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  1. Mimicking Fenns ability

    your better off running a stresser on fenn or an aphla list with a boba crew hitter to burn the shields and take the tlt off kanan
  2. AT-ST/Speeder Bike Paint Suggestions

    ^this. sickness pushed back his schedule but the imp half of the core set was on his to do list after IA Ashoka.
  3. Bugs detected?

    3 is minimum, max is 6 (for a full 800 point force)
  4. Jesus why unpainted?!

    This is the part of the topic done to death. Dust wasn't painted by ffg, and ffg have come out and said the rrp of painted legion wouldn't be commercially viable in their opinion. Source is an interview in tabletop gaming mag either dec 17/jan 18 issue
  5. Jesus why unpainted?!

    shhhhhhh! you'll bring down the wrath of peta and the spirits of ewoks past!!
  6. Standby action

    The only counterpoint i have to that is that that interpretation makes standby incredibly situational, and very nearly functionally useless. Any time you'd want to take the standby offensively, you'd be better served just taking the attack action to begin with. Defensively it allows you fall back when charged, but often want to be you'd be in the better spot to start with....... Come to think of it even setting up the ready then doesn't work, because your opponent is better served firing from r3 and not triggering or probably clearing the standby (via suppression)..... this is starting to hurt my brain
  7. Mirror match games

    rebel vs rebel will be a damage race as dodge doesn't make up for the red defense die, and as rebel damage is far more consistent forces are going to melt fast, objectives or no. Imp vs imp on the otherhand is going to be far more tactical, best use of heroes and objectives is going to win the day.
  8. The merits of buying a second core set

    My take is this. For both sides, but especially for a rebel player (where 2x cores cant even build 800 points!) 2x cores is the smart money for now. Snowtroopers/Fleet troopers are nice, but unless you want to play the one list over and over, with all the advantages and disadvantages that come with that choice you want options, and to have options you need the mini's to make those options. (Btw that means when we get new trooper options that means 3-5 packs of each, just incase!) The cards so far are a non issue, you'll pick those up in the course of expanding anyway. If you convert/mod (and plenty of people want to alienate their rebels more........) it's a smart choice as you're paying less to get the spares you want. we don't yet know how durable the movement templates are (although if armarda is any indicator they should be good) so there's that to consider, not to mention how much easier it makes life if you're sharing to get friends into the game. You have the other faction to sell. Now i wouldn't advocate trying that here on the forums, but i expect with an online LtP and RR there will be a strong secondhand market for those not wishing to purchase a core to get into the game for 1 faction......
  9. The merits of buying a second core set

    remove 1 hand and have end of ESB luke!!
  10. 28mm terrain, 35mm minis

    @Caimheul1313 @Aurelus Here you go, from 19:20 forward
  11. 28mm terrain, 35mm minis

    Yeah, anything 40k scale with that's been designed pre 8th should look right....
  12. 28mm terrain, 35mm minis

    the old ones. In the vid he does compare to both types, and compares a speeder to the new oversize speeders (which is a terrible comparison as it's way bigger, but it's all they had) Final word is a speeder bike is about the same as a "normal" marine bike, and a stormtrooper the same as a "normal" marine.
  13. 28mm terrain, 35mm minis

    actual scale on a stormtrooper is roughly the same as 40k marines. It's in one of the unboxing vids but i can't put my finger on it right now
  14. U-wing “fix” it better be good..

    hey, hey, hey... gamma's and tomax saw 5 minutes of relevance....