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  1. Depends really on how many people you have playing with you. I have the deluxe expansions and even some Chapter Packs, but now that the new edition is out, I will probably not buy any more chapter packs. We'll just keep playing this one until we are tired of it...we really enjoy playing for now.
  2. What type of card is this? For which house?
  3. Sorry, I moved my question to the LCG game, because my game is actually NOT the second edition (my bad). I understand that, but what I am wondering is...if a player kneels a character to attack, and the other player decides to NOT kneel and defend...that's considered an "unopposed challenge." But since the other player decided not to defend, is that still considered a "win."
  4. Hello! In the GOT card game, there are abilities that are triggered when you "win a challenge". If no other character opposes you, is that even considered a challenge? If a challenge is unopposed then, is that considered "winning?" For example, a "response" might be something such as "collect a gold coin when you when a challenge." This character has knelt and challenged, but the other player decides not to use any characters to defend. Does the player who initiated the challenge still get a gold coin (i.e. trigger the response)? Thanks!
  5. Good to know. Glad I saw this. Thanks, ktom. I got the original last year and love it and have lots of the expansion sets, so I don't see myself buying the second edition.
  6. Thank you!! Khudzlin - I thought it was the 2nd edition, but I guess it is called the "Core Set."
  7. Some plot cards say "You cannot do such and such"...do we take the "you" literally to mean just the person holding that card or does it apply to all players? I am confused, because some cards will say "House so-and-so only," so obviously, it is only that player... Thanks!
  8. Hello! In the GOT card game, there are abilities that are triggered when you win a challenge. If no other character opposes you, is that considered a "win," even though it was not defended? Thanks!
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