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  1. well, yeah. I think that depends on how much "hate for the big guy" there is in your group. If you took down or gimped your neighbours you usally prevent them from destroying you hard as soon as you reach 7 or 8 points which is what ALWAYS happens close to the end. I experienced that you need to be able to fight AT LEAST your direct neighbours for one or two rounds in the end while also fulfilling objectives in order to win. this often leads to the win for the, in my opinion, "2nd best player" who managed to take advantage of the alliance against the "best player". One can argue that it is part of the game that you have to be subtle while advancing but as I like to play aggressive I rarely see other options than ruining the fun for my neighbours in order to keep them so small they can not fight back when it comes to the time I want to score my final points.....this is how I see it. In short; I think you need to smash players hard in order to win because if you dont they just group up on you with their almost equal economy, which I find toxic enough to be toxic myself mid and early game.
  2. uhhh I /think/ we play 1.Leadership 2. Diplomacy II 3. Assembly II ( I think...im not so sure here,....its one with representatives) 4. Trade III 5. Production III (im also not 100% if thats the name; the one from the last expansion) 6. Warfare II (420blazecounter) 7. Technology II 8. Bureaucracy. Some of these are a must because we play with pretty much everything the game has....so merchs and representatives have to be covered here
  3. that depends very much on how close the playgroup is in terms of expierience. new players generaly tend to oversee that constant claiming of easy objectives can win you the game easy. Also considerable is how big the urge to kill is within the group. I expierienced that players that use every opportunity to take down players entirely usually come out at the top if the other players do not intervene accordingly (which is not a given since some players are super passive although they have superior forces). Ties are rare nevertheless. I also can emphasize with players who like imperium rex; it´s just very unfitting for our playgroup. I also think that the quality of the imperium rex card generally improves with the number of players because of the frequency of "strategy 8" not getting picked at all
  4. if you were to ask me the imperium Rex card ist still an objective you can claim at the end of the game round; As for Imperium Rex; MOST of the time we play with beuraucracy so this gets scry´d down quite often. Upon realization that most players want to play more than the base objectives and then game gets randomly imperium rekt we simply removed that one. I mean sure; everyone wants to win to some degree but Imperium Rex usually just brings up an unsatisfieying victory
  5. The Keyword here is "In space Battle". All the Pre-combat-fire abilities are in the pre-combat step and not considered spacebattle according to the rulebook
  6. nah I think this is perfectly fine like this. But you are right that if Dread precombat can´t be tanked that Anti fighter Barrage won´t find targets then. Thats a downside and an upside and perfectly fine for me. More interesting is whats techs the Groundforces can take advantage of like; if they die in spce; does gen synthesis/Daxacive animator work on them or not? What about Shocktroopers as some sort of Super-Fighters? I mean Hopes and would be even better then as it already is now! What about the Yin General when it comes to defensive Space Battles?
  7. Heya guys I got a Question about a Specific Turn. Just help me out here; So I am the Yin; the other guy plays L1Z1X: Me: I have my mothership online and use it together with two carriers and a shitton of GF to cap a planet. End my turn. GF are on the Planet. Other guy: Activates the same system and moves his 5 Dreadnoughts in. Since he has Assault Cannons online they have prefire. so: First things first; Van Haugh can utilize GFs as fighters in Space combat. The other Guy argued that prefire always happens BEFORE the actual space combat so I can not use my GF to tank the hits. I can not deny that it sounds plausible and let it pass. The van Haugh lives though because he is unlucky as hell and misses 3 hits. one of the carrier dies and the Van Haugh takes a hit. So as I mentioned before; I placed the Groundforces on the Ground before. Other guy insists that I may not use them because the "as though as they were fighters"- clause sounds to him like they have to be in ship or a spacedock with fighter capacity. The playgroup disagrees and I can use them. At this point, though not relevant to the battle itself, the question comes up if "as though as they were fighters" also means that there has to be sufficient Fighter capacity in the system for the groundforces to participate. 4 Qeustions came up in this situation: 1.Can the Van Haugh use Groundforces to tank up pre-combat fire? 2.When defending: do the Groundforces have to be in Space (in a ship) in order to be utilized as fighters? Or can the do that from the Planet surface as well? 3.When defending: do Groundforces that are used "as though they were fighters" count towards your FIGHTER-capacity? 4.Do they profit from fighter and/or GF techs when used "as though they were fighters"?
  8. yeah....A friend of mine, who happens to have deep knowledge of shadowrun, and I ( i play the dark eye a lot) started to rough out some basic things abou this and read as deep into the lore as the game itself provides (searching the internet later). If you look out for the details the game actually provides a lot of information to base rough localization and relationships between the races on. such as that the Xxcha do like to smoke that root (i forgot the name) as stated on their sheet and that the hacan have on theirs that the foundation for their trade empire was selling this root(probably primary to the xxcha). Information to maybe base locations on are things like: - Hope´s end is one of the most distant planets from mecatol and yet rather close to Moll primus. - On the other end of the Passage of tears lies the home system of the Yssaril. - It is pretty likely that the Letnev, Sol and Xxcha are compareable close to each other or at last close to Quaan or another Beta Wormhole as the Letnev and the Humans had a major conflict about Quaan and the Xxcha were apparently close enought to take part of the beating. - Lisis, the original home system of the Saar, was ravaged by the Sardakk n´or. It would make sense if they were somewhat close to each other. - Darien van Haugh, the "father" of all Yin fled Jord (so the yin are in fact Humans that are just vulnerable to a certain disease that disfigures them) so Darien (the Planet) is probably a bit farther away from Jord as the humans were hunting him van Haugh. the list is long. everything here if obviously speculative but it would make sense in my opinion. And since we probably won´t get a detailed Galaxy map with all locations and Planets it is most likely a good way to put at least some cornerstones down and let the GM do the rest like he wants.
  9. Hmmm yes. Fact aside we all seem to agree on these problems; I rather meant that TI somehow lacks detail on these race-internal-power systems; we know the Xxcha is a kingdom and other rought information about the political system of other races. But entirely making stuff up is somewhat hard. And going into some of the Lore brings up even more problems such as: some of the planets are home to races that are not part of the main-game races. Flora and Fauna would have to be made from scratch for almost all planets. For a non-interactive setting such as videogames, movies or books this is not as much of a problem and more information only densens the atmosphere. But imagine this simple question: "I ask the native what kind of hostile animal or poisonous plants there might be"....and then the master sucks his fingers trying to make stuff up on the fly. this works out for a few hours....but at some point your brain will just dry out. What im trying to say: everytime you would play this the master would make the setting his or her own....in basicly every department. There just is not enough lore and trivia in existence to support the entire universe of TI with decent information. although I must say that some of the planets and system are flatout not really thrilling places to play adventures on
  10. more progressive utility would be a cool addition though; in general a complete makeover for politics, ACs and Tech would be nice. as for units;I´d really like to see a Ship that can Tech into utility....maybe like: "Frigate": mvmnt 2; cost 4; capacity 2;combat 7; Heavy Barrage*1: Before first round of combat roll a dice for each enemy non-fighter ship. For each 7+ apply 1 hit to the enemy fleet; these hits can not be taken by fighters. Only one Frigate may Perform "Heavy Barrage" each Battle. Requires Graviton Laser System Infiltration Pods: As an action you may activate an adjacent system under an opponents control and immdiately engage invasion combat, regardles of the number of enemy ships in that system (only Groundforces from the Frigate may be used for that). Requires Maneuvering Jets For all other techs this ship is Treated like a Cruiser. My thoughts on this; im not sure about the general opinion but Meneuvering Jets and Graviton Laser system are both rather unpopular techs in my Playgroup so I just picked them as they are both techs that require players to tech at least twice for them. As for treated like a Cruiser; its just somewhat random. I was thinking about dreadnaughts first but with cost 4 for this ship at least SOME usefull upgrades should be in range in my opinion. The basic Idear was to design a ship that works around boardstalls in case you want to play a proactive mid-game and yet requires some tech and money to get going. In fact this is probably major bull if you dont have at least one of the two techs online 1*: I had trouble to formulate this in a decent way but obviously this shouldnt stack with additional Heavy Barrages
  11. Oh wow. I guess I am pretty lucky with my playgroup. We average 6 player games twice per month. We are a bit above our own average this year with 27 games but I think we will get to maybe 29 before the holidays. if it´s a matter of interest we use the following Contents Everything BUT: -Spacemines (they are either worthless or just slow the game down. Without them "Minelayers" can also be discarded without much concern) - Facilities - Wormhole nexus (we usually vote about this pre game; we also auto include it when creuss players are present) Also as Houserules: - Random Races with 1 reroll (varies. when we got a new player we usually let them pick. sometimes people reroll twice. just to ensure noone is super unhappy) - Pre Sorted Action and Political Cards (mosty reduced it to cards with actual impact. especially the Politics got reduced by almost 50%. AC also got filtered pretty heavily and after that the amount of combat related cards got scaled down accordingly so that you wont have like 5 direct hits in hand). - Diplomats get an additional ability: discard two action card; search the action card deck for "signal jamming".As an Action. Once per Gameround . Its not overpowered; it just gives the Diplomat more power than his invasion block. since its super expensive anyways its not really abusive. - If a Bonus counter is placed on "assembly"; the Speaker chooses a player to resolve a political card. Whenever a Political card is played by a player; that player draws a new one. - low impact domain counters. - bonus Tradegoods in games with uneven playernumbers reduced from 4 and 8 to 3 and 6 respectively. - one less empty system; one additional red system. only one supernova. Red systems with planets inside do count as planets and my be placed next to other red systems.(also really fun to have things like; nebula next to nebula with planet. really good for Xxcha players as it turns out. - Leaders may choose to yield when in combat. The leader are taken into custody by the then victorious player and all other units of the yielding player are destroyed immidiatly (not exactly what "yielding" should do. But we agree that just blowing up admirals in sometimes super random situations is a bit "eh" also; it increases negotiations as it adds new "valuables". As a side note: None of us thinks highly of banning races like some people on the internet suggest (mostly towards yssaril) but rather passionate hate-plays against despised races. I personally do not really think any race is super overpowered....but darn. i hate the fricking hacan (another sidenote; i love to play agressive. But we got that one guy in the group that is a genius with hacan and xxcha....makes me rage everytime he gets them)
  12. thats probably a really good idear tbh. I got a friend from my ti3 playgroup hooked into this who is playing shadowrun. i myself play "the dark eye". he said he wanted to give this a shot at least for the sake of having somethng to waste time on. i´ll keep you up to date if you want
  13. Well I think it is very dependant on what system you use as a base right? Although I agree with you on how yssaril "rouge"-ish roles are more fitting than on winnu I must say that I like when some races have clear disatvantages. I generally dislike the position that most races in pen and papers must be "decent at everything". no. not really. So I wouldnt be mad that Xxcha "rouges" would be either nonexistant or assbad tbh. I also feel like this game already has a buttload of adventure potential that it might be not really needed to write own adventures; for example the revolution of Moll Primus; Dune-like adventures in the hacan home system; Freedom for the Clans of Saar/ What happend with the lisis colony that "disappeared" and this is just some examples.....I am more worried about shrinking this to a small scale. It was one of the things hard to believe in mass effect and here this is even worse because ti lacks seriously written lore a bit. Because in both settings there aren´t really different governments but mostly entire races pitted against each other; I actually find this hard to believe. The mentak ad some other ti "races" are somewhat different but the problem still exists.
  14. well you are right about the races and I totally agree that having a few "great" races is probably better than forcing everything into it just because its in the "universe". The transistion of spacetravel is something I see much less critical. Since the player group could be something else than part of an army with banners all over the place. they might be a group of mercs or even pirates. More challenging could be to keep the players entertained if the game includes "flying". Even in combat. Imagine one of the players is a sweet ass pilot and you might actually have proficient gunners to use weaponary.yet someone is most likely to sit around with nothing but to wait till the others handled this....or they all die. which would be super aweful and something that wouldnt just happen in a shoot out in a sidestreet or something like that. giving all players the option to contribute positively is super important and that could be an issue if you let them "fly" on their own. So finding a balance there is probably tough.
  15. Well just to entomb this here; Thing is; to have a somewhat decent playable group you would have to remove several races as playable races. Arborek, L1Z1X, Necro are a must remove because they are pretty much hive-mind (are the jin individuals in a conservative sense? i mean they are clones)...which would suck. It´s also arguably how playable races that depend on exo-suits are: such as the peeps of the university, creus and muaat(do these guys need these suits?). Im also not sure if SardakNorr and Naalu should be playable for players. Also; Mentak are not really an own race but just a political system containing different races. So whats left (if we take only the safe picks): Humans, Hacan, Letnev, Saar, Winnu, Yssaril and Xxcha. (If I didn´t miss out on a race here)
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