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  1. Ralgon

    Genius 2.0 is Broken

    No, we're back around to you ignoring the fact that it was balanced/underpowered for nearly 2 years until other factors broke it.
  2. Ralgon

    Han Solo Sculpt

    Thought it looked closer to peter weller..... but hey.
  3. Ralgon

    Legion - The Scale Question Answered

    Very good work, however it doesn't seem to tell the full story though like why stormtrooper minis from ia are so much bulkier with very close to the same height while rebels can and have interchanged parts ....... Is it possible there is some "heroic" exaggeration going on there somewhere other than height?
  4. Ralgon

    Darth a bit meh?

    With another announcement about to drop it's too early to tell, however this is something i've been saying for months............. he's really not that bad, but his skill floor for the points he sucks in a list is a lot higher than luke.
  5. Yeah for some reason storm troopers are on roids. Do they look that bad? (everything except for the middle troopers in my shots are ia) Edit: Given they were always looking up at people in the movies anyway i really wouldn't be surprised if plenty of IA han and liea's end up on legion tables as commanders.
  6. more than a few people are making head swaps work for rebels from both ia and wotc minis. Several aliens rebased will work fine if you don't get too hung up on dimension stats being absolute for a race ( ie there will be hightowers and shorties in any given species) There are of course other options as well. At the moment i'm planning a helmetless/battle damaged vader using a GW genestealer cult head..... and hera is going on one of my atrt's when i find her on sale.
  7. Ralgon

    Vader a Core Commander?

    One could say he's worth building a deathstar around. sic
  8. That "minor variance in upgrades" plays very differently vs different opponents lists though....
  9. Ralgon

    Legion Musings

    A note about the scale.... on the rebel side they are fairly close, and several converters are making good use of both ia and wotc minis for conversions. Stormtroopers however have been on the roids and don't gel as well.
  10. Ralgon

    Shadow Troopers

    You could always go the nova trooper look instead, with the yellow/gold trims if you wanted them to stand apart from the deathies........
  11. Ralgon

    Agis' Legion Minis

    Looking at that i do believe hera's head is going to end up on one of my atrt's.....
  12. Ralgon

    Bandai - FFG T-47 Size Comparison

    You may need a flame shield for the rules crowd with that one ?
  13. pfffffttt. Try telling that to your local 40k tyranid or imperial guard players.... that's a drop the the bucket!
  14. Ralgon

    I want to be free of this pain

    and that way leads more of the meme and forums burning when the "plan deadlines" go out the window due to whatever reason, valid or not..................... Just read the legion boards for a good example. With the possible exception of not moderating these forums harder (which in itself is a catch 22) ffg are doing nothing wrong.
  15. Ralgon

    I want to be free of this pain

    The forums act like this but then wonder why content seems rushed........