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  1. LunarSol

    officers incoming

    Most of these guys don't excite me, though the Astromech ability to remove Ion has potential if the game ever moves away from activation spam.
  2. LunarSol

    is 800 points to small of a army?

    Honestly, probably the most healthy thing they could add to the competitive play document is an additional army building restriction of a maximum number of units. I'd argue as low as 10 for 800 point games though perhaps 12 is more reasonable. I think the game could definitely shine at 1000 points and the FOC above with something like a 12-15 unit cap to make the expensive stuff more viable.
  3. LunarSol

    LunarSol's Painting Log

    Not sure if I'm going to keep up with Legion. It's a great game, but I haven't played in ages and even when I do, it seems like its only against other Imperial players. In any case, I wasn't going to quit without at least getting these guys done. Papa Palpatine! Regardless, this is kind of the end of the core material, and I thought that deserved a group shot:
  4. LunarSol

    Chewie article is up

    Yeah, I know. I don't want to have to do that to run the 4 of them together. I'd like to be able to at 800.
  5. LunarSol

    Chewie article is up

    Can the teamwork be updated to let Han be taken as a spec ops or something with Chewie? I really want to be able to run the 4 together.
  6. LunarSol

    Royal Guard and Palp Despatched

    What's the unknown card in Palps box?
  7. LunarSol

    Feeling demoralized about my skill

    Case in point, the following picture: One of these stormtroopers was painted starting with beige and building up layers until I had a final white. Six of them were primed white and given another layer of white over the wash for highlights. If you can tell me which one is the one I spent all the time on, please let me know, because I've forgotten. Also, for double bonus challenge, see if you can pick him out of this picture:
  8. LunarSol

    How Do You Paint Your Blasters?

    I paint them black and then run a little bit of dark grey along it to highlight a bit. If you want more of a blue/black I'd highly recommend P3 Coal Black and doing the same thing.
  9. LunarSol

    Barricades FTW?

    I'm very hesitant to add barricades in general. They're important, but if they're over used quickly lead to games of trech warfare where no one dies or moves.
  10. LunarSol

    Army Themes and FFG failure

    I'd hate to implement a 3 color minimum for Star Wars. The poor imperial players would have to start making stuff up.
  11. LunarSol

    Are vehicles that bad in Legion?

    It's about as granular of a system as you can get. Impact only gives you a set number of extra crits after all. It doesn't convert every success into a crit usually.
  12. LunarSol

    Army Themes and FFG failure

    I assume you're referring to a zenithal highlight? For those curious, its where you prime models black, set them all up and spray them again white from above so the raised areas are white. Works pretty well; takes like 30 minutes or so. I'll admit there's been a few times I've strongly considered playing a game with a Sin City army this way.
  13. LunarSol

    Army Themes and FFG failure

    Painting is hard. It's not for everyone. It's FANTASTIC to see but you can't expect or demand it. To be brutally honest, I've played plenty of games (of various systems) against models so poorly painted I'd have rather they weren't painted at all, but I'd still rather play the game than not. As a quick tip to people who don't have the time or skill to paint but still want better looking models, I'd totally recommend spraying your models with white primer and then giving them a black wash. You can probably do an entire collection of Legion models this way in a couple hours and it will upgrade things from solid grey blocks to something that looks like a black and white line sketch. I often do it for stuff I want to play right away but don't have time to paint and it really helps make models feel like they're worth what I paid for by bringing out a lot of the detail that gets lost from solid colors.
  14. LunarSol

    Sweatpants Empire Army WIP

    I was also severely disappointed due to this expectation.
  15. LunarSol

    Base Color: Rebels/Imperials

    Bases are a different material than the models so they wouldn't end up matching anyway. If you want monochrome models that match their bases, just get a color primer and spray them all the same color.