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  1. If it had a card to reword tactical jammer this could get interesting
  2. .....my bad, misread
  3. Yes. That also applies to the surface temp of the model. (ie don't attempt to put paint on something you've just pulled out of the freezer to disassemble) Most paints here in Australia cans will list 20 degrees C ambient in the instructions for this reason. Also avoid high humidity as water evaporation from the mix is factor in acrylic paint drying, which can then negatively affect other reactions in the application -> dry process.
  4. Now if only the resisance bomber had a crew slot...
  5. There have to be limits to keep costs down, but it looks like they're listening to the runewars and legion feedback about upgrade cards across the board...
  6. My bad for not being clear.Yes. Gives kanan 2 ability or 1 ability 1 offense/defense focus or 1 ability + tank a jam token or 1 focus use + 1 bank on rey, which she may or may not hold onto for several turns depending on how the combat round looks and list matchup. Your big bugbear is going to be the kimogilla when it drops...
  7. As to the topic, either will work, but personally i find it so much easier to get a thin consistent coat with a spray, particularly if i'm undercoating white or light grey. Either method has it's advantages and disadvantages
  8. I'd run a combo of both (Fcs and ret spec). Personally i don't see the value in kanan unless he's using that ability mulitple times a round..... and i see rey as more stress and token strip insurance rather than a method to provide extra uses of his ability.
  9. I think we're going to be too busy making fat kylo jokes to riot, if the size of the silhouette on the resistance bomber examples is right.....
  10. hmmm. may have to shelve this till release, now jamming is cheap and bullseyes might be a thing. A Torani Kulda enforcer with scrambler missiles, a punchy torp and unhinged/k4 astro might be a real pita for this list (kanan in particular)
  11. even better, use thread tracers and save points It's gimmicky, i like it....... i think i shall dub it "jedi tie bomb"
  12. I did say it was a waste of points.......but for a fun list.... That said, if the sheahapede turns out to be anything other than a stressbot (and i'm really starting to feel fenn or ap5 may end up being the backbone of rebel jank 3.0, or is it up to 4?) Spare points for control like jamming is going to get important.
  13. Give her vi and a bid on top and that's a lot of lists on the other side of the table that will have you dropping M.C. Hammer quotes all over your flgs amid many groans😎
  14. Oh it's a waste of points, but the rebel nym + ashoka captured tie scrambler bomb!!!!!! Add an emp device for extra lols
  15. oppertunity cost nothing..... it's part of the new ordance meta for os1's, do you spend the tl on your primary missile, hold the tl incase you get action locked next round and fire this sucker defensively. On the flip side man this wave hates tokens!!