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  1. New guns are cool, but without a way to make it appealing to run different unit configs its going to be annoying to buy the box multiple times for the one model you want to use.
  2. As long as you have some kind of clippers to get things off the sprue, I find little need for tools above what I'd use for the PVC models.
  3. Definitely should be able to finish on time, but Chess Clocks are a good way to keep players invested in resolving the game.
  4. I've often wondered how much of what's good comes down to table size and terrain density. I think most things are pretty viable personally, but what's good is definitely in part designed by the in box terrain being a bunch of heavy cover walls to create a trench warfare strategy. A lot of what's considered bad gets pretty powerful when units are at RNG 2 of each other. Vader is certainly one of those pieces, though in that case he's still grossly outshone by his son. I do still find Vader to be pretty bad, or at least, requiring too much work to be fun. He can't be played aggressively at all, which limits his slow speed even more than it already is. Dropping back to long range output lists just makes it feel like the game mechanics are no longer fighting against me.
  5. It could work fine as a catch all as well as long as the base unit was something of a ragtag bunch of ruffians and not something organized. Most of Jabba's barge cadre works for any of the pirate factions. A bit of specialization could be done by making a rule that tied some Special Forces units to a specific commander.
  6. Needing to write down upgrades by hand and look up keywords in the rulebook is just clunky. It massively slows the game down and requires you carry a hefty tome for no real reason. If that's what you prefer just print the RRG and look up the rules that way instead of checking the back of the Legion cards. It's the same info. Also.... how long since you've played Batman? Knight definitely prints cards for the upgrades now and all the keywords are on the back of model cards so....
  7. Batman has upgrades for the models same as Legion. They've even started printing them on similar little cards. How many little cards you need mostly comes down to how unique you customize each unit. Most things you take in multiples you take with the same basic loadout anyway and even the differences are often model based. I can totally tell which unit has the med bot without having to use multiple stormtrooper cards. I'd argue that Batman is a skirmish with 5-9 units, and while a "unit" in Legion is made up of more models, you're only running a couple more "card entities" in Legion. My point is just that in no way is Batman "a couple printed sheets". Its VERY similar to Legion. Easily one of the most similar comparisons of all the game systems I play.
  8. I still don't see how its different for Legion. The cards are for units in Legion as well. I know the cards role in Batman, but they still take up almost more table space than the 3x3 map. The new ones are better, but roughly end up the same size as Legion once you've made space for counters and the like. Batman's one of my favorite games currently; its also one whose card system is most directly comparable to Legion's so I don't understand why you see a difference.
  9. You really don't. I cannot remember the last time I brought more than one Stormtrooper card to the table and when I do, its largely to count points and then I put them in a stack. Also, fwiw, the spammiest lists take 11 orders, which means you're running 11 cards, which is exactly 2 more than a single 3x3 card sheet that's the size of an 8x11 sheet of paper. Even with upgrades you're talking about a sheet and a half. I have never had a 40k army that fits on a sheet and a half.
  10. Those moments are still about armies arriving to save the heroes. They're not the focus of the story so much as an opportunity to swing the moment for or against the heroes, who the story then focuses on to react to the new situation. Part of that is just because of the medium, but its still pretty rare for anything in Star Wars to be resolved by anything other than plucky loners saving the day.
  11. Heroes more or less define Star Wars. It's always been a series about insignificant things changing the galaxy. Nothing is every really done by armies or fleets; its all about the importance of a single hero or a small one man fighter turning the tide and saving the day. Most of these games relied heavily on rules memorization or extensive lookup to play. Often times you'd spend more time flipping through the rulebook to find out what a keyword did and it was generally really challenging to get a big picture view of how a model functioned. It's notable that 40k, Batman, and Infinity have all gotten vastly more popular by moving away from this. 40k lists most of its stats in the profile these days (but has a ridiculous weapon table lookup that pushes most people to Battlescribe), Infinity is entirely digital and does the keyword lookup via the app, and notably Batman has started printing all their rules on the back of cards just like Legion (also, Batman's old cards were enormous, so I'm not sure why its in the list).
  12. Technically it would be better represented as a reroll, as the armor and lightsaber are two chances to block on a 4+ rather than working together in any way. That'd be even stronger though and gets back to the question of why Vader doesn't get something similar or why Luke doesn't get a t-shirt save reroll and its just... not how the game functions. You get 1 save with your best defense. Obi-Wan just has the 4+ twice.
  13. A lot of wargaming is used to rule books that are like 10 pages of rules and a couple hundred pages of art and background material. It's a dying trend, largely because of the death of physical media, shipping weight, translation costs and just the fact that these things get outdated quickly and linger on store shelves. I do miss them, but in the case of Star Wars there's little FFG could do with the concept. They don't really own the lore here so while they could tell some stories here and there, the unit histories are something that Lucas has released dedicated sourcebooks for for years. I suppose I haven't really dug into their RPG to see how its handled there, but ultimately if I want info on these things, there are plenty of ways to find it.
  14. If they're not shipping on sprue, there's probably a good argument to be made for sparse layouts as it makes it easier to ensure everything is both clipped off properly and organized together assuming they stick with the 1 model per baggy thing we've seen.
  15. Luke: Never. I'll never turn to the dark side. You have failed, Your Highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me. The Emperor: Young fool. Only now, at the end, do you understand. Your feeble card only works if you had been a few steps closer to me when you played it. You will pay the price for your lack of vision. Now, young Skywalker... you will die.
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