would've liked a german damage deck
  6. Hoth 4.2, so that would be Brad Miller v Darwin Schafer. (3)JM5K vs Mynock Special. The Special is Whisper, Omega Leader (Lockdown) and Yorr. If I remember correctly, Yorr replaced OGP because of stresshogs. pulling stress from whisper from the k turn was just a side benefit
  7. lester

    Weird Collections

    I buy 200pts of the cheapest pilot of every single ship in the game, does that count?
  8. I have a few of the sets. got em to use the shields on x-wing cos they're smaller
  9. @FFGOP tweeted that it isn't in bog box stores, just hobby shops
  10. I'm 5 starters and 64 boosters in, and I'm more irked that I have 6 Ackbars and yet only one endless ranks card. I thought endless ranks was an uncommon?
  11. Good catch. Nice to hear the points of view of the new Champ. also more drunken podcasting from Ryan pls. and keep Dee sober
  12. so how would this work with the crit that doesn't allow you to be assigned straight maneuvers? dial a red instead so you're guaranteed to be able to pull off the 2 straight?
  13. you forgot the obvious. Buy another one. So you can practice Dengaroo mirror matches against yourself prior to worlds
  14. I'm sure that'll slow down after worlds and the pros no longer see the need to obscure their lists. (if you're not sure what I mean, check juggler)
  15. We drafted Mando Merc, and tried our best to come up with a list that used him/her. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough other stuff to make a truly terrifying build and that list got dropped But what I am truly disappointed about is that someone drafted Fel's Wrath and didn't have the b*lls to build a list with him! Oh I tried. Up until last min I was on the crack swarm till we decided a player shuffle was the best for the team. At that point I was pairing lots of "aces" with a palp kagi and just couldnt find anything that resembled competitive so I went with an older style Kagi strom setup. I was this close to going 4 imp ships so I could bring Fels Wraith... Ya, thanks for that Starslinger, now I have to play against Dom's crack swarm with a Jank Imperial list....keep pouring the salt into the wound.... and somehow this was random?
  16. Why wasn't Back to Dials on this contest?
  17. and does that rotate? or is it that Commonwealth gets every 6th pick?
  18. I dont think so... But I am in the room at the moment. I will try to post updates here on the draft and edit in updates. Does that work for anyone interested? Im not aware what the draft order is. If it's a snake draft, who goes first then who goes next?
  19. So They're not streaming it then?
  20. I love the mynocks! But i want some drama and beef out of this! I bet Dee has a hacker in his crew that is gonna hack Blair's vassal. Even if there wasn't, (i dont know if there is or not) i can see S&V claiming its why someone had bad rolls on Vassal..
  21. I like all of them, but only seem to have time for Mynock, Nova, S&V, and Back to Dials. I especially like Mynock especially when Tyson pulls double duty on there when hes not on Back to Dials. I figure that 's why he always seems to refer any feedback to "feedback@backtodials.com"
  22. it's true. i now know how far i can push Ryan before he folds.
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