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  1. Alexander Kallus (vcx) Does not have a talent slot and should.
  2. not shocked... the new ships that release for x-wing are in such limited stock it makes legion look plentiful. When stores are ordering in 30 ships and getting 5.... ya sales may not be as high as they could be. (that is all before corona). There are local people here that still do not have ships from a release almost a year ago. No products available = no sales. That being said legion is well on its way to having no product available (even worse then x-wing here in Canada as we did not even receive B2's and sabers) FFG desperately needs to get its supply chain fixed or they are going to torpedo there own games. No one wants to play a game they cant get product for.
  3. Still no word from FFG and asmode on any status in Canada? This communication is awesome!!! I feel so respected as a customer.
  4. None of the current release would have been effected... everything would have been shipped out before lunar new year. And ffg would have known they have no stock for countries like Canada along time ago... its not like the boat just vanished they would have known months ago. Apparently FFG and asmodee have decided that pretending there is no problem and saying nothing is better for them then letting people know what to expect. A simple "for Canada the excepting release day will be ####" would be nice, not a release article claiming the product is available. At the end of the day it is just toys so i cant really be to upset, but its anoying.
  5. My understanding is no word on when we will get them in Canada
  6. Dude these are 100% toys. Made for a game... to be played with.
  7. all i am saying is, not having enough product or it shipped out in time is technically sold out... I guess if they cant get enough product produced and shipped they might as well crank the prices because they don't have enough for demand anyways so lost sales wont exist.
  8. by sold out you mean not even available? Only Phase 2's even came in locally, and they are not sold out.
  9. Unfortunately you don't seem to understand that my version of fun really has nothing to do with efficiency. My version of fun is putting down an army of B2's and trying to make them work because it looks **** cool.
  10. We don't have b2's in Canada yet (or at least where I am). So I don't have that insight. Alot of people here really found the price point attractive and are concerned about a %50 increase in price.
  11. OK thanks, i will go tell everyone who is feeling like the cost is going to hurt what they can afford "that its not news and they have known since gencon" Thanks for your input.
  12. $24.95USD for Phase I clones $34.95USD for phase II Clones (we are looking at $45 Canadian ) A very scary increase , i know a bunch of the local players here and feeling some real sticker shock on this new wave. Lots of discussion of limiting purchases and being much more selective. Some mumbling that its going to become as expensive as games workshop. I am wondering if this is due to things outside of FFG's control and we should just accept this is what it is going forward? (i have heard trade wars are easy to win) I know personally i was going to purchase 6x B2's and 2x droid tanks, i think i may be cutting that in half. (paying $30can for a core unit before now going up to $45can just puts the cost beyond what i can stomach a %50 increase is not trivial) How are other groups feeling about the prices? do you think it will hurt legion overall?
  13. Its the generics that have me baffled. First order provocator 45pts for 3a, 3e, 2h, 2s and a good dial and reposition ability Empire Alpha Squadron Interceptor + shield upgrade 39pts for a 3a, 3e, 3h, 1s and a good dial and reposition ability Real hard to justify that 6 extra points. Not to mention i can just run the alpha 8pts lighter without the shield if i want. I was really excited to run these as a pack, but **** are they expensive compared to other options that are almost the same.
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