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  1. could you reflect far strike? also would a short distance far strike still be a single purple attack?
  2. See I would consider the aggressor as more of a control class. Yes, they have some extra damage but they mostly use disorient and fear to weaken their opponent.
  3. I was thinking of Juyo with talents like frenzied attack (for sabers) and some dual wielding talents.
  4. Well, lets speculate. We know we get Vaapad but have no other ideas what kind of specializations will be in the book. I can see Juyo as a second lightsaber form (giving warrior a total of 5 in class force points possible) and making Vapaad a signature ability. I do think a Teras Kasi spec would be awesome. I know we can have so many crafting specs but maybe if they angle it the right way, weapon master, could be an interesting spec. What do you think the specs will be?
  5. Conjure seems to draw from the Clone Wars cartoon where Master Windu fights Mother Talzin. She conjures a blade and fights him
  6. I don't think there is one. I would make your own. For example, in my game the temple was a retrofitted Tho Yor from the ancient times of the galaxy. The jedi could only understand so much of it but found its value in balancing the force. Even if you look at Lure of the Lost, the expansion to the beginner's game, I don't think there is anything.
  7. I am hoping Alchemist is the sort of a lightsaber spec like Arbiter, Sentry, and Armorer? I see Magus and Prophet as more social/pure force classes. All i want is some in class reflect for mystics
  8. One of my ideas was to take the dawn temple and have more prisoners who were some of the lost 20 ( I know it doesn't match up lore wise but maybe something like them) and the PCs must track down dark jedi across the galaxy as they return to home planets. It lets you explore the galaxy, have awesome lightsaber fights, and get good stories on why they were locked up. Maybe they were shacking up with their padawans, maybe they were using influence in really immoral ways, secret fight clubs, or heirs to royalty on planets. You could make a list of a ton of them and have them at different ranks (padawan, knight, master) and then your PCs could be tracked down alongside these jedi as they are swinging around lightsabers. Hethan could then provide intel on each jedi from the dawn temple and provide quests at intervals (maybe as he unlocks technical archives in the temple). I know it is a lot but i feel like it sets up a good framework for a campaign
  9. What if alchemist was closer to the original idea of changing metals and they had a high end talent to change normal metals into cortosis. Add that to some of the talents from the metal shapers of Weik and I think that is the most we can speculate.
  10. There is a cool one in ghosts of dathomir. I dont have the book with me but it is basically an imperial LAAT
  11. I could see something like that in the sorcerer tree. I am betting that seer and prophet are complimentary trees just like pathfinder and hermit.
  12. Maybe you didn't roll your knowledge xenology high enough
  13. I am curious how the classes will play out. Hopefully alchemist has some lightsaber or crafting talents. It will be interesting to see how it varies from armorer and artisan. I would kill for some reflect talents (dark side points gained) Maybe sorcerer will have some talents that help with unleash (which I think might be under powered). I bet prophet has some enhancements or talents that incorporate foresight or this might be where we see the reflect talents. It could be used to show how the force user knows where the attacks will be
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