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  1. Realized I forgot to post pics of my Shoretroopers/Tank/Bossk. I'll have to fix that. In the meantime, finished up this stuff:
  2. I tend to agree, if for no reason other than the prequels replaced the stock bad guys with robots specifically so the heroes could chop them in two without much in the way of consequence.
  3. Twice with Concussive Blast, but realistically its +2 health to her card for 15 points.
  4. Having a "does work" commander is an interesting playstyle option that the Empire hasn't seen before. I think she'll work better as an operative, but she'll make for some fun lists if nothing else. Inferno Squad may well change our opinions on that 4th Command card.
  5. Isn't the greater threat Luke killing himself by killing Padme thus never being born?
  6. Absolutely, the key part of the original question is "in op" for just this reason.
  7. In truth, I'm not at all an exact sculpt guy. If you've got a solid proxy, go for it. One of my favorite games I tried with some print out rules and a pack of Oreos to proxy models with. I just keep hearing the expectation that IA models should work in Legion and while I was on that boat, I found practically speaking, that game is so small that the models I have just don't amount to enough in Legion to be a very worthwhile endeavor.
  8. Not playing Clones, but I'd be very curious to see some comparison and sprue pictures. GW has created a generation of players who are pretty zealous when it comes to the superiority of HIPS. It's definitely a good material, and GW is unquestionably the master of using it, but its got some significant downsides that tend to get overlooked.
  9. Honestly, Taun, I respect your discourse enough not to get into this with you. It's really disappointing to have my words twisted around and shoved back down my throat though.
  10. They're also rather short ranged and somewhat based around defending a fixed position. It can make it very easy to simply stand out of range of their pistols and pick them apart. They are much better on more terrain heavy boards with fewer long lines of sight. You may have better luck starting with the Skirmish rules, where there strengths are easier to capitalize on.
  11. I think there's a lot of things going on here. I understand the core desire of wanting to play with the minis you've got, but at the same time, we're talking about a very small number of Stormtrooper models, all in the exact same pose, cast with their base molded to the model. There's no way that was going to make for a hobby minis game. Legion certainly doesn't have the best detail models on the market, but they're still a step up from IA, even if only in terms of pose variety. Part of that is growing as a model designer away from the restrictions of single piece molded base production towards multipart sculpts. I had my moment of wanting my IA to work in Legion, but once I had my Legion stuff together I realized I didn't really have anything from IA that would really work for Legion. Sure, I could scramble together a squad of Stormtroopers with Somos and the heavy trooper (who has a T-21 fwiw) but like.... there's really not much there to work with. I guess its possible that Legion could have bent backwards to reuse IA stuff, but again; the model count just isn't there in IA to make squads worth playing with. It's just not worth constraining Legion to the limitations of IA. I think there's a little more of an argument with the characters, but Legion has been remarkably restrained on that front so the draw is fairly minimal.
  12. And I agree with YOU completely, it was just the most natural branch point for the conversation.
  13. I play the games of over a dozen companies. Parts replacement is a huge part of customer service for all of them and honestly, the ones worth buying from have an incredibly low burden of proof. Most of the time if they're asking for a picture, its because they want to make sure they understand the part you're describing and will send you far more than you asked for to make sure you get what you need. Any abuses in the system are paltry to what's gained by having a good relationship with your customers and retailers. It's all pretty baffling, particularly at a time in which distribution is failing the industry.
  14. Grenades can fix this real quick. Their main weakness is just that getting to range 1 is tough without a properly dense board.
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