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  1. The Armada Ships are in store here in Germany. Beautiful and ugly at the same time.
  2. Stop whining, please. Fly better.
  3. If you stick to the lore, the Silencer is a big problem. It's not invented for another 30 years.
  4. herschet

    Ynot Squad Benchmark

    You guys are awesome.
  5. Maybe you should rename the thread for more discussions. I think most of the people are afraid of the word "soiler".
  6. Oh, yeah. Thats sounds right. Thx
  7. For me it's the Shadow caster. That thing looks like some Star Trek stuff.
  8. Awesome! Could you make an additional 6x3 image? Just with more stars on the right side? It would be an awesome mat for Armade too. (Maybe just for patreon supporters )
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