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  1. Hosting TWO games of TI4 this month at Family Time Games. First game is the 21st and the second is the 28th. I'll add links to each of the events on my meetup group. Feel free to sign up there or let me know on here. This version plays much faster than 3rd edition and we will likely be running more than one game each day. Even if is says full, sign up anyway. We will have access to at least three copies. Hope to see you there!October 21sthttp://meetu.ps/e/DhWWq/tf77n/dOctober 28thhttp://meetu.ps/e/DhfGH/tf77n/d
  2. Two questions that I believe I know the answer too but would like some outside input1) during our first agenda phase everyone (except me) announced they were playing a rider. We went in turn order to resolve the cards. The last player, played a veto action card. Since the last card played vetoed the agenda, do all of the rider action cards jave no effect and just get discarded or do the stay until the next agenda card?2) during the agenda phase I had a player try to play two rider action cards. The cards were of a different name and effect. Can both be played or does the text about not voting make the next card invalid? I believe this may also fall under the "action cards can't be played that effect the same tjings," I'm paraphrasing but I hope you get where I'm headed.Thank you
  3. Hosting a day of Twilight Imperium 4th Edition on Saturday September 16th at Family Time Games. We currently have enough people and copies to run three games. There are currently three spots open. I have no problem increasing the count based on people wanting to play and number of copies we can get. Feel free to sign up on my meetup group or let me know if you're interested here. Hope to see you there. http://meetu.ps/e/.hmmhwmywmbvb/tf77n/d
  4. The following Saturday is a normal game, that i host once a month. Anyone is welcome to join that one too. Check out this Meetup with Epic Board Game Extravaganza http://meetu.ps/e/.hmmhwmywkbtb/tf77n/d
  5. Still have a few spots left. If interest continues as it has been, I may open up spots to run a third game. Anyone with the experience and wants to run one, let me know. I can probably find one of my regulars to run it but don't mind if someone else does. Hope to see you there.
  6. We will be hosting two learn to play games of Twilight Imperium 3 on June 17th at Family Time Games. This will be mostly for new players looking to try the game or players looking to understand it better. We are going to be running two games, both will be the special scenario. We can accommodate up to 12 people. Let me know if you're interested or sign up on our meetup group. Check out this Meetup with Epic Board Game Extravaganza http://meetu.ps/e/CRcLS/tf77n/d
  7. Saturday February 18th at family time games is the next game, for anyone interested. If you are new to the game we are happy to teach you.
  8. Game this month is on 1/21/17 at Family Time games. We usually try to start by 11:30 a.m. Let me know if you are interested.
  9. I host a monthly game through my meetup.com group. We usually play at Family Time games on the third Saturday of the month. We are always looking for new people, come out and join us some time. Check out Epic Board Game Extravaganza http://meetu.ps/c/2wnc7/tf77n/don Meetup
  10. I do run a meetup.com group and we play once a month. You're more than welcome to come out for a casual game first.
  11. I'm looking into setting up a two day tournament in the Indianapolis area. I have contacted FFG and filled out the forms to get it official. While I'm waiting to here back, I'd like to gage the interest level. Let me know what you think. Indianapolis Tournament | Twilight Imperium (Third Edition) | BoardGameGeek https://boardgamegeek.com/article/24411050#24411050
  12. Looking for a regular group to play with in the Indianapolis, IN area.
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