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  1. Why not hybrid stealers (like genestelaers expansion in good old day) and... Space orks with big guns and taktiks to krush xeno !!
  2. Me again... An expansion could contain 2 new characters with four heroes items each, one additional item hroes for the core set ( new heroes: why not a troll slayer and an assassin ?) I deeply hope some chaos champions and beastmen ...
  3. When i see fabulous images from warhammer invasion, i can't understand why not use some to expand warhammer quest card game, as the arkham horror / Elder sign did ( common item, spell, characters...) TWO words : EXPANSION - WHEN ?
  4. Man, this is unbelievable : exactly what i want to see (Squig ). In my fantasy dreams, i would like to create an encounter with a warboss on his Wyvern. I would like to create ( but my skills to find accurate artwork is poor ) a quest in a Town, with some Assassins, Mercenary, and secret chaos worshipers...
  5. Hello everyone... I would said " CHAOS NOOOOOOOOOOW !" There is so much stuff about chaos forces in warhammer world : Monsters, beastmens, sorcerers, minors and majors deamons, FFG, come on, money and fans awaits !!!!
  6. Yes, i understand what you mean . I just don't understand, why in the core game, locations card have the same artwork on both sides ?! It could be easy to have different looking zones on a single card... Anyway... I would add other idea : more locations card with organics looks, a sort of version of bowel-room of the Advanced space crusade ( but not so flashyyyy, arggh ) and perhaps introduce y'margl genestealers too !
  7. Hell-o I don't want to flood this place with my ideas, but i hope things i 'll bring could interest or excite creative mind...And produce it !! Here is (my) mission pack 2 ( Will it be one day ??!!) : summary : 12 location cards , 5 terrain cards ( with one can be use as the same way as the Artefact ) and a new creature The Old One Eye. Location card ( i don't have decide how many blip number for each corner ) " 1A " x 2 : Devasted bridge / Flooded passage " 1B " x 2 : Highly radioactive area / Safe corridor ( i've in mind a large place with bright light where marines can stand a defensive position easily, like AT ENTRANCE : EACH MARINE RECEIVE ONE SUPPORT TOKEN ) " 1C " x 2 : Escape pod bay / Shutdown automated factory ( a easter egg to the beloved expansion mission dreadnought for space crusade, with pic of a chaos dreadnought in rusty / dusty condition, still connect to computers ) " 2 " x 2 : Empty hangar / Illegal biological research complex ( a location where marines can find the Deadly Sample, an item, explain later ) " 3 " x 2 : Event shaft / Laser grid defense ( a place where Control Panel can activate a laser network against stealers, like roll dice and kill same ennemies as the result, and a " 0 " breaks defenitively the system) " 4 " x 2 : bio assimilation organic pool ( a sloapy tyranid nice place to be ) / Self destruct system (for an epic mission : terminate the hulk before he reaches his destination ) Terrain card Cross section, with a red spawn icon, a typical cross wich miss in the death angel base game IMO. Intersection, with a orange spawn icon, with a " T " section shape. Armored blast door , with a yellow spawn icon. I'll see for it the pattern of the "claw door" from Space Crusade , with an effect when activate: DISCARD THIS LOCATION ( = SEALED DOOR ) Ladder , with a green spawn icon, classic. Deadly Sample, with a green spawn icon. Available in the biological complex, this item is win when activate ( like artifact) EFFECT / WHEN DISCARD , KILL EVERY GENESTEALERS ENGAGED IN SAME POSITION AS THE MARINES WHO PLAY IT And finally a carnifex VIP : The Old One Eye . Has the same "rank" as a Broodlord, 2 activations symbol and can take 3 damages ( = i mean 3 skulls or a Claudio attack or a 3 or more flamer attack roll ). And at the end of the Event phase, roll a dice for regeneration capacity 0-1 / no effect 2-3 / discard one wound token 4-5 / discard two wouns token I'll really hope you like some materials here, and accelarate a new expansion in the (near) future. Thanks !
  8. hello For me : Space marine pack with Space wolves / Ultramarines. Mission packs with more rooms / locations... Complete the tyranid deck with termaggant, carnifex, red terror new deck of events Who can resist to the money call ?
  9. Hello there, I'm a huge fan of Space Hulk ( since the first edition... ) and i want more extensions for this very good adaptation into a card game. Space Marine Pack about Space Wolves, Ultramarines. Mission Pack 2 and 3 and... with... thinks about me ! I ve created new locations card, new terrain card, i ve the project to match a carnifex monster in the game. All material is in my mind, and really want to make it real BUT yes i'm not good to the art conception and a good print quality ! SO : Is anybody want to work with me to bring it on the table ?! Thanks and good bloodbath in the depths of space hulk...
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