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    Cult town rolling plains in die.

    (I know this is a huge thread necro, but I ran across this while googling another card and needed to set it straight for posterity) The statement above is completely wrong. The emboldened part of the quote, "Only one terrain symbol can be matched from each dice rolled", is referring to the fact that you cannot match more than one symbol of a single die simultaneously. It has nothing to do with the original question asked by OP. The answer to that question would be on the same page mentioned above (pg. 13, Terrain Dice), directly underneath it: A player cannot choose to have the wild symbol not match all terrain symbols; e.g., if a player takes 3 damage if he or she rolls a mountain, then rolling a wild will deal the player 3 damage. It's pretty safe to say that this same ruling would apply in OP's situation for the dual-sided faces of the die as well, and rolling a Hill/Plains combo would indeed count as a plain. Thus, he takes damage from the Cult Town.