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  1. If you were ever a MTG player think of it as standard vs modern rulesets. I'm trying to get back from 1.0 after my FLGS had a fire sale on it's conversion and early 2.0 stuff due to local participation dropping off a cliff. I'm already prepared to forget hyperspace all together after finding out even the belbullab-22 and v-19 (from servants of strife and Guardians of the republic) aren't even legal as generics in the format. Edit: Unless you're going to go to tournaments, find a play group that likes extended and play that.
  2. It all looks and sounds too good. At least someone took note of how many pilots got into elite/starcitizen/battlefront missions and decided this was a good idea. like several others i'm hoping for xwing/tie fighter remastered. the ships look right, but did they add the shield/power management that really gave those games their depth ?....... At the price point, i'm only expecting battlefront lite with a different shell and updated shiny visuals. I just hope to the they haven't copy/pasted the progression from battlefront (even if it isn't paywalled) and found a more organic way to do it. 🙃 As for ships, you only need to step over into the xwing catalog to see they have a huge range to draw from for future updates....
  3. Regardless of what we "think", ffg is still bound by what they can get past LFL. I remember early in xwings cycle the issue came up in an interview (I think it was regarding the cr90) and they stated for the most part they abide by what they are given by the star wars team (+/- some scaling in some places) and the issue became they were given figures to workoff that conflict with other sources.
  4. You need to find a grand army play group. A cheap commander isn't going to fix what you desire in a list and still be a reasonably playable army (ie something that isn't going to have glaring weak points after it's been played against)
  5. Yeah well, your opinion doesn't count for much in court. The main issue any company needs to at least attempt to protect their paid for ip's is so someone crossing the line doesn't have a fair use discrimination out when defending. It sucks *****, and has sunk many,many solid fan projects but it is what it is.
  6. And that's assuming they got off the dock in China to begin with. I know my big box chain have suppliers (in a different sector) that are stuck with their containers still in China's dock with no eta on when or if they will be shipped (to Australia for those wondering) according to reps.
  7. I'd go with scenario 2 as raw, but we'll see.
  8. It may well be they are over pricing the mando add-on's because of the rocket packs upgrade as well... We'll have to wait and see.
  9. And a big part of the problem. It's well known projects can jump the queue or even delay competition in those markets if the right $$$ is thrown to the right people.
  10. While true, from a larger business perspective having an over glut of stock is going to kill the game far faster than under stock. You'll always have new or returning players if the game mechanics and rough balance is sound. You can't recover from financial backers forclosing because the revenue streams is still on the shelf instead of being there to pay them...
  11. Staying beyond r4 for 2 turns could leave you fairly short of objectives by games end, especially when they get to move with action economy.
  12. No idea if it will become meta, but iden/krennic/dt's/inferno (when it gets here) using idens superchage for them on turn 1-2 sounds **** scary
  13. You leave anti vaxxers out of this, in the next few years they are going to become the solution to human population sustainability...
  14. This + the continuation of the rpg's via edge studios is probably the 2 most important points. Shuts up the "its ffg's end times!!" About the layoffs
  15. Heaps. Nothing with specifics though. The legion + mandolorian slide is from there. Asmodee is taking on their own distribution The rpg layoffs were so the could outsource Clone wars era is coming to armada
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