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  1. Just played the tutorial and love it looking forward to play the full game tommorow with friends
  2. Btw do the empire activate random or from top to bottom I really hate the second way.
  3. Iam loving bf2 and I'm top 3 with no purchases so pay to win is bs. The only thing I don't like is that it take ages to unlock stuff by playing. And I can't wait for the app to come out just the fact that I can play it solo or with my wife is worth it
  4. I just hope that when they release some news it will be the app is available right now
  5. My browser is beginning to feel srry for me for all the refreshing im doing but stil i have hopes for info on the app
  6. If i were you i would just stick to the crawls and nothing more.
  7. Yeah would love then for bespin jabba and HoTe
  8. I just hope they announce something with picture of trailer or something like that. Just little bit more info to make the wait better
  9. if the rebels shut down the defences and the empire rigged 5 point does it end the mission there or does it end at the end of that round when they are rigged ?
  10. Do you guys the app will be the next announcement for IA??
  11. WoW cool is there a way you can make this for the coop combat system that would be so cool
  12. So the bounty hunter skill is pure pvp is there a coop skill for HIM in unbreakable bound ?
  13. Everywhere i hear you have to have more then 1 set of the 2 player starter decks or can I just buy that one and play ?
  14. Hi I got a problem that some bought weapons show up without stats in the fringed app do you guys know what I'm doing wrong ?
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