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  1. If the gencon vids are anything to go by it doesn't surprise me for the tanks ( they are huuuuge!!) But the units......
  2. And I guess your missing my real point, which is if anyone here really believed in that last paragraph they wouldn't be here supporting little plastic toys aimed at adults no matter how sustainable it is, because sustainable and recycleable is not zero impact, no matter which way you slice it.
  3. Wrong person to be aiming that argument at here. I'm not trying to defend and justify the continued use and carbon footprint in the creation of products that serve no truely useful purpose by suggesting it's fine as long as the end product is "sustainable", which is just as blind as "meh, it happens anyway".......
  4. Yeah, but the closer comparison is a trooper+ a sniper squad. Edit: I'm well aware it saves points, my question is the efficiency it has for the points it's using.......
  5. I stand corrected again. That still only pushes my point that if you're taking the mortar you had a reason for taking the shore troopers 1st and you need the slot that would otherwise be a sniper team
  6. Typically,survival of the fittest. Human intervention is increasing the rate at which it's happening, sure. But while we continually play God and disturb the natural order by evolving ourselves and life spans through medicine, "enlightenment" and our compassion to otherwise selectively sustain the weak and defeat our natural popultion control it ain't gonna stop. Take gridloc for example ( and this isn't personal man, you're just here with your above post as an example) "I drive an electric car" - how much extra mining for rare earth materials had to happen to build the batteries to build said electric? Are those batteries recyclable? And where the recharge power coming from really? True Green methods or "we'll just do it our way and buy offsets to fix it"? "I'm saving for solar" better option than most but barely, until we get better production methods the carbon footprint building them is only offset after several years of being in use. And that's if they see full service life. As for recycling, do a search on the Australian condition in the state of Victoria at the moment. Tl'dr a major recycler went bust and we found most of it was just being shipped to Indonesia/ China anyway. Mean time through medicine, aged care and technology he's going to live 4-5 times the lifetime of his far ancestors,as are his kids, as are those after them. Babies that shouldn't survive childbirth are born and sustained every day. Humans have a sustainability problem of their own making, and refuse to deal with it out of compassion. Initiatives to save life on the planet are a good thing for our kids kids (forget about the notion to "save the planet" that's another heap of bantha doo to play to our humanity in saving ourselves, the planet will barely notice us after we are gone) But there really is an awful lot of Koolaid being drunk on the subject of just what is and what isn't actually helping. Edit: I should add, that against a backdrop of views like that(and they are mine, I don't expect to convert anybody) any company that sells consumerism for consumerisms sake trying to promote its sustainability, just comes off like bury you deep bantha doo. Now I'm gonna stfu for this topic.
  7. Pretty sure ( for lead at least) it was a keeping ahead of the regulators thing. As for the rest, can't really take an entertainment company (in any field of entertainment) advertising sustainability as anything more than hypocritical lip service. If you follow through the sustainability of the end product matters little, as the carbon footprint getting there is just as bad.
  8. I mean that if you're combining the fire pool the shore troopers have to be at r1 of the mortar. So either you're keeping the shore troopers with the mortar or you're shooting as separate activations. If you do that, you're mortar is throwing 4 white dice (probably with an aim) with a single surge to crit
  9. Isn't this the reason we have plastic and not pweter/lead/tin mixes in our minis now?
  10. Which makes my point. 4 white dice is only good as suppression against anything not playing silly, and the obvious counter being snipers/veers/Leia from across the board. To make damage stick it wants to pool it with the unit heavy, but that means keeping the parent unit stationary as well and cutting your own activation pool. Don't get me wrong, they ain't doa or even a bad thing... but competitively it's not cut and dry as to who's better methinks
  11. For turn 1 they are, but this game isn't built on gun lines and trenches.....
  12. At the cost of being out activated that round to make damage stick and already having the mortar in range. There's a lot to unpack there beyond just the dice
  13. There's a few tools for them in battlefront 2 annnd there's rumor more is coming in december
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