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  1. I'm in Chicago, got a couple groups going that could try it out if you're still looking for testers!
  2. We can be Heroes! Jusssst for one dayyyyy
  3. Maybe I'm coming at this from more of a campaign-centric point of view, but Dengar seems kind of amazing to me. In one attack, he has the likely potential to stun, bleed, and weaken somebody all at once? The next activation for that figure would be brutal.
  4. Of course future buyers will have the corrections. I bought the IA core set maybe 3 months ago. Must have been a newer version than originally released because all of the older errata'd changes have been corrected, like specific wordings on mission cards and campaigns. "Rebel figure" instead of "hero" and so on.
  5. Hey guys. I'm no arts & crafts star, but a little bit of Post-It resourcefulness has saved me some grief: http://i.imgur.com/apLoyWp.jpg
  6. Hey folks, first time posting. Regarding the "Targeting Computers" skirmish that comes with the Boba Fett pack: The skirmish card does not outline any ways to score Victory Points. Am I to understand that, barring a few extra VPs from a well-utilized "Celebration" command card here or there, the only way to actually WIN is to defeat all of the other side's units??
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