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  1. Icelom

    Forcing your hobby on distant relatives for Christmas

    Can't go wrong with just the starter set x-wing vs 2x tie fighters.
  2. Icelom

    Those with the new kits - did FFG screw us over again?

    Pretty weighted and biased question. He is having fun isn't that the main point of this? Shouldn't that be all that matters?
  3. Icelom

    Heroic and my change of heart

    Yup hlc and predator do not play well together. Is a nice spot for heroic on a hlc x-wing just to help on defense and those 2 dice rolls from the primary if you are running the config up.
  4. Icelom

    Those with the new kits - did FFG screw us over again?

    Same with me. High fives all around
  5. Icelom

    Heroic and my change of heart

    Lone wolf (1st Ed) was much much stronger.
  6. Icelom

    Are 1.0 FAQ answers valid for 2.0?

    I always give the option... If I roll 4 defence dice and they are all blank I can't look my opponent in the eye and roll those again if it was supposed to be 3. I just can't be that rules crazy to take away something good from my opponent because I made a mistake.
  7. Icelom

    Heroic and my change of heart

    My initial reaction to heroic was "meh how much do I really roll all blanks". But it's new content so I gave it a try in a 4 ship list on all 4 ships. And my opponent and myself were shocked how much I triggered the card. In the end I still lost the game but it certainly made me reconsider the value of heroic. The issue with it is you really struggle to land big hits, predator for example costs only one point more and can really up the hitting power of your list by taking an average roll and making it good, while heroic sits there picking it's nose. After trying heroic out I do feel it's worth the 1pt, would it be worth 2pts I would be hard pressed to take it at 2pts especially over predator. On the a-wing it finds a nice home and feels right. On the x-wing I would probably try and find the points for predator, that ship is allready striving for bullseye do to it's config. I am supper pro predator so might be projecting my bias pretty hard. What are other people's experiences with heroic so far? Is it worth the price and slot for you? A small side note: hlc T70's for the win... Now that's a great 4pt investment I was chucking out 4 dice attacks all over the place. (It's kind of anti synergistic with heroic however.)
  8. Icelom

    Those with the new kits - did FFG screw us over again?

    I agree. However I can't envision needing more then one. I don't plan to swarm updilons. But I can understand someone else might so would have been nice to have 3 in the kit.
  9. Icelom

    Are 1.0 FAQ answers valid for 2.0?

    It has not been defined in second edition. (Wrong dice) You can't go wrong with this casual approach.: Rolled to many dice: ask the none rolling player if the result should stay or the correct number of dice be rolled. Roll to few: just roll the extra dice that was missed. None of this is official but it's pretty fair.
  10. Icelom

    Definition of 'Damaged'

    Damage and Damaged are different words... do not try and put them together as the same thing.
  11. Icelom

    The race to the bottom, and how it should be addressed

    It might fix the problem for high initiative arc dodgers fighting each other *might* However this would have the effect of moving the bid from just high I arc dodgers to every single list, not just arc dodgers will care about the Initiative bid everyone ship will! running a PS1 swarm? better put a bid in that in case you face another PS1 swarm. So your fix just makes the problem much much bigger effecting every single ship in the game. The only way i can think to deal with it is to create an entire new phase called the action phase. Activation Phase : move ships in ascending order Action phase: Preform actions in ascending order If all ships have moved before anyone can do any re-positioning it reduces the advantage of moving second. It also helps low ps target lock acquisition. Do i like my own idea of an action phase? nope it adds to much housekeeping (tracking movement states... did that ship go over that rock?) and takes away from some of the blind strategy that is x-wing (being able to predict your opponents moves and react to them with your own actions before they even moved is a skill and very rewarding when you succeed). Basically I like the game how it is.... I rarely include a bid and just roll with it, if you are really concerned a single block can ruin your opponents entire plan.
  12. Icelom

    Fraction Limitations on Cards

    I wish there was more "fraction" limitations. I enjoy having the factions feel different.
  13. The ship is not removed until nien is done his engagement.... I don't know where this argument is coming from it's all very clear cut.
  14. Icelom

    Replacement dials & cards (outside of the Conversion Kit)

    No they said there would be a way to get cards for old ships when they are re-relesed without buying the ship. As of now that holds true. Even the announced z-95 and tie Striker have no new content not found in the conversion kits so you don't have to buy those ships if you allready have them to get there content. Maybe you should not lie.
  15. Icelom

    A modest proposal

    This is a brilliant idea. While a lower I initiative pilot will find it hardrer to lock it will be balanced out by having board knowledge of the damage states of the enemy when it fires. It also adds some more cool upside for the few pilots with combat phase repositioning. @Darth Meanie I often don't agree with you but you have come up with an elegant system for ordinance that would improve game play while being very fluffy at the same time. Maybe ffg reads this stuff?